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Noodles thread regulars, should I keep this Corneliani for PRL linen jacket?  I've always liked the idea of a navy linen jacket, but now that I see how casual it is, I wonder if I'll ever wear it with a tie.  I think it will look great with a pair of slacks and casual shirt, but I'm in a tie most days of the week, so questioning how much use it will get.  To the extent it helps, got it on sale for $199.         P.S.  This picture will self-destruct in 30 minutes for...
 Sorry, forgot you asked that question.  If you are a EEE, then MTO is your only option for Carmina. Carmina offers extra wide versions of the Forest and Rain lasts as MTO options.  As to how those might fit you, I would reach out for @steveyoo1983 , who should be able to give you good advice.  Then, when you see a GMTO on the Forest or Rain last that you want to participate in, you simply order yours in the extra wide version.
Sharing good natured style tip I got from Ralph Lauren via e-mail this morning:  "Freshen up a classic grey suit by layering the jacket over a Fair Isle Sweater or a collegiate inspired hoodie."    Noodles, your homework assignment for next week is to wear a gray suit jacket over a hoodie to work.
@in stitches that is one awesome sport coat!  I'm jealous.
 This boot from Skoak may be exactly what you are looking for.  $441 plus shipping.  http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/products/carmina-jumper-boot 
While on the subject of boots, I've also had my eye on these Carminas for a dressier option:  
 For calfskin shoes, yes, as long as you have six participants.  There would be a premium above this for boots, but I'd be surprised if was more than a $50-75 premium.  You should start hanging out in the Gentlemens' Footwear thread where these MTO's are organized.  If you see one you like, @steveyoo1983 can let you know the cost.
 I recall posts in the AE thread where people were posting pictures of wrinkly CXL boots and asking if their boots were defective.  The response back was that this is how CXL looks with wear.  I have no experience with it, so curious to hear from people in the know.
I cannot keep up with this thread.  @Murlsquirl, I am looking for almost the exact same boot.  I'm drooling over the Islay, but $600-700 seems pricy for a pebble grain boot.  I'm also considering organizing a group MTO of Mr. Six's Carmina boot with pebble grain, a storm welt and danite sole, which would probably come in under $500 (just a guess), but it's no sure thing to get six people interested.    I think the convincing point for me was seeing @Crat's pictures of...
Mr. Six:  I was under the impression that CXL did not age well and tended to take on a wrinkled look.  Yours look great!  How old are they and what do you do to treat them?
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