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All colors were "on sale" for ~$85 a week or two ago. I use quotes because the prices went back up after not too long, and my order for two pairs was canceled due to them being out of stock (even though the same sizes were still on the site), so I'm thinking it was a price mistake. This happened with a couple previous orders, though in those cases the sizes I ordered weren't available for a while, popped up site, and then were gone, so I think their inventory system just...
I just got the WG tweed fills, sized down 2 based on things I've read. They are, in a word, tight. In two words, skin tight. It seems like a common opinion is "they're tight at first, but they'll stretch". I can button all the buttons, but it's not remotely comfortable, and even getting them off was a chore. Is the stretching that occurs just in the waistline, or will they loosen up all over?
I'm having regular problems with my shirts (mostly sport shirts which is what I usually where) coming out of the laundry with annoying creasing in the placket. The creasing runs vertically along the line of the buttonholes. It occasionally happens on the button side as well, but the big problem is the buttonhole side. I can iron it out, but on some of my older shirts you can still see the crease (even though the fabric lays flat). I'm worried all my shirts will end up...
I'm looking to get my first road bike, looking for some advice...I currently have an entry level Trek mountain bike, and I typically ride once a week, 25-30 miles. I want to boost that to 30-35 and shoot for 50 by the end of the year. Not sure if I definitely need a road bike, but my thinking is it will be both faster to ride and easier on my arms/shoulders for long distances (either that or I'm in deceptively horrible shape).   I was looking at this:...
Just got mine in an 8, they fit close to a 9. There's a 7 on the site now but I'm worried it will be too narrow, so I'm on the fence about these, might try a tongue pad to get it snug. I'm now considering the double monks in a 7.5, but still can't convince myself I really need them...The shoes seem decent enough as far as quality goes, but I'm no expert.
My shipping confirmation for my first order took a couple of days, but the item still arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Looks like the 25% bonus is over now, but some things I was looking at are marked down further (though not quite 25% further).
I ended up caving and getting the single monks, sized down a half (they look sort of wide so unless they run ridiculously large I think they'll fit well enough). I really had to hold myself back on getting the double monks, but they look sort of blobby so I convinced myself that even at $188 it's too expensive if I don't love 'em.
Saw that too, not a huge fan of the shape of the monks but for the price might give them a try. Anybody know anything about FR sizing? I found some scattered comments suggesting I should size down anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5, seems like it might end up being a crapshoot...
Bought the same loafers. Looks like it's the "Rigen" model, found some comments on this and other models suggesting one should size down so I did. Hope they fit, I've never worn loafers before so I figured this could be a good, cheap introduction.  
I was able to add the $199 shoes to my waitlist in my account that didn't have a link to the sale (but did get sent the 25% discount offer), but I'm not anticipating it becoming available again. I just logged out of the new account, logged into my main account, and went back in my browser history to the page for the shoes and it let me see them.
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