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I get pants and shirts from Luxire because it's an unbelievable value, but it's a process, not an overnight solution.  If you go the Luxire route, you need to start with cheaper fabrics for shirts and pants to get your fit dialed in and save the expensive fabrics for later.  If you have to get flannels from Luxire now, the VBC flannels are $150 and very nice for a lighter weight flannel.  Kent Wang has ready to wear trousers that are nice quality and affordable, in...
 I'm not a cords guy, but you can pick up some flannels on clearance from Spier and Mackay.
Don't overthink it. Brown grain boots look great with flannel and other seasonal fabrics. You're likely struggling with the dressy last contrasted with the more casual grain leather. Just Wear them, whether it be with flannels or jeans. That is a ridiculously versatile boot.As an example, I wore C&J Islays today with flannels, a blazer and a tie. I also have brown grain Carminas on order that I will pair with suits or flannels/odd jackets.
@amphillips79 -Kent Wang MTM. $800-900 for full canvas that is on par with Zegna and Corneliani.
I spent a year watching EBay for a solid navy Zegna/Corneliani suit at a discounted price in my size. Never found it and went with Brooks Brothers as a result before moving to Kent Wang MTM.
 You need to set aside the utilitarian perspective you are applying to this thread and see it for what it is:  a living, breathing community, in many ways separate and distinct from the rest of SF.  Your critiques miss out on the spirit/soul/camraderie of this thread, which continues on year to year like the Energizer Bunny.  You've been around long enough to see all the threads that charge full steam ahead for a few months or a year and then die out.  Yet, this thread and...
 Tongue pads are a better solution for people with low insteps as it helps to hold the shoe on the foot without raising the heel the way an insole tends to do.  I've got a low instep and picked up that tidbit from someone in the shoe business (cannot remember who it was).
I love how the Inca last fits - wide fitting with a low instep and narrower heel.
 We're apparently next door neighbors.  My neighbor got conned into this solution as well and now, 10 years later, is banned from getting a dog because it would upset the cats. 
 Not sure if this is what you are experiencing with regard to the accuracy of your Oris being all over the place, but I've had an Oris Aquis for 18 months or so and here is what I've found:  - I cannot get the full 38 hour power reserve unless I wear it back to back days or am on my feet for most of a 16 hour day. - When fully wound, it runs about +12 - With more sporadic (every other day) use, it runs just about perfect.
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