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It may be that the 8 last does not work for your foot due to its narrowness.  I have come to this conclusion with regard to my own feet.  I would do two things:  (i) go to AE to get sized; and (ii) if this is your correct size, have Nordstrom exchange them for a non-defective pair.  If they are the right size, then something is wrong with the shoes because it looks like they are bowing excessively while you are simply standing still and not flexing.  I can only imagine...
  I'm close to your size:  6'2, 190 pounds and a 42L jacket.  I wear a 16 inch collar in the slim fit and could not go any slimmer at all due to how tight it is in the chest.  I've also found the CT shirts shrink in the cuff and neck a considerable amount.
  I think the problem is this shoe does not fit your foot properly.  It strikes me as odd to see such significant bowing on an 8 last shoe.  It also looks like you have a wider foot and may have sized up in order to accommodate that.
  I suspect this is intentional and AE is simply testing your worthiness, along the lines of the princess and the pea.
  I think the delay is due to AE trying to find a horse large enough to make those size 16 gunboats that Random Adam ordered. 
  Crazy, isn't it?  I took a day off with a 20 post lead over Money Well Spent and come back to find him with a five post lead.  Just sitting down now to catch up on yesterday's events.
Wore one of my new Hobers yesterday:  
  I got the same response from Sandro, who asked me to share it here:   "The problem has been solved.   UPS was doing the custom clearance with a wrong tariff code, and the duttie was 38%.    From the last days all the shoes are leaving Spain with the tariff code 6403.59.30.40 (leather shoes with we on the invoice and UPS will dispatch at 5%.   Please if you can inform about it in styleforum it was very grateful for another costumers.   Many thanks Kind...
DRB:   Here is one of the shoes I was talking about.  The creases are hard to see because the shoe is black and I frequently add conditioner/cleaner to keep the leather supple to aid in the stretching.  I've also recently polished them to help make the creasing less evident.  I have a crease in the cap as well as two on the vamp as well as another on the inside of the shoe - all proximate to my big toe and where it flexes.      I would show your shoes to AE,...
  David, there is a difference between:   a) suggesting that someone should wait unitl the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July to see what styles are selected due to the history of deep discounts on AE that go along with the sale.   versus   b) continually telling people you have inside information that you cannot reveal about an amazing sale and that they need to e-mail Nordstrom to get the details. . . . . when that sale is nothing more than the well-known Anniversary...
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