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Buttero owners:  I'm an 11UK in Carmina's Forest, Rain and Inca lasts and a 12 in AE's 5 last.  Size 45 for Buttero?  Worth the splurge?
^^^  That's the one.  NMWA customer?
Wanted the S&C green cardigan, but ended up with my first Bigi wool tie (the copper/navy stripe one).  Couldn't resist.
@Murlsquirl , if that S&C cardigan is the green one in a L, I think we can work something out that saves Greg from taking a return.  I went to purchase it this morning and now see it is sold out.  Shoot me a PM if you want to go this route.
 I had to call customer service about this.  Buying three shirts, my cart kept showing the 3 for $229 discount, instead of 30% off each one.  The customer service rep seemed surprised that I would want the 30% discount per shirt ($75 in savings), instead of the $10 in savings the 3 for $229 gave me.
 That's just plain mean.  What have KW or AL ever done to you that you would send Noodles their way for a suit?
 I suspect so.  I just placed my first order that included both pants and shirts, so will report back on whether it further delays things.
 Generally one week for shirts once you have a pattern established.
That feeling when the FedEx tracking for your Luxire shipment goes from delivery today to ? (i.e. we have no clue where your package is and lost it somewhere between Memphis and Chicago).   
 Wait a second . . .  won't that violate the $500 rule??? 
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