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 Eprex:  - back pleats were not a screw up;  they're necessary the bigger the drop between chest and waist.  - It would take 2 minutes to order your next shirt from Luxire with the following modifications:  add x cm to the sleeve length and y cm to the neck size.  As it is then delivered to your door, it's considerably quicker than ordering shirts and taking them to the tailor.   - You need to have a beer and relax.  Right now.  It only gets harder from here on out.  While...
Jason, the burgundy macclesfield says it is 9 cm and 3.25 inches.  Which one is correct?
Navy pattern wool challis from yesterday:  
@conradwu, when is this green tie going to be available?  
Wally lover
 How about, "Obsessed with Wallys"?
 Amateur.  I direct an intern that is approximately my size to stand in the corner with my jacket on in robo pose until I need it.
Hober Dark Red pattern wool challis:  
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