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 Yes, there is some level of trust that Skoak would not sell the brand if it did not find it to be a good value for its price, but it's a little silly to suggest that I should blindly trust that anything Skoak sells is top quality and exactly what I need.  Hence, the question asking how the quality compares with Carmina, a brand with which I am very familiar and have many pairs.  I did not find anything helpful in a search and have not seen many posts on the brand as...
 Perfect.  Thanks.
Has anyone tried the new Carlos Santos line?  I kind of like the look of the espresso brown oxford (cannot remember the exact name) and am curious about quality as compared with Carmina.
Will you be doing pre-orders for Inis Meain this Fall?
I remember the days  (2011) when they retailed for $300 and went on sale at Nordstrom for $199.  That is one heck of a price increase in only five years.
 I do not think this is correct.  Why would Luxire destroy the original pattern, but keep versions 1 through 5?  I read the response to say it only keeps the most recent pattern.  My suspicion is that Luxire keeps meticulous records regarding the measurements for prior orders, which is how we are able to reference prior orders.
 You may be right.  This would assume that Luxire keeps track of the modifications to that original pattern that accumulate over numerous orders with their individual tweaks and then uses the sum total of all the modifications to alter the original pattern.  I had been under the impression that Luxire draws a new pattern for every order with modifications and then works off of that pattern for future orders, but that may not be correct.
 This confuses me because I have not liked certain changes and directed Luxire back to the pattern from two orders ago.  I never got any questions or follow-up.  If that pattern non longer existed, I'm wondering if Luxire recreated it by reverse engineering the changes from the most recent pattern or by some other method.
 Sorry if I confused you with someone else.  There is a poster that jabs at the website every few weeks.
 You have 65 posts and I think at least 20 of them are taking jabs at Luxire about the website every few weeks.  We get it, you don't like the current website and think a new website is never coming.  Message received loud and clear.
New Posts  All Forums: