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I like Tootal scarves. Have quite a few. Only really wear about 3 of  these lately. I think they are part of the skinhead 'uniform' these days, rightly or wrongly, and you do see a lot about.   I've always liked the polka dots, BUT i've always felt they look a little TOO mod. But if they were worn back in the day, then they are the real deal. I've bought all my scarfs second hand off e-bay along with some 'Duggie' scarfs (an offshoot of Tootal? ?) Only paid...
£35! great price.64 quid off. FREE delivery.  
My MERC 'crombie' style coat was like that too, needed snipping.   p.s. bought another cricket jumper today (Not traditional skinwear, but i like em)
Cheers Brownie and Roy. Very interesting.
One thing i've always been curious about  :-   Given that fighting was an inevitable and unavoidable part of the early skinhead scene due to the gang culture, and as most skinheads were  young i.e.15 to 18 years, and presumably only owned a couple of smart shirts, 1 smart pair of boots and shoes, and perhaps 2 pairs of quality sta-prest. Aren't they/you brawling in your best gear? At that early age with quite a limited wardrobe, I'd imagine you wouldn't want...
Some nice gear there Sambarock. Great finds. Nice polo and pants.
Cheers Roy/Brownie.   I do like Smedleys. And perhaps 'less is more' with regards to detailing and versatility of the garment.   They do look simple/clean/sharp in the photo's which ticks all the boxes, and of good quality of course.   (I think I remeber seeing your photo on UKskinheads)   But I just can't help going a bit louder/less subtle most of the time. To my own detriment. (with collar length a vampire would be proud of) Ha ha.
I like them too, but never had the balls to wear one.   I don't like the 'double' layered knit wear look. That would cause me too many probs too, with me clashing colours. lol.   I apologise if this has been mentioned before ( I couldn't find anything on previous pages), But with regards to knitted polo shirts. What would be accepted as a suitable 'skinhead' knitted polo.   I like the look of the DNA groove ones. But I REALLY like the white polo one of the skinheads is...
I hope he does have a look at the thread and hopefully post something. Coming from the midlands myself, I'd like to read any insight he has to offer    
Harry, what brand are the shoes in your avatar pic?  
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