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The blotches and the mis-alignment of the lacing area are the deal breakers for me.  They screwed up in attaching the shoe to the welt and it caused 90% of the problems you now see.
 I'm getting flashbacks to size 38R's postings in WAYWRN.
 Perhaps I did.  I took your e-mail to suggest that you did not see why Carmina coud not replicate the G&G model due to its similarity to an already existing Carmina model.  If you were in fact proposing a MTO of the Carmina model pictured, then I did misunderstand.
 I think you need to at least start with a model that Carmina makes.  You can then inquire about changing the last, the leather, etc.  I'm pretty sure you can't just show them a picture of a shoe and ask them to make it for you.
I've had several pairs of BB gabardine trousers for several years now and found them to be a great value at roughly $85 per pair, which is what they sell for during most of the sales they run.
 My personal preference is also 3.5 inch ties, but 3.25 would be perfectly acceptable for him if he prefers a slimmer tie.  The main issue is he needs the taper on the tie to be in the appropriate place.
 I have the same issue with most 3.25 inch ties.  The primary cause is that your neck size and the length of your torso has the knot being tied on the part of the tie that is too slim to make a great knot.  When I e-mailed David about this, I told him the issue and simply asked that he make the tie wider in the knot area for me.  He responded by simply moving the taper further up and the result is a great knot on all my Hobers.  I wouldn't get too hung up with specific...
Euro:  that is an awesome combo.  Who makes the shoes?
 My recollection is that Andrew Lock offers a 10% Style Forum discount and free shipping, so I think they are $225 shipped.
 Disagree.  I think elongated chiseled lasts look out of place with casual pants.  They are made for much dressier looks.
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