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 I hope these cost increases are limited to your espoke service.  I'd hate to see your espoke venture ruin your bread and butter normal shirt, trousers and jacket making business due to significant cost increases.
The mechanical versions are on KW's website for $350 - 390, depending on the movement used.  I did not know that he offered a quartz option.
 Wow, Murl, that is really nice.  I like that very much (both the fabric and the fit).  Remind me, it's the W. Bill Phoenix and 8/9 ozs.  Am I remembering this right?
Picture of the green Steed jacket, @Murlsquirl ?  Or link to the thread?  I remember discussing the fabric with you and am curious about the final product.
 Tell Betty you want to return the snuff suede belt, but still want them to ship a tobacco belt at full price.  They should arrange (and pay) for the pick-up of the belt you are returning.  They've done that for me in the past when they shipped me the wrong shoes.
 The real test will be when I wear it, but initial impressions suggest it should be fine.  Not as opaque as the white twill, though, which is also a thicker fabric.
 Same here.  That's the beauty of Luxire:  they'll make the shirts to your precise specifications.
I'll post pictures when it comes back from the cleaners, but I'm very happy with the white royal oxford fabric.  http://luxire.com/products/lelan-cotton-royal-white-oxford-ss_rz_5396   I've tried the lustrous fine white (too thin and wrinkly) and the white twill (nice, but not what I was looking for).  This seems to be the white shirt version of the pale blue pinpoint oxford (another favorite of mine http://luxire.com/products/pale-blue-pinpoint-oxford ), but slightly...
 When I was in your shoes, I Googled Seiko repair and Watchuseek and came up with threads on recommended places for Seiko repair.  There were three that were far and above the others.  One in Detroit, and I think one in Boston.  All were pretty much Seiko enthusiasts that seemed like they might be working out of their basements/garage.  I recall the prices were pretty competitive.  Good luck.
 This is what is really confusing to me.  Who is your target customer?  Seiko and Orient, among others, both make thinner mechanical dress watches for under $500.  Christopher Ward is right around that price point as well, with its slimline models at 40 mm, roughly 8 mm thick and an ETA movement.  As for the Miyota 9015, Kent Wang is offering dress watches with that movement for under $400.  I hate to say it, but you appear to be entering into a segment of the watch...
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