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He's no a troll, but he is having some fun with us by intentionally making statements that he knows will get a rise out of people.  He seems to enjoy being provocative and debating, which is why I think it's time to start a new thread on his Bespoke adventures.
Okay, here's my latest addition.   In sunlight:       In artificial light:       I know it's not a TWAT favorite, but I'm really enjoying it as a causal/ business casual watch and have to admit the quality is really nice.
I took delivery of a little something.  And, I mean little when compared to most of the watches posted here, but I've had it on my wrist for the past few days and like it even more than I thought I would.  I have to head out to a meeting for a few hours, but here's a hint:  
I hope everything works out well for @semperexcelsius, but reading his exchanges with @EliodA and a few others bear an uncanny resemblance to the occasional disagreement I have with my 9 year old when I try to dissuade her from a notion she has gotten in her head by sharing my experiences with similar issues and pointing out flaws in her logic only to be met with stubborn resistance and a refusal to acknowledge she might be wrong.  I just can't get past all the important...
That Estate Blue Hopsack jacket looks great.  Is it just me or has there been a significant improvement in the finer details of Luxire's jackets over the past several months?  The lapels and shoulders on that jacket look very nice.
From the looks of the website, seems like my speculation on what you get for your $1,100 wasn't too far off.
 No, from Carmina directly.  And, to be clear, it's not a leather sole issue as much as it is a leather sole on this stock model issue.  I have numerous Carminas on leather soles that give me no issues.  It's the thicker sole on this model combined with the suede that makes the fit challenging.
 Tweedy, I have that exact shoe in dark brown suede, which is a stock model.  One word of warning is that it comes with a really thick leather sole (1.5?) that is very stiff.  This has resulted in fit issues and heel slippage that I've not experienced in any other Carminas when combined with how easily the suede stretches.  As a point of reference, the recent snuff chukkas on rain and danite are night and day in terms of comfort.  I point this out just to make sure you...
 I struggled with this decision for an entire minute before realizing achievements lose their luster with time.  It's time to start working towards 4,444. Okay, I also wanted to echo the other comment asking WTF about the $1,100 dress shirts.  The only way I can fathom this is if the shirts are delivered by a beautiful woman that shows up at your door wearing nothing but the shirt.  She only stays an hour, but leaves the shirt for you.
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