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Great work!
Congratulations on the awesome wife Mr.Moo and happy birthday!
Spent the morning polishing some shoes and ended up giving my Equus-belts the same maintenance. Must say I love the belts and use them 6 out of 7 days a week at the least! From left to right: * Stainless West End Leather Covered Roller, 1 1/2 inch width, bottle green  * Nickel West End buckle, 1 1/4 inch width, Dark Stain Harness Oak bark tanned * Nickel West End buckle, 1 1/4 inch width, Australian nut Oak bark tanned * Sterling silver West End buckle, 1 1/4...
Try contacting Meermin about creating a wider last. Below are the avaiable lasts. Narrow to the left, wider to the right. Trace your feet with socks on and measure length and width. Send to Cost is approximately 250 euro + 50(or 100) for custom order + freight (~30 euro). The pricing info may be a bit off but will be in the right ballpark. With a bit of luck they could help you out. /Niclas   
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