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Funny that this tie has come up.  I've been on the fence about it for the past week or so.  The colors are great, but I'm trying to decide whether I want another tie that ties a thin knot and, in order to get a nice dimple, need to tie it a little bit on the short side.  I really wish Hober would offer silks like this.       Here's one of my current Shibumi's    
 I love my Hobers, but the selection has really dwindled.  I've got all my grenadines and solids covered and have as many pin dot ties as I need.  I know he has some new macclesfield silks in stock, but I was not overly impressed with the choices. 
 I have not purchased from him yet.  I keep checking his stock, but he's more expensive than Hober, Shibumi, Exquisite Trimmings and Henry Carter, so always end up buying somewhere else. 
@noodles, I think there is a rule somewhere that you should not be wearing your pants at the time you take an extreme close-up of your crotch.
 It's a pair of new old stock Carminas I bought from Luxeswap last summer, so may have been a special make-up for a retailer or a color they do not offer to the general public.  Not sure.
 I ninja edited on you.  See the picture I used instead.  By the way, Marron is different than vegano marron and natur marron.
   The original picture looks darker than your pictures and more similar to the picture below:  
 @JezeC, I have the exact same issue on my Luxire shirts.  Luxire recommended making an adjustment for a forward neck posture.  I have not tried it yet to see if this will work.
 That color looks pretty identical to a pair I have that were labeled "Marron." 
Here's my sumo.
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