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 Buy one and send it in for replication.  We see this same question every few months and no one ever sends one in, not even the people asking the question.
 I love watches, but not enough to have a very expensive one.  I just think about everything else I could use the money on, similar to what you mention.  It may be that part of your dilemma is that you would like a watch, but do not want to spend such a significant amount on a watch at this point in your life.  What about agreeing on a simpler watch that will allow your wife to give you a sentimental keepsake without the corresponding guilt?  Perhaps there might be a...
 Should be fine.  I'm 6'2 and 195 pounds and the sweater in the picture is a medium.
Rare casual day at the office for me.    
 Love mine.  Wearing it today. 
 What watch are you looking at?
Received a pair of the KW bespoke deerskin gloves today.  Very pleased with the quality, and they nailed the two dimensional aspects of my hand.  The only issue is that I can barely get my hand in the gloves as my hands must be thicker than what they anticipated.  It's likewise difficult to bend my fingers.  Does deerskin stretch significantly?  Has anyone else experienced the same issue with the gloves?
I did, yesterday, before posting.  I think the issue has more to deal with the complexity of the questions posed, so will need to wait.
I'm going on a week with no response to emails.  I just assumed the staff is off for the holidays.
     We should post regarding our orders in this thread as it might prove illuminating the methods/tricks we each utilize to dial in fit.  I'm waiting on swatch books for my third suit.  I've also asked KW for his recommendations on modifications.  And, after posting pictures of number 2 in the Noodles thread, I am now planning on taking number 2 to the tailors to clean it up and get her precise recommendations on modifications.
New Posts  All Forums: