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 I think you can still stack the credit card discount on any sale price.  Last year, I stacked the 15% dlscount on top of the seven days of savings for a coat.
 C&J Islay.
  Done.  No use putting off until Monday what can be done today.  Should have them in my hands in about 3-4 weeks time.
I'm feeling very Noodlesque at the moment.  Planned to pull the trigger on these bad boys today, but keep hearing a voice in the back of my head asking if I'm really about to pay $600 for non-shell cordovan boots.  
 I'm glad it was someone from here that ended up with them.  Post pictures when you get them.
 It depends on your tie length as longer grenadines are more prone to stretching.  I think we shortened my 60 inch ties one inch, but am not sure.  Definitely talk to David and get his recommendation.
@noodles, I agree, you've got the pin dot category pretty well covered.  Didn't realize you had so many.
Noodles, for someone who dresses as conservatively as you do, I would think pin dots can be a good choice.  From Hober:               I know opinions are mixed on purple ties, but I've always kind of liked a purple neat with a navy suit:  
 I see your point, but the Townley looks much more refined to my eye.  The toe cap seems placed slightly closer to the lacing, the brogueing more refined and then add in the leather sole, blind eyelets and quarters that seem to close a little more, and the Townley seems like it would be a little dressier boot.  I think the Townley compares to the Bayfield in the same way the Dalton compares to the Long Branch.
 You're using too much polish.  It took me a long time to realize just how little I actually needed to put on shoes to get a nice shine.  The more you put on, the more work you are creating for yourself to buff it all off.
New Posts  All Forums: