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 I did.  Unfortunately, that is not one of the modifications available for KW's MTM. 
 My initial thought was that the collar sits lower on your neck compared with Spandexter's neck.  I also initially noticed that you have excess fabric between the second button and the top of the collar, which makes it look like it is sagging on you.  Looking more closely now, I think both impressions are a result of how you are standing.  It looks like you have your chin forward and your neck extended while leaning forward.  I suspect you will see the collar look more...
 As someone who regularly orders a modified version of the Spandexter collar, I have two thoughts:  - I agree with @emptym that the picture angle is part of the issue.  Pictures taken from a downward angle (looking up) emphasize the curve of that collar more. - The collar is not sitting on your neck the same as @Spandexter because it does not fit your neck as well.  I had a very similar issue, which I solved by narrowing the neck size to get a tighter fit and adjusting for...
 Y'up.  Didn't jump on the Portuguese Flannel CPO shirt in green as soon as it came up and XL was sold out in a matter of days.
 Email David for suggestions on this.  He is always very responsive and helpful in discussing the benefits of various options.  The only advice I can give is that most seem to prefer the Grossa while I've always been partial to Fina.
 Nope, but try the Crockett and Jones thread for this question.  You should try the Brooks Brothers thread while you're at it too.  Maybe the Vass thread as well.  Pretty much anywhere, except for the Cappelli thread should work.
@fairlynerdy, a general observation.  You have a very consistent vibe with the jeans with cuffs and either a sport coat, sweater or more recently the chore coat  The polished calfskin boots/shoes you pair with these fits are perfectly acceptable, but I get the sense that you might really elevate your look with a more casual alternative, such as a suede chukka (e.g. Alden), grain leather boots (C&J Isley or Carmina/Carlos Santos make nice versions), suede boots, or a...
It's a great value dress watch, but for some reason I never bonded with it.  I wore it maybe 5 - 6 times max and have not pulled it out of the box in 8 months at this point in time. 
It's an automatic, but the Hamilton Intramatic makes for a great PMW dress watch.  It has a date, but no seconds hand.  More importantly, it's 38 mm.    
That looks really nice @WillingToLearn .  I'm at a crossroads with KW now.  I've dialed in my fit as well as I can, but, in doing so, the quarters are now really closed on my jackets, which I hate.  Not sure where to go from here.
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