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@noodles, you're becoming the clothing equivalent of that guy who nit picks every girl and ends up dating no one.  What's wrong with having a third suit to fill out your rotation, even if it's not perfect?  It's one thing if you were considering buying it and not in love with it, but it's in your closet already.  The jackets that are not perfect are the ones that get weeded out as you continue to build your rotation, not before you even have a rotation.
 I tried a pair of their pants when they first become affiliate vendors.  I was not really impressed with the quality.  The construction seemed pretty poor with the stitching down the seams very loose and see-through in places.
 Same boat here.  I'm committed to stopping at 15 shoes, which is more than I would have thought were needed back in 2011.  Here is where I currently am and what I want: 1.  AE walnut Strands.2.  AE dark brown Malverns (identical to current Dundees, but with Danite sole)3.  AE brown shell Patriots4.  Black round last cap toe5.  Black chiseled last cap toe6.  Brown round last cap toe7.  Brown chiseled last cap toe8.  Dark brown suede medallion cap toe9.  Snuff suede...
As someone between an R and an L in most OTR cuts, I've had a half dozen or so jackets shortened.  Here are two things I've come to learn:   1.  People telling you to pin it first to see how it looks are 100% correct.  My jackets with higher pockets and buttoning points look great and no one would have any clue they were shortened.  My jackets with lower pockets/buttoning points look off.   2.  When talking a half inch or so, I never shorten the jacket.  It's not...
Wow, @PCK1 that rioja color with the gray is amazing!.    @Jazzmenco , love those colors!!   @upr_crust, it's good to see some non-black shoes from you.  Very nice!
Noodles, it's not that tough to find nice ties.  I know you want 9 cm for width, so here is what I recommend:   1.  Look through the Hober Macclessfield silks and wool ties to see if there is anything you like. 2.  Look through the new 9 cm Henry Carter ties that just went on-line this week. 3.  Keep an eye on Shibumi in a few weeks.  I think they will replenish their choices soon. 4.  Conrad Wu posted that he will offer a 9 cm option and that they will be on-line in...
Carmina snuff suede:      
 Murl, I'd be surprised if you are wearing the same size in both the Simpson and Inca lasts.  One is the narrowest last Carmina offers and the other is one of the widest.
 I was a little concerned about the height until I received them.  As someone else mentioned, the grain leather is so soft and supple that I do not notice at all when wearing.
By the way, that picture is not me, but one I found on the internet.  Below is a picture of my recently received Islays.  Besides the differences posted above, another reason I abandoned the idea of an AE MTO copy of the boot is the Dalton eyelets and lacing is much more spread apart and less refined.    
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