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 We're all applying to be Noodles' life coach.  I hear it pays in Formosas that are NWT and still in the plastic.
Noodles:  I hope you're kidding about deleting reports or other electronically stored information belonging to the company.  Employers do not mess around with that stuff.  I've been retained many times by companies to sue (former) employees over stuff like this.   Regarding compensation, approach it in a more professional manner.  It's perfectly fine to let your employer know you're unhappy with your compensation as long as it is in the context of asking what do I need...
Trying to make the best of a bad lighting situation:        
Clags, I'm in the U.S. (Chicago).  What was the final price for the ties?
The oldest suit in my rotation.  Not sure whether to replace it with another navy pinstripe (with a wider stripe) or something else.  
 Isn't the Simpson wide the Rain last?
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