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Would you say the quality is still the same? custom made shirt vs typical OTR BB shirt
help :(
Any of you familiar with BB custom dress shirts? (not MTM, but where you can customize your shirt)   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/designyourown/designyourown,default,pg.html?lid=topnav-menu     $160 for a shirt, says it takes 3-4 weeks to prepare. Are these coming straight out of China?
This may be a bit silly, but...   Would they tailor a non-Suilt Supply suit? Obviously, you would pay for the services.. but it just wont be a suit you bought from SS
Has RL stopped doing sales on RLBL?
Do any of their shirts come with collar stays?
Is the Private Sale coming up soon?
I'm in NYC.. so then I should just go to 346 Madison. Can I go ahead of time and pick out the suit to beat the rush? Its only a few days away so its not that big of a deal
Online shop isnt showing the Milano suit in stock in my size.. If I go to the store during the sale and they are out of stock too.. is there anything I can do?
When is the sale? the 20th or the 21st? seeing different posts in here
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