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The thought has crossed my mind, but I don't want to tie up their inventory if it is currently as low as I suspect it is.
   Thanks to both of you.  I tried wearing it with a suit, but it just didn't feel right to me (size and the dial), which is why I ended up getting a Nomos Orion.  I do reach for my Stowa frequently, though, whenever I'm business casual or going out with the wife.  It feels perfect to me in that niche.
 Sorry, 12D, but I will post here if I end up returning them.
 I was leaning that way, but then I took a look at a pair of chromexcel AE's I've worn heavily for the past two years that do not have anything like this on them, so I'm not sure I buy the theory that all chromexcel looks like this eventually.  The fit is great, though, which is why I'm on the fence.
Momentarily interrupting the typology discussion for a picture of a watch:  
My GT&FQ on a brown shell strap:    
Received my Higgins Mills yesterday (firsts), only to find that one shoe was perfect and the other, well . . . .       Leaning towards returning them, since they're firsts, but also wondering whether anyone ever receives a pristine pair of the Higgins Mill.  Thoughts on whether to return? 
^^   A big +1 to more accurate pictures.  What I thought I was ordering and what I received have not matched on multiple occasions where I did not preorder swatches.  As swatches are not always an option, better pictures would be a huge help.
 I have no dog in this fight, but you're essentially arguing in favor of the $1,500 minimum commitment to the extent you are suggesting you would spend enough to make it worth Luxire's while if they gave you an appointment to nail your shirt/trouser fit. 
Guys, the trunk shows are for the new bespoke service. They're not flying people in from India, so that we can look at swatches and get fit advice on shirts/trousers. Not saying I agree or disagree with the minimum purchase commitment, but think it's important to keep this in mind.
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