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Very happy with my second pair of Luxire pants (Dugdale worsted mid-grey flannel).  They really improved the fit issues from the first pair.  Will post pictures soon.
Benchgrade sneakers in action last weekend:  
 I have the same pants and wear them with a tan tweed jacket and a gray jacket.  Neither picture is very good as the only picture of the gray jacket combo is a watch picture (but you get the idea) and the tan jacket combo has fit issues (about 20 pounds lighter than my normal weight at the time), but, again, you get the idea.   
 Take it to a good tailor and ask if there is enough fabric to take the chest and back out enough to improve the fit.  If it is not fixable, it's not "ruined;"  it just won't fit as well as you may have wanted.  Get some wear out of it and remember this lesson the next time you buy a jacket.  We all have made similar mistakes early on.
 How are his posts today any different from the usual nonsense he posts trying to be funny?  He might be telling the truth when he says he has not left the house for three months so that he can focus on his SF posts.
The button point on the grey is actually lower than the navy; the difference in appearance in the pictures is camera angle as the grey was taken at waist level while the navy was taken by my 9 year old.
I've got two KW suits and need to order my third.  Both are soft shoulder.  Navy is standard lapel; grey is wide lapel.  Probably going to try the 3 roll 2 option with the wide lapel on the next go around.  Here's pictures:    
 I think once the soles are this worn, you need to resole as part of putting a topy on.  I do not think you can just slap a rubber topy on a sole this worn out.  I do not know the answer to his question about leather soles that get very slick, but I have two pairs like this.  They are well worn, not at the resole point yet, but are slicker than they used to be.  As the two pairs I'm thinking of are 3 and 4 years old on the same sole, I've been thinking about putting a...
Do you wear thinner socks with them?  Thicker socks?
Just checked and 44 is out of stock, but 43 and 45 are still available.
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