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 Park Avenues are typically only on sale during the Anniversary sale in July.  If you cannot wait until then, I would pick them up from Brooks Brothers on 12/26 or get seconds during one of the seconds sales.
 +1.  This is what I do as well.  I find that, as long as the gap is not too wide, it looks just as clean as the straight bar method.
 I think that's when you send them in to the cobbler for the addition of a velcro strap: 
Yes, $152 is $8 less than $160. My point was that the discount isn't much different than what was offered two weeks ago (when there was still inventory).
They are three for $160 on corporate incentive sales.
 I noticed on the AE website that AE suede strands are on closeout with very few sizes left.  Not sure how the seconds inventory is, but they're gone once they're gone.
Per a prior request, attached are pictures of the suede strands I'm probably returning and a pair of Carminas on one of their more elongated lasts.            
New arrival from Carmina. Brown suede on the Rain last:
 Alright, you've got me curious now on how good the deal was.  What did they end up going for during the recent sale?  Great boots, by the way.
 If they restock the same patterned suit, then yes the SA can do that exchange.  SA has no discretion on this with regard to suits/styles that are new to 2014.  Even if they look similar, anything that makes it new to 2014 leaves you out of luck.
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