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@St Hubbins If you don't like the scarf idea, this might work as well.  I'm pretty sure it won't show with one or two buttons open on your shirt:  
 There are other options beyond obscuring: 
 A big plus 1.  A v-neck t-shirt would go a long way to dressing this up and making it look sharper.  I really can't tell fit from the picture, but a well fitting shirt and pants can really elevate even the most basic of ensembles.  I know it's warm in Chicago today, but a sweater can dress things up as well.  You could also make this look sharp with a quilted jacket or a Barbour, which would coordinate well with the HIggins Mill.
I'm kind of liking the new Christopher Ward Malvern MKIII.  Looks like a lot of watch for $500:  
 I'm hoping the wife is going out tonight as well because I can only imagine the look on her face if you said you were leaving her home on a Friday night to go to the local AE and browse shoes, after having so many delivered in the past few months.  You might come back to find your new AE's gutted and in the front lawn.
Feeling guilty right about now that I received a coupon and threw it out because I'm not planning any more shoe purchases.  Would of loved to have assisted with the shell rush.
 I only have 3 pairs of my original AE's that I still wear on a regular basis (besides the Higgins Mill I just bought) and my Strands are one of those three.  Great shoe.
100% go with Carmina and Rain last.  The Carmina will be much better executed and sleeker whereas it's kind of a mixed bag whether AE can pull off your MTO to your expectations.  AE is great, but some of their dress shoes come off a little clumsy looking.
Soller last boots today:  
Carmina burgundy shell today:  
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