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 I have a Kent Wang MTM and would rank it in the same group quality-wise as my Corneliani jackets. I purchased (and returned) a Benjamin suit and it's hard to put it in one of the categories for this thread.  It's full canvas and the fabric is nice, but it seems to fit some individuals (like me) in a very wonky way.  Based on reading similar complaints from some, I think it is cut in a manner where there is little allowance/accommodation for fit issues.  For example, the...
 If he's going to roll the dice on a Benjamin suit from EHaberdasher, he needs to order it immediately and post fit pictures.  While the fabric and full canvas are nice, the cut does not work for all builds.  I had to return mine because the collar gap was beyond extreme. I would recommend Kent Wang's MTM program.  Many have done it for their wedding and the cost is somewhere around $800.  Well worth the additional $300 in my opinion.
I used AE's saddle brown polish to lighten up a pair of Delrays. Really like the result.
 Can't wait to see it.  Make sure you post pictures.
   This pleases me.  A medallion-less Strand would be an awesome shoe.  Are you getting it in brown calfskin to wear as a dress shoe with suits?
 I only know the wider lasts, but I would start looking at Simpson, Alcudia and Robert.  The Forest last fits me the same as a D width in AE's 5 last as a point of reference.  Rain and Inca are wider than Forest, so you'll want to stay away from these.
 I do this as well.  Always need to check to make sure they expanded.
 The flaw in your argument is that, identical to Carmina, not all AE lasts work for all feet, regardless of the shoe's availability in different widths.  I cannot wear the 8 last because a D width is perfect in the heel but too narrow at the ball of my foot.  The E width in the 8 last is too wide in the heel and my foot swims in the shoe.  Same problem with the 2 last for most people.  There are also many with low volume feet that cannot wear the 5 last due to the bowing...
 Will do. 
 Agreed.  It doesn't matter how cheap I can find C&J or how great the quality is - because they don't fit me.  At the end of the day, if it doesn't fit, it sits in the closet unworn - no matter how pretty the shoe is.  The only reason I've been buying Carmina lately is because the Forest last fits my somewhat wide foot just as well as AE's 5 last.  If I were a true E, EE or A width or had some other sizing irregularity, I would be a 100% AE customer.
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