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Yep. Def post some photo's Jason.     (I was just browsing reggae on amazon and I came across a cd I bought for £8.99 couple of years ago Dancehall 69. Skinhead reggae rarities. Check out the price these 2 sellers are trying to sell it for )
Ha ha! Ta.   A radio presenter always mentions these delicacies. Apparently he used to be a 'Suede head'!   Paul O'Grady !!!  
Very nice. Would go nice with some cheese and biscuits. Or perhaps these :)      
I saw these too. I always thought MR would eventually release these in a brown. Nice.   What was the common colour of the original astronaut boot? Was it  a dark/rich brown similar to these? From what I've read, oxblood came later when Hawkins collaborated with Dr martens. But I'm not sure this rings true..    To be fair to MR his prices aren't too bad, especially when you see how the BRITISH BOOT COMPANY has inflated it's prices. Their NPS oxblood brogue stable boots...
You're more than welcome..    
Just bought some nice POW check fred perry trousers half price.   This is a link to the fred perry sale (Exclusive for loyal customers like me ;)   MAIN SALE :-   FREE shipping at the moment and an extra 10% off sale prices when you use code FP10XM   A few nice items.. (UK only I'm afraid)
  Great Photo's mate. Good clobber and nicely fitting.   P.s. If I had enough hair, I'd wear it in the same style.    
Harry -   Not sure where's best. I buy LVC from whoever and wherever sells it the cheapest and take a gamble. I did see these 1947's recently. No real bargains tho.'s+1947   (the asos site is UK but cause styleforum is US the currency is automatically changed to dollars)   The catch is they have the 'Worn' look, which probably...
We will see....... (you're probably right  tho  )  
With regards to football scarves. There is a nice web site with most teams colours. A bit pricey at near 50 quid. But, if the quality is as good as they make out, and you are passionate about yout team. May be worth a look. Think I may wait till Birmingham city are back in the prem before I purchase a 50 quid blues scarf..   They are cashmere wool. So could suit a  smart skin. Seperates you from all the Nylon market stall tat,...
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