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  I cannot find any pictures of the green tie, but here's the navy version with a worsted suit: 
 I think it's the combination of a brighter color combined with the wool tie element and the fact it's one of my favorite ties to pair with a flannel suit. 
  Sorry, just having a bit of fun at your expense.  Please do not let me stop you from posting.
 You pretty much exactly described my experience.  I'm sure they had a few laughs after I left about the clueless old dude in his 40's who wouldn't listen to his "professional opinion" on how a suit should look.
@LAluck5 , I have the burgundy and the green patterned challis wool ties that you posted.  I wear the green one with a grey flannel suit all the time.  Love it.  I also wear it fairly regularly with a blazer and grey or tan flannel pants.  I do not wear it with a worsted suit.   That said, I wear the burgundy and the navy patterned challis wool ties with worsted suits fairly frequently and quite like them.  They are more dressy than the wool ties I have purchased from...
     Anyone else getting a, "I kidnapped your dog; if you ever want to see it alive again, drop $1,000 in unmarked bills in the trash can in the park" vibe between the tone and low post count?
I miss the old thread.  I stopped in a Suit Supply to check on a linen jacket that I thought looked nice, but have no one who would understand the lunacy of the 20-something old sales associate telling me:  (i) that the 44R fit was perfect and as good as MTM, even though the sleeves were 1 inch short and the body of the jacket only hung down mid-posterior; (ii) arguing with me that I had no idea what I was talking about and that styles today are different than what I am...
 As an employment lawyer, I can definitively say that @St Hubbins will probably get fired if they find him in his cubicle lubing up his body with KY Intense wearing nothing but a pair of new Bourbon Daltons.  That would also be a tougher situation to explain to the wife than a few new pairs of AE's this week.
There's an easier way.  Just freeze as soon as anyone hears you squeaking while you walk.  Then, pretend that you hear it too and share your coworkers' confusion at where the sound is coming from.  Start walking again and again freeze.  Rinse and repeat.
 I don't ever see myself wearing a scarf, but this is a great example of how a cool jacket can elevate what would otherwise be a pretty ordinary look.
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