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Yes. i think your right.   Sounds a bit 'fetishy' all that leather on leather
I was talking to an original 1980's skinhead last night. He told me to wear leather laces in my Mikkel Rude solovair boots. He said this was really common in the 80's and made the boots look great.   I've never seen leather laces in Dm's,solovair boots.   Has anyone else heard of this?
  A brutus shirt in texas. Love it.   When you said your girl was pissed, I thought, 'she looks ok to me, pretty sober infact'. Ha ha. Pissed means drunk over here, i'm guessing you mean pissed as in 'angry'. I wish you could have stood the right slightly, so I could see that Texan coffee shop menu :) Waffles ;)
  Good man.
Davichan - You've put me right of them Langstons. I was saving up for them too. I never realised the dark rich colour was just a polish!   I may have to re-think that purchase :(
Now there's a man who knew how to polish boots, he would use Champagne..
  you cheeky bleeder ,   Beetlejuice is a good un!, I was expecting Convict or Mime artist/1950's ice cream seller.. Is this the Fred Perry you had in mind.. I've seen this actual shirt in the flesh after a couple of washes and it was pretty shabby to be fair.      
You can see the collar size here. Not Brilliant but an easy 3 finger roll.     Shame it's only available in Black and white. Would love to see a burgundy, or a dark pink.
Relco are doing a candy striped shirt now. £25 from an e-bay seller, free postage too. 100% cotton. I don't normally recommend cheap shirts but I do like this one
Just found this on the 'moonstomp clothing' facebook page.  
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