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I've got to encourage everyone on this GMTO to get to an AE store to try on a 2 last shoe.  Having particpated in this thread for several years, I can safely say the number of people able to get a good fit on the 2 last are significantly outnumbered by the people who simply cannot make the 2 last work.
If you want to get 12 commitments for a shell Bayfield, the first thing I would do is to ask @Cold Iron to post pictures of his shell Bayfields.
New Hober pocket square paired with a Hober tie:  
 If you're an E width, start with the Forest, Rain and Inca lasts.  I'm a 12D in my AE 1 and 5 last shoes with a foot that is too wide to do any of the narrower AE lasts, and I go one full size down (11UK) on these three Carmina lasts.  The Forest last fits almost identical to a D width AE 5 last shoe, but is slightly more narrow.  The Forest last is very forgiving, though, as it has a high instep and toe box with a round toe.  The Rain last is a little wider but a fairly...
 RTC, post your sizes in the AE lasts and why that last does or does not work well for you.  Also, do you have a narrow or wide foot?  High or low instep?
 Steve, the same dark brown scotch grain as the 973's?
 Remind me, what was the make-up for these?  If I'm thinking of the right GMTO, I think I regret not jumping in on this one.
Is the inventory pretty low across all sizes?  I checked online in a 12D and there was very little available.  I also called and the SA confirmed the lack of inventory for Daltons and a few other models I asked about.   By the way, he did say there is an 11E Walnut shell Dalton in inventory. . . Whoever buys it, let us know, so we can time the number of minutes it takes to go.
 RTC, I've been going through similar debate and ended up deciding I can't pick just one boot to run the gamut from jeans/casual to suits.  IMO, the brown grain is perfect with jeans and chinos and can work just fine with more casual trousers and jackets.  I question how the brown grain will look as you move more to the right on the formality scale.  I've also been looking at a pair of burgundy shell boots and see them working great on the dressier side and just being...
 What makeup?  Are you talking about the jumper boot?
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