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Acefaceclothing (don't bother)   Adam of London  (I'm pretty sure ADAM also runs 'Jump the Gun', another excellent mod/skin clothing store. Great suits)   'Getsmart' is becoming a modern-day celebrity (I studied a little bit of law in the early 90's, and I think Jason has a claim of 'infringement of interlectual property rights' as it's clearly him in the photo, and he has the same tats to prove it lol)    
That is the same night, yes. Apparently the skinhead mob started throwing coins at the Bentley, and then bottles.Then it just escalated. Nobody really knows exactly what happened.   Would be a laff to see this comic book.    
Brilliant photo's Jason. Look a great bunch of lads. Nice MR shirt you are wearing too :)
On a different subject :- (and I apologise if this has been mentioned previous)   I've just been reading the Keith Moon biogrophy, 'dear boy' by Tony Fletcher.   And was interested to read the chapter when Keith Moon opened a discotheque in Hatfield at the 'Cranbourne Rooms' (which ajoined the Red Lion pub off the Great North Road/A1000) What a night! Do any of the originals on here, have any insight or knew of anybody who was at this event? It was late 1969...
Some nice half price brown suede desert boots in clarks at the moment. £44.99 FREE delivery, If anybody fancies a change from the DM's. Lots of other offers too. May be worth a look. ;)
With Regards to the Denim Levi Trucker jackets :-   I think these days, as well as the vintage years, they 'can' look scruffy. I always have a very Dark blue levi 'slim fit' trucker jacket as a staple part of my wardrobe. But after 12 months or so, as they wash out they tend to look a bit 1980's bone-head skin. So  IMO they have to be replaced fairly sharpish, to avoid looking looking a bit 'too' casual.   I've never owned a suede or leather variety of Levi...
'Hope that helps' ?   Just a bit  . Many thanks for the background on Jon Wood.   Brill    
Were 'Jon Wood' shirts worn back in the original scene? Or were they later (if at all) I had a look back at the thread but couldn't see any mention of them them.   As a non-original, I'm lead to believe these are great shirts and highly sought after. From what I've seen in photo's the fit/collar roll/profile  etc is pretty good. No idea of quality though   (great article re: skinhead girl haircuts)
Great piece there Buttons. Very useful information. I bet your are right on the Jaytex being modified I'll ask. I just assumed the V cut mas there originally. Glad you remember the 'Naytex', thanks for the background info. I did see some Naytex sta-press on e-bay once, quite basic/standard.   P.s. Probably a stupid question, but is a 'benny' a Ben sherman? or is it another brand or style of shirt.  
It is a great photo, they all are   I know a mod who has quite a few vintage jaytex, and all of his have the V cut with 2 buttons, but I've seen the standard sleeve too on e-bay. I've seen vintage 'Naytex' shirts about on e-bay over the years too. I think they were an off-shoot of Jaytex. Something to do with some copyright infingement argument, if I remember what I read correctly. But they were identical to Jaytex.   I like the modern Brutus with regards to their...
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