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  Do you own shoes from both Meermin and Carmina?  You have some strong opinions that run contrary to the prevalent opinion on both makers, so curious if your opinion is based on actual experience or simply reading threads?
  Come on, OP's story is complete bullshit.  He was planning on selling the ties or gifting them and wanted the boxes to make it looke like he purchased them new.  If he wanted the boxes for storage, he would not need the tie boxes to have the Hermes name on them.
I've thought about purchasing a used shoe and sending it out for immediate recrafting, but the sale price and the recraft charge always bring it to $200 or so, which doesn't make sense.  Then there is the issue that they cannot replace the insole . .. .   I can see why you did it here, though, since AE does not offer anything comparable to this discontinued line.  Enjoy!
  There have been recent discussions on this in the Good Taste thread and the general consensus was to avoid such jackets because they are too difficult to match with slacks.  Personally, I have a gray herringbone jacket and enjoy wearing it with charcoal slacks and burgundy shell shoes as well as with jeans.  Cue the comment that charcoal pants are not in good taste in 3 . . . 2 . .. . 1. . .
  I would have said men who can bench press more than their 15 year old daughters, but i think we're conveying the same point.
This discussion is a good example of why the economics theory thread is one of the most popular threads at SF.  Oh wait a second  . . .
  OP was very frustrated by a bowing issue on his Allen Edmonds.  I believe he thereafter had a moment of inspiration from the ad below, but decided Hermes tie boxes would be a more sophisticated box choice.  
  Depends on the shoes.  I use creme polish and wax on my cap toes, but prefer a more muted shine for my chukkha's and penny loafers, so only use Renovateur.
Why do I have the sinking feeling this involves selling used Hermes ties as new with box on EBay?
Or it could simply be due to the introduction and expansion of BB's Allen Edmonds offerings at or near the $350 price point, which allows BB to raise prices on the Peal line to further distinguish them from BB's everyday shoe offerings.
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