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 Y'up. There's also the factor of what looks best on your wrist, which can be an explanation of why you went a different direction.  If you come to Chicago, Tourneau and Fine Swiss Timing will both have an Orion to show you, along with most Nomos models.  The only downside is that they are both on Michigan Avenue, so you may have to deal with the "my turn" issue.
 I'm also not a fan of the straight lug models and picked an Orion 38 Datum for myself, so can't help you pick between the straight lug models you mentioned.  The only thing I will add is that I did not like the Orion based on the Nomos store pictures.  It was not until I saw it in person that I fell in love with the dial, the gold indices and the blue hands and how they all interact.  That gold and blue looks almost jarring in the pictures, but in real life it's very...
 Have not been hit yet with the latest, but I recall it being under $100.  I almost want to say it was around $40.
 I've gone this route twice now, both from Chrono24 seller My Chrono.  Once with my Orion and now just yesterday   Sales price is around 2/3 of retail with the shipping and other fees added in and delivery was by FedEx overnight. Both times I received a brand new watch with the warranty card stamped by an authorized dealer in Germany.  I've also registered the serial number with Nomos with no issue.  I've not had any need for warranty service as of yet, but there is a...
[[SPOILER]]  @peppercorn78 , that Carmina burgundy shell is much darker than mine.  Have you used a pigmented polish on them?
 I wear the same size in both, but I suspect that has more to do with my specific foot than sizing guidance that would generally apply.  I'm a wide D width in U.S. sizes and have a low instep.  The Inca fits me well because it is a wide last (wider than Rain), but has a narrow heel and a low instep.  These shoes were actually tough to break in due to how low the instep was, but that is also what keeps them snug on my foot nowadays.  Conversely, Rain last works for me width...
 Yes, heel is narrower.  Also, more expensive because the Inca uses a premium welt that is not used on the other models. I'm actually wearing Inca today: 
 I suspect there are some nice shoes in those shadows. 
   Email these questions to Luxire.  They will tell you precisely what to say.  For the first poster above, I'm not sure the fix for that issue is to move the collar back.  I would ask Luxire what they recommend to address the bump.
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