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 This may be the first time I've ever seen the words "poor man's" and "Vass" used in the same sentence.
 I've found that I can get my favorite brands (Corneliani and Zegna) somewhere between $200 and $300 if I invest the time to check out new listings on a regular basis.  I recall going as high as $500 for some that were new with tags that I really liked.  I agree, once you know your preferred measurements, you can buy with complete confidence and not deal with returns to the seller.  I haven't bought a sportcoat on EBay for a few years, but I recall it a great place to get...
 I know the question was directed to someone else, but Brooks Brothers sport coats can be affordable during one of their 30% off sales and many people like Suit Supply.  I also recommend taking a look at Spier and Mackay (a SF official affiliate) for fairly inexpensive sport coats.  One of the best things you can do, though, is to go to different department stores and try on everything to determine which brands (and sizes) fit you best.  From there, EBay is a treasure...
I see light tan wingtips on most people under 40 that I encounter downtown Chicago.  Depends where you live.
 I think we're talking about different posters.  He was responding to a poster that was asking about derby brogues on the Robert last.
Why?  That's curious advice in light of the fact that many in this thread asked for a sizing recommendation and ordered their first Carminas without trying them on first.  If you're fine with the risk that you may need to return them/or sell them online if the sizing is off, what's the harm? Regarding sizing, I wear the same size in AE's 5 last and 1 last, but find the Robert last too narrow for my foot.  I find the Forest last to fit the closest to AE's 5 last and wear a...
Not a fan of the all black with the brown jacket @desense. Looks off and jarring to the eyes. If people are looking for examples of how to wear a jacket with jeans, I agree @Mossrocks does it well. You should also look at some of @NOBD 's pictures. He makes it look so natural and effortless.
 I've always felt the same way; would like it much better if it lacked the day feature.
 Perhaps there is an easy fix.  A quick Google image search revealed multiple references to an OEM bracelet for the Alpinist:  
The thought has crossed my mind, but I don't want to tie up their inventory if it is currently as low as I suspect it is.
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