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are RLBL suits fully canvassed?
extra slim is now too tight :(
anyone know?
when is the next 30-40% off black label sale?
How would you compare this suit's fit to the Milano?   http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=42164046&cp=1760781.35256166.35256346&view=99&ab=en_US_MLP_ALL_HERO_SHOPNOW&parentPage=family
thank you
is the 30% off sale coming up? I know its usually in March
Thank you for the replies.   I own several BB Milanos and it truly is a slim, modern fit. I'm just wondering if RLBL can offer an even more slimmer fit in addition to better construction, higher quality fabric, etc.
How would you compare BB Milano to Ralph Lauren Black label?   RLBL is about $700 more than a BB Milano suit
Would you say the quality is still the same? custom made shirt vs typical OTR BB shirt
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