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 I only store in shoe bags for my shoes that are more seasonal and likely to go a few months without being worn.  For shoes in my regular rotation, I just put them on the shoe rack and brush them when putting them on.
Nice reminder that I need to get busy orderng the two challis wool pattern ties I've got my eye on that are both now in the single digits.
 Thanks, Cleav.  I'm inclined to keep them anyways.
 I went with the 11UK, which is the same size I wear in Carmina's Forest, Rain and Inca lasts.  The main fit issue is that I have a wide foot with a low instep and the 365 last has more volume than I'm used to.
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My only prior experience with C&J was trying on the 240 and 325 lasts at Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren, both of which were too narrow for me.  Based on this experience and the fact I go true to size for Carmina's wider lasts, I went true to size for these.  The width and length is pretty close, but the volume leaves me thinking I could have sized down a half size or will need to wear thick socks.
Breaking in my new pair of Islays today and thinking I could have sized down another half size:    
Breaking in my new Islays today.  A little bit surprised by how voluminous the 365 last is.  It's even more volume than Carmina's Rain and Inca lasts.    
 The defect that makes a shoe a second can be sizing related.  Another possibility for the discrepancy is that you have not yet broken in the new shoes and compressed the cork.
So, when are we going to officially rename this thead the Leather Sole vs. Danite Debate Thread?
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