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   You too?  We've had weekend getaways without the kids the past two weekends.  By weekend getaways, I mean the grandparents took them for the weekend so we could work on an extensive home improvement project and spend quality time bonding over sawdust and paint.  I stared lovingly into my wife's eyes through her safety goggles all weekend long.
 Noodles, this is not a clothing issue; it's a control/resentment issue.  You are allowing your wife to control things that are important to you and pouting on SF instead of having a heart to heart with her about it.  You need to sit down with Mrs. Noodles and discuss this issue.  She likely has good reasons for wanting to limit your purchases the same way you have good reasons for thinking she is in the wrong here.  There's common ground to be found here.  Maybe it's...
 I really like, "the Moral Squirrel."  That's a keeper.  @Murlsquirl?
 I wouldn't usually wear a boot this informal with a blazer and tie, but thought I could here because it's a cashmere blazer with a wool tie and flannels on a day with negative wind chills. 
New tie and square:   I spoilered today's footwear because it was weather induced and may not be to everyone's liking.   [[SPOILER]]
 How many LV handbags and purses are too many?
 I'm a 12 in the AE 5 last and an 11UK in the Forest last.  I agree with you that Forest is slightly more narrow than my Strands/Park Avenue; it's as narrow as I can go with Carmina.  I tried the Robert last, which is only slightly more narrow than Forest, but it did not work for me.
 I've never heard the AE 5 last described as having a low instep.  Exactly the opposite in that people with low insteps complain they got bowing in AE's 5 last.  Regardless, I find the insteps between the Forest last and AE's 5 last to be fairly similar.
 I have the first one, but it is in a color that is slightly darker than cognac calf and simply called marron (not vegano marron).  IMO, the Forest last fits very similarly to the AE 5 last in a D width.   Not sure if this helps, but I also have the second one in brown suede:   I would not worry about cognac calf being too light.  Many lawyers (myself included) wear that light cognac color in the Spring and Summer both casually and with suits or odd jacket and tie.
 Are you sure about that?  I think they might.  I'll check with my 3 year old tonight to get her thoughts on a pair of bicycle toed shoes and report back on whether she agrees with Fred.
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