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That gray jacket is also not a great fit. Look at Cousin Donuts' fits. His are KW MTM as well and he generally nails the slim fit you seem to be aiming for. Even the one above where he wants to add to the chest is miles better than the fits you posted. Pay particular attention to how his lapels lay flat, yet creates the appearance of a V.Flyswatter is another poster with a muscular physique that would be a good example for you to learn about fit.
Will do. Thanks.
 That sounds like me.  What's the chest measurement on your SP suit?
 Is it wrong that your sensitivity to the issue makes me want to keep posting pictures of the fit and telling you that your lapels are too narrow and chest too tight? 
 This is really not a constructive way to respond to people trying to help you after you asked for assistance.  I've had instances in the past where I summarily rejected a suggestion only to later realize that the poster was right.  YMMV.
 Sorry, but I see no way that decreasing your shoulder width will address the issue that you need to add to the chest measurement.  Your lapels are bowing and the jacket is too tight in the chest.  I'm not saying you should or should not narrow the shoulders, but you will need to make other tweaks as well.
 I hope this is the case, as I thought they were the perfect color before spraying.
    What's the lighter for?
 Looking good, JR.  I treated mine last weekend with the Tarrago nano spray, which seemed to darken them considerably.  Hoping they lighten back to the original color with time. I assume they came in defect free?
I like the shoulder on this one best, but the narrow lapels, the fact the lapels are bowing and the overall tightness in the jacket need to be corrected in future orders.       Also, a question on the roped shoulder.  Does it have a significant amount of padding and structure to it?  The picture suggests it does, which is why it does not appear to flatter you.
New Posts  All Forums: