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 It even beats Stitchie back in his prime a few years ago.
 Mine always loosen up within 10-15 minutes of putting them on.  I've always assumed that was my foot sinking down into the cork.
 I've come to the recent conclusion that I want to lengthen the sleeves on several of my jackets for this very reason.
 I'm on the same page.  I'm at 13 pairs of shoes and boots with no real need to add anything else.  Sleeker lasts for my cap toes (Carmina Inca and Rain) to go with suits, more rounded lasts for everything else.  Even one pair of shell loafers for wearing with jeans in the spring and summer.  I would love to get a pair of tobacco suede chukkas in a round last, but have not because I recognize I won't really have the occasions to wear them right now. I'm starting to...
I'm wearing these today.  Love them. 
@jfrater, Claghorn is right on the money in describing it as a rule that can easily be broken, depending on the jacket.  I might reach for a stitch cap toe with a very city blazer and tie and go to the other extreme of a scotch grain boot if I'm wearing tweed without a tie.  Generally speaking, I find myself reaching the most for suede oxfords and shell wingtips (short or long wing bluchers).  I do not have any double monks, but I think yours would be a solid choice along...
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Pictures of the Spandexter collar on my last order (close-up and more distance):    
 I have these and love them, but love the same version on the Rain last even more:  
  I have similar shirts and wear them in the Spring and Summer with a blazer (no tie) or with a suit and solid navy or pink tie. 
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