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 Agree, there is a time and place for everything.  Some occasions/fits call for clunkier shoes, but when I'm in a suit I'm always reaching for my Carminas.
Noodles, have you considered getting your Dad a gift card and then going with him to help him pick out the shoes?  If you get him a Nordstrom gift card, black park avenues are usually on sale for $220 during the Anniversary Sale in late July.
 Cut and stitched in the DR, yes, but I'm pretty sure everything else takes place in Wisconsin. AE's more formal designs leave a lot to be desired, but they do a great job with loafers, wingtips, shell cordovan and boots.
 Yes, I linked to the black ones.  I just posted the picture to show you what the last looks like.
What about Andrew Lock's black captoes for $225 shipped (with SF 10% discount)? http://andrewlockshoes.com/collections/83308-all-products/products/389957-the-black-oxford  I have a pair in brown:  
Is there any repair for a bald spot on a suede shoe?  New shoes arrived this way and debating whether to keep or return them.  
 Which Hober?  I've been looking for a nice burgundy neat and have not been real pleased with any of the ones David has available.
 I like the color and the pattern on the jacket, but its three button hard roll configuration is really throwing off the fit to my eyes.
 I have the Forest Green grenadine and wear it mostly with navy and mid-grey suits.  I also wear it frequently with a blazer and grey or brown (a shade similar to coffee with a little cream) pants.
   I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you broke through the factory finish.  You should never rub the shoe that hard when wet or with a wet cloth as this can result.  I know from experience as I did the same thing to a pair of Carminas when trying to spit shine the cap.  I used too much water and the result was a dull unfinished section like what you have here.  You have two ways to remedy this: 1) Send the shoes to AE.  AE can strip and reapply the factory finish to...
New Posts  All Forums: