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 I was about to comment that the good natured portion of this thread was about to be put to the test, but then Stitchie put his foot down.
 Carmina Inca last.
 Is the new account part of a plan to lower your number of posts and convince your wife you're not addicted to SF?
 Calfskin.  It's funny you say that, because I've tried on the Robert last previously and these fit identical to the Robert last, which is slightly narrower than the Forest last.  The model number (731) is also no longer in use by Carmina, which is consistent with the idea that these are older shoes that were never sold and recently brokered to Luxeswap. I'm wondering if the Forest last used to be more narrow a few years ago.
Was wearing these when I arrived at the office today:     Then these arrived in the mail.  A little darker than I thought they would be and strangely tighter than any of the other three pairs of shoes I have in the same size on the Forest last.  I almost could not get my feet into them.  
 Mostly Saphir.  I still use AE's walnut polish for my strands, but rotate it with a few different Saphir colors.
 Okay, just realized you are useing AE's dark brown polish.  In that case, what you say makes sense.  I find that AE's polishes seem to change the color temporarily whereas Saphir has more pigments and effects a more permanent color change.
Dark brown?    I've tried Saphir cognac and light brown to play around with color due to how orange AE's walnut is, but would imagine dark brown will leave you with a dark brown shoe.  No?
That gray jacket is also not a great fit. Look at Cousin Donuts' fits. His are KW MTM as well and he generally nails the slim fit you seem to be aiming for. Even the one above where he wants to add to the chest is miles better than the fits you posted. Pay particular attention to how his lapels lay flat, yet creates the appearance of a V.Flyswatter is another poster with a muscular physique that would be a good example for you to learn about fit.
Will do. Thanks.
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