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 Not my size, but you should pick that up and flip it to someone here.
6'2", 190 pounds, size 12 feet and my sweet spot is between 8.5 inches and 8.75 inches.
I'm looking to order a blue dress shirt to wear with a suit.  Any thoughts on the following options:  Business Pale Blue End on End; Blue Pinpoint Oxford; or Blue Royal Oxford 80/2?  A different fabric that I've missed?
Quote malfunction. meant to say this is my experience as well. The nano darkened my snuff suede shoes to the same degree.
 Y'up and now it's sold out.  Probably for the best.
 Is that the same coworker that got those cute little dainty lapels from Suit Supply?
Anyone else having an issue with the website?  Every time I try to order a tie, I keep getting an error message that I need to pick a shipping method and enter credit card information (even though I have done this).
The difference between AE and Alden, C&J and Carmina is that the latter three rarely conduct sales and AE's are on sale every month. AE is the JAB and BB of the shoe world.
 It's an extra 0.75 inches.  Standard is 3.5 inches and wide is 4.25 inches.  4.0 inches would be perfect.
New Posts  All Forums: