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Double post, delete.
I could see that. I was expecting the rise to be low since I've read a lot about it before purchasing it. First low riders I've ever bought and when I sat down my ass crack was exposing no matter how much I tried to rise the back. The thing is though I wear under armor compression shirts all the time and are always tucked in, so when I sit all people are gonna see is a black compression shirt covering my back side. Thank god for those or I would have probably returned...
Just got a pair, these jeans are outstanding. These jeans need more loving, surprised how underrated compared to other jeans out there.
Oh ok, that also explains the price increase. Might just pick up a size 32 this weekend. Is it just the dukes that got the change?
Is it me or are the Imperial duke Jeans a lot more different according to the sizing chart? I was always put off by them because of the inseam/and small thigh room. But these measurements I see now are a lot to my liking, so I'm confused.   Sexy as hell
lol Sorry, meant 38 inch chest. My waist size is 31 inches.   But a M would indeed be too big for a person who is  6'1 and a chest size like mine? Would the sleeve length on a small be too short?
How tall are you? and what size did you order?   6'1 here, 38 inch waist, thinking about ordering M.   Looks great on you btw.
What are your body stats hoozah? Want to know how I should size on w+h clothing. I'm 6'1 183 lbs, 31 inch waist. 38 inch chest and 21.5 inches arm length (pit to wrist). Would really like my tops to fit like the models on the W+H site.
Hey guys, been reading up on W+H for a while now, and really excited on the 2011 f/w collection. Question though on W+H sizing. My measurements are:   6'1 183 lbs 31"waist 38" chest 22 inch arme length (Pit to wrist)   I'm currently looking into purchasing their tiger fleeces and few other jackets, and maybe some shirts or henleys to layer with. What should I size if I currently want a fit similar to the model on this picture. I'd like the hoody to come...
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