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 You may be right.  This would assume that Luxire keeps track of the modifications to that original pattern that accumulate over numerous orders with their individual tweaks and then uses the sum total of all the modifications to alter the original pattern.  I had been under the impression that Luxire draws a new pattern for every order with modifications and then works off of that pattern for future orders, but that may not be correct.
 This confuses me because I have not liked certain changes and directed Luxire back to the pattern from two orders ago.  I never got any questions or follow-up.  If that pattern non longer existed, I'm wondering if Luxire recreated it by reverse engineering the changes from the most recent pattern or by some other method.
 Sorry if I confused you with someone else.  There is a poster that jabs at the website every few weeks.
 You have 65 posts and I think at least 20 of them are taking jabs at Luxire about the website every few weeks.  We get it, you don't like the current website and think a new website is never coming.  Message received loud and clear.
Thanks.  Seems very counter-intuitive as I can get plasticky shiny shoes for a 1/3 the price that AE charges.  The selling point is buying quality shoes that do not look like plastic. I wonder if they are treating the soles with something similar.  The soles on the recrafts that I got back a few weeks ago were treated with something as they do not scuff at all.
 I do not frequent this thread the same as I used to, so have not heard anything about this spray-on lacquer finish.  What is it? 
 The only way this is a valid question is if @europrep had Aaron fit him in person.  Otherwise, I'm not sure how you compare emailing pictures of a trial suit with having a tailor measure and fit you in person.  I'm a KW fan, but I'd much rather have a tailor measure and fit me in person than rely on the picture exchange method (assuming the tailor has the requisite skill, which is not always the case with all MTM outfits).
  I will have to give serious thought to whether I will send another pair of AE's in for re-crafting.  I sent a pair of chukka's in a few years ago that returned with a deep scratch very prominently placed in the center of the toe.  I did not say anything because I naively thought I could polish over it.  It was too deep and remains very prominently on the toe of the boots. Chalking the first instance up to bad luck, I sent a pair of Walnut Strands in for re-crafting...
 I usually give my KW jackets a few days hanging up before I wear them.  I've had some that arrived clean and ready to go and others where the lapel was wonky and needed a few days to settle down.
   The one gift card exclusion applies to shell cordovan and Edward Green.     Just kidding.
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