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 Noodles, you can use shoe polish on your belt as long as you do not mind it rubbing off on your pants, shirt and jacket.  Otherwise, stick with a cleaner/conditioner like Bick 4 or Renovateur.
@timhortons, some members have found the Noodles Good Nature Advice Thread a good place to master the basics on fit, color and fabric coordination, etc. If you've got the right attitude of wanting to learn, the members there will steer you right.
Unless something has changed in the last month or two, Carmina will not make that split toe on the Rain last. Someday, when Carmina sees the error of its ways, I will own that shoe in a dark burgundy on the Rain last.
@europrep , the snuff suede string loafer is also available directly from Carmina's web store.  I believe the depressed euro has it coming in around $300 with the free shipping offer.
 Agreed.  I think the suede softens it as well.  Rain last suede and calf:  
 It was a tough decision for me.  I e-mailed Betty about round toe options before getting in on this GMTO because Forest or Oscar would have been my first choices.  Soller and Detroit were the only options, and, as much as I love Soller for a real boot, I thought it was borderline bulbous for a suede chukka.  I even stared at my Rain last suede balmorals for awhile trying to decide if they were too pointy for a chukka.  In the end, the five eyelet design and @europrep 's...
 I'll see if I can get some better shots next time I wear it.  The snow is a fallin in Chicago today and not much natural light is coming through my office windows.  Did you go in on that Carmina Rain last suede chukka GMTO?
New Polo "custom fit" jacket made by Corneliani, just back from the tailors.  I'm kind of liking the fit, but curious how it looks to the more trained eyes in this thread?    
 This.  From my browsing that thread, I've seen great improvement from Luxire in nailing the fit, but the finer details on the jackets are still lacking.  Give them six months to a year and I suspect we'll see Luxire having refined its jacket making abilities.
 Y'up, I was enjoying my single days immensely at 25 and not married until 33 with the first rugrat coming along the following year.
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