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   A few thoughts:  - "Gushing" is the Wraith's word, not mine.  I think appreciation is a more appropriate term.  I post pictures if I think others appreciate the picture and believe the fact it was posted makes the thread better.  If I post pictures that regularly end up with little to no comment or interest, the implicit suggestion is that the others did not find it interesting or appreciate the fact it was posted. I post pictures in threads if they foster discussion...
 It's not a confidence or shame issue; it's a matter of having some social awareness.  People on TWAT are very polite and welcoming to all, but the lack of interest in the lower priced watches is evident.  There is typically a very polite, "nice watch" or "welcome," but very little interest in further discussion.  There's nothing wrong with the mid-priced watches and no reason to be embarrassed, it just seems they are caught in the middle of the two watch threads.  Just my...
True, but when your watch is in that $1,000 - $2,000 range, it sometimes feels like bringing your Honda Accord to a car show where everyone else has a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc. I totally get what @Jazzmenco is saying.
 Has anyone made this fabric up?  I really like the blue pinpoint oxford and was thinking about having the white made up as a dress shirt.
 He says with a mischievious laugh, knowing this will become the new point of obsession for the next month.
 Shouldn't be an issue.  My guess is Luxire will have you mail the pants back so they can correct the lining issue and measure the pants.  Either way, you'll know precisely what you have for purposes of requesting adjustments on the next pair.
    Or, at the very least, measuring differently than Luxire.  You're better off having pants replicated and then specifying changes (add 1 inch to waist, etc.).  Telling them to make you pants with a specific waist and knee is a recipe for disaster if you are measuring these areas differently than they do.
 Regent fit sport coats have wider lapels with a nice cut.  If you see one you like, it might be worth it at 40% off.  They've also stepped up their casual shirt game in recent years, so may find something you like there.  I'd suggest their merino wool socks, but that doesn't make sense when the discount is only for a single item. You can check out shoes as well.  My recollection is that you have no casual shoes or boots.
 Yes.  There's no fashion show on the train and most definitely not while walking a mile in the snow and ice from the train station to the office.  I have C&J Islays and shell boots, but I don't see the point for the work commute when it's just as easy to change shoes when I get to the office. I should add, though, that if I'm walking around during the day for meetings or what not, I'll either wear my Islays (grain leather and danite sole) or Carmina shell boots with a...
 Rainy day shoes are older pairs of calfskin shoes that are now my rainy day shoes. During snow and ice, I go all LL Bean Boot and change my shoes in the office.
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