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The problem is that @Monkeyface has a tendency to form opinions based on very limited data samples, pronounce them as the gospel truth and renounce anyone who disagrees as an idiot.  I may be wrong, but I seem to recall MF is in his 20's and in the first couple years of a banking  position in London.  It's unfathomable to me that he is relying upon his limited sample of knowledge to tell successful professionals at other organizations and in the U.S. that they are wrong...
Didn't @Henry Carter have Luxire replicate the Milano II?
 No worries.  One man's treasure is another man's beater . . . or something like that.  You have to have pretty thick skin to be posting a picture of a watch available on the gray market for $1,200 with all the nice watches on display in this thread.
 Noodles, if you want the Magic Mike experience, you have to pay the $10 at the theatre.  You can bring Mrs. Noodles along and pretend you are only going for her. 
 Sinn is a great suggestion!  A 103, 104 or an 856, depending on @Beckwith's tastes.
 This collar was a Luxire experiment that I won't be repeating.  It's fine with a jacket, but keeps flying away without one. The gray one has the 4.25 inch lapel and the soft shoulder.  Are you suggesting I go with the no padding option with KW next time or look for a different cut altogether?  Isn't the no padding option less formal?  Camera was 3 inches below collarbone level.
Will I be banned from this thread if I admit I'm wearing my new Oris with a suit today?  I couldn't help myself.  Maybe I can get probation if I agree not to do it again.  
 Kent Wang MTM.  The gray one is version 2 and improved on the navy one (I also had the sleeves lengthened on the navy since this picture).  I'm on the fence about whether to get a third one from KW or try something different.  Okay, here is a shirt only picture.  This is my latest Luxire, which I had modified recently to adjust for sloped shoulders to see if it would address the v I usually get in the front: 
 Seiko Shogun or Sumo are nice values for the money.
New Posts  All Forums: