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@GuP take those pants to a good tailor and see what can be made of them. If you get a good result, send them to Luxire for replication.
Looks nice.  Thanks.
 Would like to see a picture.
 I think whether or not to size down depends on how snug the Rain last is on you.  If your Rain fit is pretty snug, I do not think Soller adds enough volume by itself to justify going down half a size.  That said, I've toyed with the idea of sizing down 1/2 size on Rain, so would probably size down 1/2 size on Soller if getting a Soller last dress shoe.  Hope that makes sense.
 I stayed with the same size going from a Rain last oxford to a Soller last boot.  Worked out perfectly, especially since I like to wear a little thicker sock with the boots.
That's really nice, @pinkpanther .  Is that one still in stock?
 You're free to announce whatever you like on Facebook.  My point was directed to your complaint about your friends researching the price of your watch after you announced it on Facebook.  I think it is fairly evident that an announcement on Facebook that you purchased an Omega watch might cause a few people to Google it and inevitably see the retail price for a new model.  Hence, my point that you should not make such announcements on Facebook if you do not want your...
 If you do not want people to know what you paid for an item, you should refrain from announcing the purchase on your Facebook account. 
@dazedstate, I just found this example of a forest green tie with a navy suit from @EliodA:  
 My experience has been that I do not like the forest green grenadine with a solid shirt and prefer it with the one pictured or a pale blue university stripe dress shirt.  The latter makes it difficult (but not impossible) to pair with a patterned suit.  I have not tried it with a charcoal suit, but suspect it would depend on how dark the suit is.  I'm sure there are others with more skill that can accomplish matching it successfully with these combinations.
New Posts  All Forums: