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  That shoe looks significantly neglected.  As in dirty and likely not polished or conditioned for a long time.  I like AE's conditioner cleaner for conditioning leather, but it does not clean nearly as well as Renovateur.  Renovateur also does a better job restoring the luster of the leather underneath all that dirt and wear.    The only reason you would need Renomat would be if you need to remove layers of wax and polish from those shoes.  And, even then, don't use it...
  Give it a shot and see how it works out for you.  I would also invest in some Renovateur if you're going to continue to purchase shoes that are a little bit more of a project. 
  Those look rough.  Try some Saphir Renovateur before you do anything.
  I don't think it makes sense to spend $50 on these shoes and another $125 on recrafting when, at the end of the day, you are still going to have a very used shoe with a gross insole.  If you are going to go the used shoe route, get something that does not require an immediate $125 investment of recrafting.  I've seen Randolphs in much better shape sell for less than $100.  I've also seen shell shoes with only a dozen wears sell for under $200.  You just have to be...
  If you like the Park Avenues better, go with them.  Can't go wrong either way.
  How about Andrew Lock's benchgrade cap toe?  Quality is good, the last is better than the Park Avenue and at $250 shipped, it's cheaper too.  http://andrewlockshoes.com/products/389957-the-black-oxford
  Wanted to quote OptoDoc as well, but technical glitches are preventing it.  Anyways, my question to both of you is whether you have considered the fact that the salemen you encountered are just poor salemen who do not enjoy their jobs?  I'm 41 and frequently in nice suits and have been blown off as well at both the Michigan Avenue and the LaSalle St. AE stores.  So, let's not jump the gun on accusing them of youth or income discrimination.  In fact, I've found that both...
  Did you send your shoes back to see what AE will do to fix the issue?  It may be a form response, but it is inviting you to send the the shoes back to get your issue redressed.  Fail to see why it matters if the invitation is a form e-mail.
Got a picture of a new mtm suit after its inaugural wearing, so thought I would post in this thread for once.  Forgive the sleeves, which need to be shortened a little bit.      
  Full-grain, calfskin and 100% calf leather denote just that, nothing more.  They guarantee that you are not purchasing split grain or top grain, but do not guarantee that there is not a corrected grain finish where the surface was sanded off and a chemical finish applied.  Ron Rider recently discussed this issue in the shoe care thread in pointing out that most black calfskin shoes are corrected grain.  Since that discussion, I have come to suspect that a 10 month old...
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