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 When I was in your shoes, I Googled Seiko repair and Watchuseek and came up with threads on recommended places for Seiko repair.  There were three that were far and above the others.  One in Detroit, and I think one in Boston.  All were pretty much Seiko enthusiasts that seemed like they might be working out of their basements/garage.  I recall the prices were pretty competitive.  Good luck.
 This is what is really confusing to me.  Who is your target customer?  Seiko and Orient, among others, both make thinner mechanical dress watches for under $500.  Christopher Ward is right around that price point as well, with its slimline models at 40 mm, roughly 8 mm thick and an ETA movement.  As for the Miyota 9015, Kent Wang is offering dress watches with that movement for under $400.  I hate to say it, but you appear to be entering into a segment of the watch...
Saphir neutral cordovan polish will give them some moisture and shine them right up.
 Chino Watch and Higuchi are two that get recommended frequently. 
 It's not just that it's a 40 mm watch as it is the fact it is a 40mm watch that is all dial with a small bezel.  For comparison purposes, look at the Nomos Orion, which is 38 mm with a small bezel and can look oversized on some wrists.  12 mm is also somewhat thick for that style of watch, but not too thick for a more casual or sporty watch.
 Really?  Because there are two usual causes for what you described:  (i) you have not yet broken the shoe in; or (ii) the shoe is too long for you, which is why it is flexing/bending so significantly at your toes.  It may fit width wise, but is the ball of your foot where it should be (at the widest part of the shoe)?
That one is a close second for me.  Would love to see a picture of #18 made up when everything goes online in October.
 One of these?  I need to place an order for No. 26.
Even if that is a Breitling case, how do you know it's not empty or filled with non-Breitling parts?  If you do not trust the seller, look elsewhere.
Sorry, will have to miss this one, but will make the next one.
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