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 I was a little concerned about the height until I received them.  As someone else mentioned, the grain leather is so soft and supple that I do not notice at all when wearing.
By the way, that picture is not me, but one I found on the internet.  Below is a picture of my recently received Islays.  Besides the differences posted above, another reason I abandoned the idea of an AE MTO copy of the boot is the Dalton eyelets and lacing is much more spread apart and less refined.    
Just ordered a pair of burgundy shell Daltons.  How is AE running on delivering shell MTO's?  Is the eight weeks' estimate accurate?
 Looks like the old chili color.
 RTC, try the AE Patriot loafer, which are made for a low instep.  It's a casual loafer that goes with jeans and chinos; not something you are going to wear with dressier trousers. 
 Me too.  I simply cannot believe that Mr. T would have a self-replica necklace made sans his trademark mohawk.
 I want this 5 eyelet chukka from Carmina on a rounded toe last (Forest or Oscar) in sunff suede. 
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