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 We talked about this back a few pages.  Wipe them down with a damp rag to get as much off as you can.  When dry, apply Renovateur and extensive brushing.  I did the damp rag and extensive brushing every night for the first week or so to get all that stuff off.  It takes a long time.
 Only applies to shell.
 Well done.  Those look great!  Did you take the same size in these as the Hiro last?
Lemmy:  Yes, I would keep those in a heartbeat.  The variances in the color of shell is one of its selling points for most.  They will also greatly improve once you get all that AE polish off of them and brush them.  I had something similar with my shell patriots when I received them as seconds and found that it looked much better once I got all the AE polish off of them.  Here is a picture of when I received them (look at the toes):           Here is a picture...
 Kind of an all of the above.  Your suit already stands out because it is a royal blue and reasonable minds could disagree about whether adding walnut to that suit is too much.  But then you factor in the clunkly longwing blucher vibe with a fairly fashionable modern suit and it looks off and like you do not know what you are doing.  I think with the strands it would still be a fairly loud combo, but ultimately a matter of personal taste.  I think bourbon double monks or...
I like the second picture as the Strands and the blue pants look nice together.  Sorry @wonsmithr8, but the royal blue suit and walnut longwing bluchers looks really off.
 We worked it out.  It helped that I was able to make the spot less obvious by working on it with an emery board.  Now, it is just a light spot that looks as if the nap is leaning one way.
 I use Saphir's neutral cordovan creme to moisturizre and shine my shell shoes.  Unlike Renovateur, it actually puts moisture back into the shell.
 How does it go with your skin tone? 
 I seem to recall there is some debate about whether Ralph Lauren lists the U.S. sizes as 1/2 or 1 full down from the UK size.  As a result, sizing discussions in the RL C&J thread focus on whether to go true to size or 1/2 size down from your normal U.S. size.  I seem to recall penny loafer is one of the TTS shoes, but it's worth a few minutes confirming this in that thread.
New Posts  All Forums: