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 JR:  this is a good perspective on EBay.  I only find maybe 1-2 jackets a year that are nice quality, a good fit and a smoking deal.
 Luv2bereformed:  I think context will help explain the bubble that this thread can be.  For whatever reason, it seems the majority of SF newbies start out by deciding they need new shoes and end up on this thread where they are directed to purchase a few core AE's that always get recommended (Strands, Daltons, Park Avenues, McAllisters, etc.).  The newbs likes to share pictures of their new kicks and start planning their next purchases when there are sales on seconds.  A...
Private sale starts tomorrow.  No code needed to participate.
 Just planting the seed for your next promotion. 
 I got a free matching belt.  Didn't everyone else? 
  Brown grain Dalton in the Fall.  Hopefully AE replenishes by then.
 I suspect it will take more than a few days, but I don't want to tell him to leave them out there for a week or two and have him come back wtih something even lighter than the one he is trying to match.  Frankly, I'd be surprised if it took more than a week or two to see significant results. I can also definitively report that you can change the color of a shell shoe with Saphir's cordovan creme.  I had a color #8 shell shoe with lighter unfinished areas and the Saphir...
Hoping this is the last week for flannel.  
Am I the only one that would like to see half n half start posting full fit pictures?  When I see some of the pant, sock, shoe combinations pictured, I'm always wondering what he's wearing on his upper half as well.
 I like neutral because it preserves the natural color of the shell.
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