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RLBL suits didnt cost $2000, so the quality is the same, but the prices are slightly more now that they have the RLPL brand?
so is it a RLBL quality suit with a price tag closer to RLPL?
did this used to be a Black Label dress shirt?   and this a Black Label suit?   Another example, stitching says RLPL, but item description says RLBL     I don't recall RLPL...
Which RL store generally would offer better tailoring for a RLBL suit? SoHo or the Mansion?   Also, sidenote.. never though I'd see such strong discounts on RL like this (I've been buying since 2009). Whats happened?   Also, seeing Purple Label sold at retailers such as Barneys. Interesting 
are RLBL suits fully canvassed?
extra slim is now too tight :(
anyone know?
when is the next 30-40% off black label sale?
How would you compare this suit's fit to the Milano?
thank you
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