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I like this one from No Man Walks Alone http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/leather-accessories/sol-brown-humphrey-leather-card-holder-949.html  $60 after SF10 discount.  I've been very happy with it.
Sometimes an order is delayed because they have a question about it, but have not yet gotten around to emailing you the question.  I would keep emailing them.  It has sometimes taken 2 - 3 emails to get a response.
That looks really good, @heldentenor
 Okay, the Madison may be a good choice for you based on your size.  Also all the posts from bigger guys commenting on how much they like the Madison cut is a good reminder there is no one size fits all guide. 
 I've never heard the words "spot-on" in used in the context of describing the Madison cut.  Before you buy, I suggest you post some pictures as the Madison is cut like a tent with really low arm holes.  Did you try on Regent?
 If you Google minnis fresco wheat, there is a thread on here filled with pictures comparing it with sand.
Luxire does not offer swatches for all fabrics. I believe there are several fabrics that are ordered from the manufacturer when you place your order and for which swatches are unavailable.
 MTO is not just about creating something crazy.  Sometimes it's about getting the exact shoe you want.  I did a similar MTO a few years ago with Steve and it's still one of my favorite shoes in the Summer.
 I like it.  I've got it on my shortlist with the new Tudor Black Bay Black.  I believe @Andy57 has posted pictures of the 300 in this thread.
 Yes, there is some level of trust that Skoak would not sell the brand if it did not find it to be a good value for its price, but it's a little silly to suggest that I should blindly trust that anything Skoak sells is top quality and exactly what I need.  Hence, the question asking how the quality compares with Carmina, a brand with which I am very familiar and have many pairs.  I did not find anything helpful in a search and have not seen many posts on the brand as...
New Posts  All Forums: