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 You raise a good point to differentiate Meermin.  I believe the general consensus is that the Meermin classic line is below AE in quality while the Linea Maestro line is a step up (if you ignore quality control issues that continue to plague Meermin) Are you in the U.S?  If so, my Carmina purchases have usually ranged between $375 and $425 shipped.
  I suspect the point he is trying to make is that you are talking about a very dressy boot, which typically have leather soles.  Thick double leather soles that will not melt if you happen to get caught in snow or rain.  If you are looking for something to wear in rain, snow and slush on a regular basis, you are better served looking for a heartier boot in Chromexel, pebble grain, suede or shell.  You can even then add a storm welt and danite sole, if you so choose.
 The website is confusing on this point.  It says prices are going up 5% on 8/1/14, but then lists $795 as the price for A fabrics as of 8/1/14.  Are prices going up for other fabrics?  Am I missing something?
Thank you to the mods for changing the name of this thread, so that I can now browse while at work. 
 When AE does not have what I want, I look to Carmina, C&J and Meermin.  Meermin may or may not be a step up from AE, but Carmina and C&J most definitely are.
Deer bone is awesome.  I fixed a similar misstep by using a deerbone and brushing.
 Nope.  Trying to build support for a group MTO for something that would look like the C&J Islay: 
Come on down to Crazy Uncle Spoo's Closet Emporium.  I'll sell you the Tom Ford coat off my back.  We're making deals, deals, deals. . . .  No reasonable offers refused!
 How about the same boot in brown pebble grain? 
All good things must come to an end.  I was going to MTO a brown grain dalton boot during the RDA event, but, if it's going to cost $550, I'm going Carmina or C&J all the way.   I wonder if AE will follow the MTO lead of others and agree to waive the MTO fee if a certain number of shoes are ordered (e.g. six for Carmina).
New Posts  All Forums: