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 Keep in mind that suede is notorious for stretching easily.  I too had a wider gap on the suede strands I picked up, but thought it would disappear as my foot settled into the cork and the suede stretched.
 Thanks, Cleav.  The original color was too light for my taste, so I darkened them up with polish and have been pleased with the result.
 Aargghh, too slim for me.  I like a little wider tie.
Is this tie a Hober?  
I've had two shipments by DHL with no duties and two by FedEx that both charged duties. FedEx charged $26 both times.
Let me put it this way.  I saw those on EBay as well and passed because the Forest last in an 11UK is such a good fit for me, that it would be crazy to size up another half size.
 I'm a 12D in AE's 5 last and wear an 11UK in the Forest last.  The Forest last is slightly slimmer, but otherwise fits fairly similar to AE's 5 last.
 Flyswatter, care to share the issues for the forum's good?  I had a good experience, but also did not need many alterations from the trial jacket.  My one nit pick is that the button stance is too high for me, but I think Kent did a tremendous job in making other recommendations (some that I might never have considered).
Thanks.  They're still one of my favorite shoes.
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