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I have two AE 5 last shoes and two Forest last shoes, all in the same size(US 12/UK11). I find the Forest last is slightly more narrow, but otherwise fits identical to the 5 last. The other noticeable difference is the Forest last toe is slightly more tapered.
 Very nice!  The color looks in between the waxy leather and the dark brown grain.  Which ones are these and what treatment did you apply?
 Nice score!  One of the first things I do upon receiving AE shell is to work to get all the excess polish off and get down to the beauty of the shell.  I tend to rotate between Renovateur, wiping down with a damp cloth and brushing to eventually get there.  Some try Renomat when there is excessive polish.  I've not used VSC before, so no clue how it would work in this process.
JR:  you're a Chicago guy.  Have you gone over to Neiman Marcus, Saks or Nordstrom to try on any of these brands to see what fits you best?  Do you know the measurements for a good fitting jacket to help determine whether something on EBay will fit well?
 WiCaniac:  Scotch grain can still be high quality calfskin.  It is technically corrected grain based on the process that creates the pebble effect.  This process also makes the calfskin more water resistant, which is why it is so popular for winter wear.  C&J does a great job with boots and shoes that combine a Danite sole, storm welt and scotch grain.      Based on Patrick B's pictures, the C&J Islay is at the top of my want list right now as my go-to boot:
 OptoDoc:  are you thinking of using a scotch or pebble grain on the tweed portion?
I do not think I've posted these in this thread yet.  Carmina, Rain last:    
I have the Hober forest green grenadine fina and love it.  The bitter chocolate grenadine fina is also a good one to pick up:  
Jr:  Order the swatches from Hober before ordering ties as the colors on the website are not always accurate.  For example, I have the swatch for the brown neat in front of me now and the purple is much more prominent in the swatch than in the picture.  In addition to color issues, you can also get a better feel for the different grenadine weaves if you order the grossa and fina swatches.   I've had more than one occasion with Hober ties where I thought I knew my next...
Stitches:  is that a four-in-hand knot in your picture?
New Posts  All Forums: