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  Is there a color difference between the left and right shoes?  The picture makes it look like the left shoe has faded somewhat.
 This is helpful, thank you.
Looking for some assistance sizing the Soller last.  Any advice on whether to order the same size as my Rain and Forest last shoes (11UK) or to size down 1/2 size?  I understand that Soller may be wider and longer than both these lasts.
 That picture is not Carmina, and I agree I cannot recall seeing any burgundy pebble grain pictures. I'm actually interested in a derby boot on the Soller last.  Just so I'm clear, it's even wider and longer than Rain and Inca?  If that's the case, then I definitely need to size down. Thanks for your help, Steve.
I've got a Carmina make-up percolating in my head, which has raised a couple of questions.   1.  Does Carmina have a burgundy pebble grain like this picture?       2.  How is the soller last for a low instep foot?  If I'm 11UK in Forest, Rain and Inca, same size for Soller?
I really like the brown grain EC's being posted.  Looks awesome!   I received my burgundy shell Daltons (firsts) today and . . . sigh. . . the medallion is off-center on the right shoe and the eyelets uneven.  It's a small thing, but since I bought these to replace a pair of burgundy shell longwings with the exact same problem, I think they're going back.  They are otherwise pristine, so I guess this is a PSA that there is likely a 12D headed to the shoe bank soon.
I'm puzzled how anyone that reads this thread could order anything from HY without fully understanding that any purchases are final sale and will need to be resold if they do not work out.  I knew this a year ago when I took the chance on my first pair of flannel pants.  They fit and were impressive quality, so I've continued to order more pairs ever since.   I fully understand why many will choose to not order from HY and share the same concerns, which is why I will not...
Charcoal silver grenadine fina:  
   Need to pick up some tweed and flannel pants from Maria today as well.  Looking forward to seeing some fit pics of that Cantarelli tweed jacket you posted earlier.
 Who are you using in Chicago?  I've been using Maria at Golden Needle and am happy with her work, but the prices and turnaround time have doubled over the past couple years.
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