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I might be in on the split toe if it is dark burgundy.
 Yes, I always ask for thin MOP buttons.  No additional cost.
carmina has been pretty popular on SF for a number of years, even back when the Euro conversion rate had us paying $400 to $450 with shipping and customs. They'll be just fine.
 Interested to see pictures as they travel to Chicago as well.
I laughed out loud at the image of someone taking a fully body mold, shipping it to Luxire and then Luxire taking measurements off of it. The best though is imagining the storage room with all our full body molds congregating together.
 Check out page 1276 of the official SF rule book.  I was confirming that shadow stripe suits are not in good taste and recall coming across the rules on herringbone stripes in the same general vicinity of the rule book.
 To be fair, the Padres did get Andrew Cashner out of that trade, so it wasn't that lopsided.  That said, I'm very happy to have Rizzo on my Cubbies.
Why not just send in a sample shirt to have the collar copied?  There is significant room for error when asking Luxire to create a collar based on a picture and measurements found on a website.
 You will never look at your dressier AE's the same once you move on to Carmina.  As for your more casual AE's and AE boots, there's plenty of room for them to continue in your rotation.  I have 8-9 pairs of Carmina, but still regularly wear my AE walnut Strands, shell Patriot loafer and a pair of chukkas.  I wear the latter two with jeans and like the walnut strands with a pair of tan slacks and a casual dress shirt.  My AE Park Avenues sit on a shelf in my office and are...
At that price point, look at Orient, Seiko cocktail time, Christopher Ward Malvern or Frederique Constant Classic.
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