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A big +1.  One of my MTO's came with a rip down the back seam, and Steve took care of everything.  A replacement arrived this week and it looks perfect!  Thanks, Steve!
 I agree, but what kind of situation are you in if you're hiding in the bathroom for 30 minutes at a time to avoid your spouse's detection?  And, yes, I know Noodles' tongue was planted firmly in his cheek when he said he was doing this. Does anyone keep their passcodes a secret from spouses?  Everyone, even the kids, know the passcodes for the phones in our family.  I canot imagine my wife asking to use my phone for something and me refusing to give her the passcode...
 Part of the Brannock measurement is the heel to arch measurement.  I suspect this is what is a 12 for you, while your overall foot length may be a little shorter.  I have this issue as my heel to arch is a 12, but my overall length is a 11.5. Try the 12B and see how it compares.  Not much else you can do other than try them on and see what fits best.
Just cleaned these up a bit with some Saphir neutral cordovan creme, @jungleroller  
 And when she gets suspicious enough about these bathroom excursions and checks the browser history on your phone, she will see you were looking at pictures of guys while locked in there for 30 minutes.  I see no way this could get misconstrued or end badly for you.  None whatsoever.
 A big +1.  Limiting your SF time to only when you are at work might do wonders for these issues.
 Don't forget to ask one of them to take a fit pic of you for posting.  Bonus points if you're wearing boat shoes with your Dockers, shirt and tie look.
I keep both an old suit and a navy blazer in the office in case of emergency.
 JR:  I use the Saphir neutral cordovan creme on all my shell shoes.  It does a better job moisturizing the shell and bringing out a glow than Renovateur or brushing alone.
 This.  The best results have come from people who did not need significant adjustments to the trial suit and had enough knowledge regarding their own fit issues to take the lead on this.  There is only so much that KW can do for you based purely on a set of pictures, especially if the trial suit fit is way off.
New Posts  All Forums: