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I get collar gap in many OTR jackets due to similar issues.  I've found some brands that work for me, but have had the best luck with MTM.  I've also learned that I cannot get by with short collar points, which are exacerbated by the collar gap issue.   You should consider some of Luxire's entry level fabrics.  I think they start at $60, which isn't much more than you are spending on CT, but you can get a nice collar.
Regarding @ridethecliche 's collars, I think he has two problems.  The first is the absence of collar stays for that shirt.  I have several CT shirts and would never wear them without collar stays. For what it's worth, I'm in the process of switching from CT to Luxire for my shirts as there is not much difference in cost for many of the fabrics.   The second issue has to deal with RTC's muscle/weight gain and the appearance that some of his jackets may not fit as well as...
 I ordered directly from Carmina and took advantage of the free shipping promotion.
@VRaivio, if I am unhappy  with how a company treats me, I let them know and give them the opportunity to fix things.  If they refuse and make it clear that my business is not that valuable to them, I move on to someone else.  If everything you say is 100% true, why do you want to continue doing business with Luxire?
 Noodles, your mistake was to answer his question.  I never answer questions like that because I expect a similar answer if I told someone the price of Carminas.  I may answer the brand, depending who it is, but if asked regarding price, I'll typially say something along the lines of, "you know, I do not even remember" or "I'm not sure, I just remember I got a really good deal on them."  I give the latter answer if I mentioned the brand name to avoid snooping on price.
I thnk it is really unfair that Greg has made it way too easy for people to look good without having an outstanding sense of style.  People can just pick through Greg's inventory and be assured of looking outstanding.  I remember the old days when people had to go through months to years of growing pains and criticism in the WAYWRN threads to look this good.  Now, these gosh darn kids can achieve such fits immediately.
@NWTeal , a good BB SA will get you your 20% discount, even if they do not come in for a month or two, due to back order.  A great SA may even find a way to get the order with the December 26th discount.  That said, I understand BB has really been cracking down on SA's and making it difficult to set items aside more than a few days before Christmas.
I want to echo what everyone has said regarding the Soller last.  I was blown away by the shape and fit on a recent pair of boots.    
 Thanks.  They're Carmina, Inca last.
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