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Do you guys remember that time where that guy posted that picture that was really funny and we were all like, "whoah, that's funny," and started posting our own funny pictures and everyone was laughing and using emoji's everywhere. . . . Yeah, that was really cool.
   What he said.  Prices were in the $300's until  Carmina stepped in and set one price for sales to the U.S.
My last order of a stock pair from the website came with trees.  Nice perk.
 For me, here is where I shop nowadays: For MTM suits and jackets, Kent WangTies - Sam Hober and ShibumiDress shirts and trousers - LuxireSmart casual:  Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, No Man Walks Alone
 I noticed that as well this Fall.  Used to be the whole reason to wait for the corporate incentive sale was to get 30% off the Brooks Buys price (3 for $X).  Without that, BB is overpriced, even at 25% off.
I was considering pulling the trigger on a flannel shirt, but saw all the negative reviews in this thread last winter on the twill flannel fabrics and excessive pilling of the fabric after only 3 washes.  Has anyone had better luck with the flannel shirts that are not twill flannels?   @luxire , any insight to add.  Are this year's flannels any better?
 I'm struggling with the temptation to order a pair of Connistons at these prices.
I think they've redecorated; the wallpaper looks different.  Excuse me while I continue to search Chicago for the @FrankCowperwood fence where he takes his pictures . . .
Just ordered the Port Flannel gray CPO shirt jacket.  Simply outstanding, guys.
 Okay, gotcha.  Probably a good reminder to always clarify this with KW when emailing modifications.
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