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Good points.
    Herringbone flannels, skinhead or not :)  
Stolen off FB       I'm digging the knitted polo 2nd from right.
Thanks all.   I've purchased the black. It it's naff it's going back.   (ps I have poppers on a cream made in Italy Levi trucker, black tag. I love it)
Just wondering about these leather trucker jackets on ebay. NEW £120. Look ok to me. detailing a bit more like a LEE RIDERS than LEVIS, but I'm consideringg purchasing. honest opinions always welcome.    
Paul weller did a collaboration with Fred Perry a few years ago..   These were his take on the  'Henley' shirt. : -  
I've even been kicked out of AA meetings
  Very nice. I've got the black, I'm yet to find the oxblood/cherry :(
  I was being polite. I should have said a 'bald punk'. Thanks for the bow, but really no need, they are ten a penny..
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