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Use the nail file. The shoes will be fine. I had the exact same thing happen.
Coming up for air for a minute to post a few pictures and then back to the grindstone:    
7 Rocket, it's pretty disrespectful to try to take sales away from KW in his affiliate thread. I'll also add that the quality of my Spier and Mackay trousers are nowhere near the level of my KW MTM suits. Frankly, the construction quality on those S and M trousers was not good.
By the way, suede stretches like a mofo, so wide foot is slightly less of a concern in suede than in calf on the same last.
Rain last:     Forest last:           I surprisingly find myself wearing the dark brown ones weekly in the winter and hardly at all in Summer and the snuff ones weekly in the Summer and hardly at all in the Winter.
 This.  If I were relegated to one, it would be a medallion cap toe in a dark brown suede.
 Wow!  Glad I picked those up in October.
 100-plus posts in this thread during a Noodles picnic attack . .. hmmm  I'm guessing that means you stepped away from your computer for about 2 hours.  Sound about right?
 Noodles, the problem is that you paired a patterned suit with a patterned shirt and a patterned tie and there was likewise no coherency  between the colors for the same (burgundy tie on brown stripe shirt with navy suit).  There are some on this forum that can navigate three patterns successfully, but none of them are named Noodles or NS1.  The safe route is for you to always wear a solid shirt with a patterned suit and then do whatever you want with your tie.  Wear your...
 I've been wearing the same Tag Link diving watch for the past 12 years and looking for a change of pace.  I'm in a suit 2-3 days a week and typically odd jacket, trousers and no tie the remaining days.  I'm thinking I need something a little dressier, but is still versatile enough to wear on the weekends.  I'm looking to keep this under $1,000.  As I've been lurking in the watch threads, I've been drawn to the Stowa Marine on a leather strap.  I've also liked a few...
New Posts  All Forums: