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@TweedyProf, for what it's worth, I've got the shell brogues in your picture and I reach for those and my suede shoes virtually every day I'm not in a suit.
I'm pretty sure they're the same split-personality individual struggling with his shoe addiction: "Buy it, you'll buy anything.""You shut up.""Get it in shell.""Stop it."
Jungle Boogie:  Having your company purchased is just like prison.  Come September 1st, find the biggest guy from the new management team and immediately beat the crap out of him in front of everyone.  Then casually put your jacket back on, adjust your tie and smile at everyone before walking away while whistling.
Good for you @peppercorn78 ! I remember posting when these came out that I thought they would make a great MTO.
 A blucher wingtip on the 5 last makes me , but the elimination of the MTO fee waiver and recent price increase makes me  because I suspect I will really want this shoe in burgundy shell, but do not want to pay $800 for AE shell.
Jungle Boogie:  I had those same black captoes on yesterday.  Love them.  They're a MTO and not generally available , so if Steve has your size and you want them, I would act.
I have three black cap toes, but I also wear black shoes a couple times a month.  One pair for rainy/snowy trips to the courthouse, a pair on the Forest last and another pair on the Rain last because I wanted both.
 I now see you are in Denmark and not the U.S., so perhaps you are right.  I will say, though, that it's worth not buying too much in the way of shoes and work clothes until you start work and see how others dress on a regular basis.
 They would be fine, but one piece of advice:  hold off on buying another black captoe until after you start your job.  New lawyers always think a law firm is a black captoe only environment, until they arrive and realize that is not the case.
New Posts  All Forums: