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Thank you all.  Very honored to be included among such esteemed company.
Every time I see this picture, I think how much I would love this shoe, if it ever makes the transition from Simpson to Rain last.  
Cross posting from WAYWRN:      
Still trying to get this self-portrait thing and poses figured out:          
 No, this one is Zegna, 100% wool, but very soft and looks like it is a 90/10 mix, even though it isn't.
Seeing if the winter sun helps me get better pictures for posting:      
  I think this is where my head is at currently and part of the reason I'm looking forward to not buying anything for awhile.  As I said in the last post, I'm looking forward to having fun with what I have, rather than thinking what is the next gap I should fill.  I tend to not post in WAYWRN for a couple of reasons, with the biggest one being my inability to share a quality picture.  I'm usually out the door in the morning at 5:30 before anyone else is awake and walk in...
          Today's new arrival.  Burgundy shell on the Soller last.
Sharing pictures of today's arrival from Carmina.  The fit on the Soller last is incredible.  Love it.      
Reading Monkey Face's posts and the various responses has been interesting to me because I recently came to a similar conclusion that I need to take a break.  I have a new pair of shell boots arriving today and a couple of Luxire shirts in the works, but decided it was time to sit back and focus on enjoying wearing my clothes and not make any additional purchases for awhile.  With 15 pairs of shoes, 4 all season suits and one flannel suit, 10 pairs of trousers, 3 navy...
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