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 Yes to both questions.  Obviously your best bet is to buy something that fits you and does not need to be shortened, but, absent that, a good tailor can usually shorten a jacket an inch or so.  The key is where the pockets and the buttoning point are and how much needs to come off.  If the pockets and button point are too low in relationship to how much needs to come off, it will look awful, so cannot be done on every jacket. As someone who is between an R and an L in...
 I think you just answered your own question.  When you find a good deal on an EBay jacket that needs to be shortened an inch, take it to your tailor.  Otherwise go MTM.
 These babies are going to sell like hotcakes.  Get yours now before they sell out!
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He's gunning for you PP. I see some competition in your future.
 I saw the medallion issue, but think that might be just be a result of the angle of his IPhone when taking the picture.  The heel issue looked like a polish issue when I clicked on the picture.  I went with uneven heels due to how he has the shoes placed for the picture.  Survey says . . .
 Please tell me this is not one of those posts about one heel being a mm shorter/longer/taller than the other.
 +1.  That austerity brogue would look great in snuff suede or brown calfskin.
 If you need a dress casual black shoe, by all means grab the black kenilworths.  But I would not buy them thinking they will be your main go to shoe for wearing with a suit if you are in a suit more than a few times a year.  Personally, I would look at either the Hanover or the Lexington if you are in a suit fairly regularly.
Why would you send your shoes to AE knowing there is a fair chance they will not survive the recraft? I recall one poster commenting that the CS Rep he talked to advised against sending them in.If these are the same AE's that you just bought on EBay and the no warranty status was not disclosed, you should return them. That is a significant defect to remain quiet about.
New Posts  All Forums: