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Sorry, not interested in CXL for this one.
Staring at that beautiful color of the brown grain 973's makes me realize I really want a wingtip version with a round toe.  So, this color brown grain:       In Model 80277 (Forest Last):     with a storm welt and danite soles, so the finished product looks like this (minus the tucked pants):       @jungleroller @Murlsquirl @aglose @peppercorn78   Who's in?
Rather than submit 5 Eagle County and 3 Townley GMTO's, it seems like AE would be best served to simply put these shoes back in prodution with multiple leather options.  Perhaps that will be the result of these GMTO's.
 I would totally be in for the brown grain calf EC if it was not on the 2 last.  I'll have to wait to see if something like the EC on the 1 or 5 last comes out this Fall.
 This thread has a life of its own.  As long as we're done posting pictures of toilets and pipes, I'm good with it.
GMTO's were taking 10-12 weeks a few months ago, and I think the factory is open again next week.  No idea if there is going to be a backlog that slows things down more.
 Are we still talking about kids?
A couple of suggestions:   1.)  There are too many suggestions flying around for @watchidiot to keep track of and manage, unless he is going to turn this into his full-time job.  I suggest people make suggestions and, if it gets enough traction, the original suggestor keep track of the shoe/boot details and identity of the interested persons.  When you get to six people that agree on the same details for the shoe/boot, forward along the information to @watchidiot along...
I'll agree with what a few have said, that it gets significantly easier when the kids are 3 and out of diapers.  They can play with siblings and do not need to be constantly entertained, are better about eating meals and can wake up and entertain themselves for a little bit so that Mom and Dad do not have to wake up at 5:30 a.m. every Saturday.
The pictures of the 973 Rain last pebble grain boot look outstanding.  @steveyoo1983 , is there a difference between Carmina's lightly antiqued grain calf and the antique brown scotch grain used in these boots?  I ask because the Skoak boot in lightly antiqued grain look significantly lighter than the boots from the 973 Rain last GMTO.  If I were to jump in on a re-run, I would want to make sure I got something just as dark as the first round.      
New Posts  All Forums: