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 I'm not so sure about that.  It looks like you could take a good half inch or more out of the neck.
I have both collars. Both have a nice collar roll. I prefer the Luxire one, though, as the B and B collar roll is a little bit more than I normally like.
 I usually go with the Luxire standard button down collar for shirts that I will not wear with ties.
Cuebert, the whisker wrinkles in the front suggest the pants are too tight in this area and are not hanging properly.  I would add a little fabric here.
Can we still ship items to be copied to the Portland address?  I went to the Luxire website and it now only lists the India address along with a $20 prepaid option for shipping.
First post in the new thread.  Just sent my Strands in for recrafting after many years of faithful service.  First time recrafting, so cannot wait to see how they look.
Just took advantage of the discount to get a new linen shirt.  Anyone have experience with the white linen cotton shirt fabric?   Also, like others, just got charged sales tax.
 You're right, there is a transactional side to what I described as well, and it's when the stakes are high enough that no one is going to question it because they already know the partner is spending full days on the case.
    The only situation where I can imagine that happening is a bet the company case with eight figures exposure and a partner billing out at $800 an hour or more.  Apart from that, this kind of billing hasn't been tolerated for at least 10 or more years.
 Dude, seriously???  That was a sarcastic comment made in jest after a ridiculous complaint that kept getting repeated and repeated.  My recollection is that someone was complaining about how only trunk show attendees got the MTO fee waived and that it was discriminatory against non-NYers.  My recollection is that someone eventually quipped that Carmina went behind a curtain after every MTO sale in order to high five each other on how much they were screwing over everyone...
New Posts  All Forums: