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 Agreed.  Still amusing, though.
     It certainly has.  I'm also amused by the fact that we are now recommending navy ties to Noodles when it was his love of navy ties with navy suits that led to this thread.
It now shows the tie as being in stock with sufficient quantity to make two ties.  Perhaps some lost fabric was found.
 I am of the same mind.  I have a pair of burgundy shell long wings purchased a few years ago that get worn only a few times a year due to fit issues.  I'm trying a very thin insole to rectify this, but it has the unfortunate side effect of jamming my foot up too high in the shoe, which has the side effect of me now eyeing a different pair of burgundy shell longwings on a last I know fits well.
You've said this a few times about heel slippage not being an issue for boots due to the shaft lacing. Have others found this to be true as well? I've no experience on the issue and am simply curious. @cold iron , any insight on this issue?
 Agreed.  Needs more in the chest as well (the lapels are bowing).  That's a nice first effort Darkside.  You'll get your fit dialed in by your second and third suits.
 It is brown and now out of stock.  I got one of the last ones. 
I've got to encourage everyone on this GMTO to get to an AE store to try on a 2 last shoe.  Having particpated in this thread for several years, I can safely say the number of people able to get a good fit on the 2 last are significantly outnumbered by the people who simply cannot make the 2 last work.
If you want to get 12 commitments for a shell Bayfield, the first thing I would do is to ask @Cold Iron to post pictures of his shell Bayfields.
New Hober pocket square paired with a Hober tie:  
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