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 I am a 16 collar . . . If it is too tall, it is only 1 cm or so too tall.  @Betelgeuse 's collar is very similar to another Luxire favorite, with the exception it's about 1 cm taller in the front and back, with shorter collar points.  I may give that other collar a try and submit pictures of both.
 Thanks, Cleave.  I tend to agree with your assessment that the collar is too high. The tie is a Sam Hober, Maclessfield silk #135, https://www.samhober.com/macclesfield-print-silk-ties/blue-lavender-and-light-yellow-on-brown-macclesfield-printed-silk-tie-135.html .  I cannot say enough good things about the quality of my Hober ties and David's willingness to cutomize them to your specifications.  I used the specs from your March 2014 post on the collar to order this one. ...
Looking for a little GNA about the collar on this Luxire shirt which utilizes the @Betelgeuse collar.  Any thoughts on changes I should make?  Collar height?  Spread?      
 Missed the french cuffs.  Agree they seem out of place in a no tie sweater fit.
 Disagree about the tie.  V-neck sweater with a jacket and no tie is a pretty classic look.  I do agree about the pocket square, though, as it seems out of place here.
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    December 26th is a crapshoot on whether the item you want will be available in your size still.  BB is already sold out for the sport coat I wanted, and my SA said he has customers unable to find their size in solid staple suits.  That last part is unheard of as you used to always be able to wait on solid suits until December 26th. I picked up a jacket that I am kind of meh on and may end up returning.
@Kira, I've been asked once to pay half in advance of the work and, in hindsight, that should have been a red flag that the work I was requesting was a waste of money.  In my situation, I wanted a suit that was a size too large taken in at the shoulders, chest and waist, with the tailor charging $250 or or so for all this work.  It was not a new suit and I should have just worn it as is, since I bought a new suit to replace it less than a year later.    I suspect the...
 You were lucky in that instance.  As a rule, they do not stack.
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