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       You're new, but we're generally pretty civil in this thread.  You made an assertion, which I challenged as untrue.  It was not intended as a personal attack on you.  Responding that you never made the assertion and that I should "read" is inconsistent with the quotes above and more confrontational than you need to be.
Your link is for items currently for sale, not items previously sold. Also, what I am challenging is your assertion that seconds regularly sell for $250 on the Bay.
  Sorry, but I have to call bullshit on this one.  I have no doubt there is an occasional uninformed consumer paying $250 for a pair of AE seconds, even though he could get firsts for that price.  However, if you truly have witnessed people regularly paying $250 for AE seconds (as you claim), then why have you not picked up some shoes to flip yourself?  If EBay sellers are regularly making $125 profit per pair of shoes, we would all be flipping AE seconds on the side to...
 Maybe it's the angle, but the wings on the dark brown one look off-center.
 Just because that is the listing price does not mean that people are buying them at that price.  I don't regularly buy seconds, but it annoys me too, especially when I see posts from people who are unable to get what they want from the Shoe Bank or Jeffersonville.  I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with what they are doing, so I've never said anything.
  I have a tough time believing anyone is paying $250 for AE seconds on the Bay.  He would surely have to pay a small premium over the $125 plus tax price, though.
  Check out EBay in the coming weeks.  There is at least one regular poster on this thread that buys shoes en masse during these seconds sales to flip.
I have had the same question for awhile as I always have collar gap in off the rack jackets.  Chris, do either of these two pictures of a jacket I recently tried on give any insight into why I struggle with this issue?    
 What's next?  I present you with AE's new line of velcro dress shoes, which they are calling the "Velmok." 
 I think the first guy posts on SF occasionally.
New Posts  All Forums: