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I've been lurking here the past few weeks while trying to figure out what I want for a new watch, so thanks to everyone for the great pictures and commentary.  Currently leaning towards a Stowa Marine, but went into an Oris AD and really liked the Aquis.  My concern is that I'm in a suit 2-3 days a week and the Aquis seems too big to wear with a suit.         
 These are from Gentlemens' Footwear, but I believe they are the same Rain last model Skoak has.  I'm actually wearing them today as I regularly wear black shoes with my charcoal suit. 
 Just from following this thread, it seems Noodles' weight can fluctuate 10 - 15 pounds pretty easily.  As someone whose weight tends to fluctuate between Winter and Summer by 5-10 pounds, I try to fit my clothes to a middle ground that will accommodate any weight gain/loss.  I have little use for clothes that only fit when I'm in peak shape.
Interesting that Noodles is getting so much push back on what is likely a smart decision (as long as he is using the proceeds to buy another Formosa).  Everyone would be all over him if this suit hung in his closet for 3-4 months while he tried to lose weight to fit into it.  Better to sell it and get a new Formosa with the right size in pants with the proceeds.
 As much as I love green ties, I'm holding off on that one until I see a real life picture b/c I'm not a fan of ancient madder.
 There are some nice ones in there, but not anything that reached "must have" level.  I note that the quantities are 3 ties, so no time to wait for swatches if you see something you like.
 Noodles, the first time I read this, I thought you referenced a colonoscopy and my thought was that I hope your Father in Law did not personally administer it.  I'm back a few minutes later and now wondering if I read it wrong the first time or if it was subject to a Noodles ninja edit. 
Probably because you asked a question that went beyond inquiring regarding current inventory and sizes. Betty tends to not answer complicated questions.
Use the nail file. The shoes will be fine. I had the exact same thing happen.
Coming up for air for a minute to post a few pictures and then back to the grindstone:    
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