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 Agreed.  I liked them as art, but did not see any color combinations that would be versatile as a square.
 FTFY.  Marriage is give and take.
IIRC, Carmina did the shoes for Magic in the Moonlight. 
I'm in for the burgundy neat that New Yawker posted.
Wow, unbelievable.  I spent all that time today at the lake getting my fit pictures with a bear and am all set to post them, when  . .. bam . .. . someone beats me to it.  Oh well, I'll just post this close up I snapped on my way out the door tonight, instead.      
 Is that purple or burgundy?  Silk?
I'd be curious what the boot would go for if Steve auctioned off the six slots to the six highest bidders.
 Thanks.     Right back at ya.
@noodles , last time that happened to me, I gave it to my wife and told her I was going to go buy something for myself out of separate funds.  Got no argument from her on that.   Another thought is that I've used the gift cards on a few occasions to buy something, returned it and gotten the value of the gift card on my credit card so that I could spend it as I saw fit.  Not sure if Saks is the same way as other retailers on this.
 I like suede chukkas with casual jacket fits.  Medallion cap toe suede balmorals work really well as well.  I've never gotten into suede wingtips as they look too busy to my eye.  I also seem to have an odd aversion to suede bluchers for dress situations for the same reason, but I think that is my own personal quirk.  As for color, I recommend getting both a snuff suede and a dark brown suede option. 
New Posts  All Forums: