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   This.  The sale is technically from an AD with a stamped warranty card that is valid, which is different from how it usually is with a grey market vendor like Jomashop.
 The only thing I'll add is that several of the German grey market dealers on chrono24 will sell you a new Orion for 25 - 30% off the retail price.  I used mychrono a few weeks ago and was very pleased with the transaction.  Before buying used, I would at least check out what a new version will cost you.
 Anything is possible, but I've taken Brooks Brothers chino's in multiple times to be dry cleaned and not experience any shrinkage on this scale.
No Had them dry cleaned.
 I had the exact same experience with that fabric.  I lost about an inch in length, which has me now needing to order a replacement pair and contemplating getting them an inch longer than my normal order.
Don't forget about the scratchiness of the fabric.
 Yes, the lightest one.  I can see the back pockets through the fabric.  Other than that, it's fine.  I opted for lining in the front to the knees.
 We have been on similar journeys with regard to that Drapers green fabric.  I still hear it calling my name sometimes.  Thanks for the advice on the pockets.
Standard patch pockets or round patch pockets?  Trying to finalize a lightweight hopsack jacket for Summer.
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