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 No, but I'm planning on going when they come through Chicago this Summer.  Want to try on some Sinn watches and see what I think.
I have a three step solution to your problem:   Step 1: Take pictures of yourself wearing your new tux.   Step 2: Post pictures of you wearing your tux on Craigslist offering to escort lonely individuals to "black tie events *wink*."   Step 3:  Watch all the offers for black tie "events" pour into your inbox. 
 It happens no matter how I take the picture and only happens on Style Forum, not another watch forum.  Was curious if anyone else has had the same issue.
Upside down Sumo on a Di Modell pilot strap: In all seriousness, does anyone know why my watch pictures always show up upside down, no matter how I take them or save them?
 If it helps visualize the size, my wrist is about 7 3/8 inches and relatively flat.  Below is a picture from last weekend that I think more accurately captures the size on my wrist. 
 I ordered the middle brown croc.  It was initially shipped well ahead of the watch, but USPS decided it was undeliverable as addressed and returned it.  After a week of calling USPS every day to try and track it down, Stowa agreed to ship a new one out to me.  That was two weeks ago, so I'm glad Stowa ships the watch with a strap as otherwise I'd be going insane staring at the watch sitting in the box. I think you will be very happy with your MO when it arrives.  I kind...
   Wearing mine today.  Still waiting on the croc strap that has been sitting at customs in Germany for a week now.   
 Carry a $2,000 purse as your daily man bag or Northern Lights?
 Thanks for the insight.  I'm leaning towards the bracelet because I think/suspect it dresses it up enough to work with business casual, but also love the pictures of it on a strap like yours.
 +1.  My recollection is that the thigh on the DC and the leg opening are both 0.25 inch narrower.  The other thing to keep in mind is that you're dealing with a real company that actually answers its e-mails and accepts returns if it does not fit or you simply do not like it.  The dark days of having no return options with HY are done.
New Posts  All Forums: