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 I wear a forest green grenadine pretty frequently with a grey suit as well as a navy blazer (with either grey or coffee colored trousers).  This is the only picture I could find, which is unfortunately just the top block: 
 No, nothing until I got the shipping notice for the finished pants.
 I sent a pair in first week of July and got the pants 30 days later.
 Thanks.  I've only had it a few months, but have really enjoyed it.. 
 Thanks.  It's from Shibumi.
Almost did not post the full torso shot because of the funky sleeve/cuff issue, but what the heck:        
 Count on it, but it is only $30 or so nowadays for Carmina calfskin shoes.
 @TtownMD, you are forbidden to type the word "shell" until you get your auto correct figured out.  My understanding is that there is an unacceptable risk of  shell cracking or breaking in the making of jodhpurs and with the shell shortage still in effect, Carmina made the decision it would no longer accept orders for that boot in shell.
 Carmina will not make shell jodhpurs anymore.
 I would wash and wear a few times before soliciting advice on changes for the next shirt. 
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