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 Okay,  I no longer feel sorry for you.  You placed an order that was probably at least $1,000 and are complaining about paying $77 in import duties?  That's less than the sales tax in some states.
How many ties did you order? I've never been hit with duties, but have always kept my orders under $200.  I've heard there is no duty collected on purchases under $200, but cannot cite to anything to support this.
Chance that @Kira is not a troll:  0% Chance that he actually owns the green and teal jackets he has posted:  0% Biggest indicator (apart from the content of his posts):  his statement that he does not own a camera of any sort and cannot post pictures showing him wearing the green and teal double breasted jackets.
 Nice.  Can't wait to be a new customer. 
 I think it's simpler than that.  Noodles, JR and Luv2B all came here with zero attitude, asked questions, listened to the answers, asked more questions and, most importantly, did not argue with those trying to help them.  Kira, this thread is not going to work for you unless you can do the same.
Looking for recommendations on the color polish to use on Carmina's burnished caramel calf.  Saphir light brown seems too light and the mid brown too dark.  Sorry if this has been asked and answered previously, but curious if anyone has any recommendations.
This has to be 38R trolling to test how good natured this thread really is.
Noodles, you need to get a staple navy blazer.  You'll be able to wear it with most of the odd trousers and ties you want to wear.  You can also wear it for more casual fits that do not involve a tie.
Those look nice, Pudman.
 The shoe already has an orange tint.  The walnut polish does, however, exacerbate the orangeness over time.  Some like to experiment with other colors to mute the orange tints.  Saphir cognac and light brown are the two colors most frequently used.  I find cognac too dark for AE's walnut color, so it must be used in moderation.  I suspect another solution would be to use Renomat to restore the original color.
New Posts  All Forums: