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 RTC, I've been going through similar debate and ended up deciding I can't pick just one boot to run the gamut from jeans/casual to suits.  IMO, the brown grain is perfect with jeans and chinos and can work just fine with more casual trousers and jackets.  I question how the brown grain will look as you move more to the right on the formality scale.  I've also been looking at a pair of burgundy shell boots and see them working great on the dressier side and just being...
 What makeup?  Are you talking about the jumper boot?
 The 8 last is more narrow than the five last in the toe box.  I go TTS in the 5 last for a good fit, but cannot do the 8 last.  I find a 12D is too tight in the toe box, while my heel swims in an 11.5E on the 8 last.  Go 12D in both the 1 and 5 lasts.
Wow, I love the jackets on the Steed website!  Very impressive.  I'll have to keep them in mind when I'm ready to take a step up in quality for MTM.
 Very nice.  If I were a size 8.5, I would pm BKostko with an offer to convince him to sell these today.
On the balmorals with jeans issue, I think it is easier to get away with when the balmorals are suede, brogued, shell/roughed out leather/CXL or some combination of the above.  When you are talking calfskin captoes (like the Park Avenue or Fifth Avenue), it looks really off.
New Glarus and Bell's . . . two of my favorites.  And nothing like a cold Sierra Nevada on a hot Summer's day. 
 I thought I heard the Malvern was coming back in calfskin.  They're the same shoe, except for the danite sole on the Malvern.
 You should be fine.  I find that Inca is not much wider than Rain, but where it really differs is the lower toe box and instep.
I would get on that then as it is showing only one left.
New Posts  All Forums: