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I echo the others.  I have a deer bone, but it only gets used once or twice a year - when there is a deeper scratch that normal brushing will not get out by itself.  Works very well for that precise purpose.
Half N Half: once you learn the secret, it makes it hard to opt for AE shell instead of Carmina when they are the same price. I've never paid customs when shipped DHL, but always get hit by FedEx. Customs has been $25 on a $400 purchase the few times I've been hit in the last year.
 I thought we were talking about the wingtip boot. 
  I'm like you, too many shoes lately.  No boot MTO until Fall.
That helped, immensely.  Thanks.
That boot in pebblegrain is on my wishlist for the Fall.
 I'm considering this for my next suit.  Does anyone have real life pictures of a suit made of this fabric?
 I have not bought a pair of AE's for awhile, but had no clue AE had taken this step to cut down on the calls/e-mails to the stores.  Too funny.
   Use less polish.   I use a thin coat of Saphir polish for my brogues and have no issues with polish in the holes.  It is a pain in the ass, though, to buff right up against the serrated edges.
PP:  that tie is next up on my must purchase list.  Looks great.
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