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 I do not.  Having viewed all the finished results for the past year, I'm waiting until Luxire figures out the soft, natural shoulder.  I have yet to see it done successfully with a structured jacket.  I think they're going to get this down with practice, the same way it seems the other aspects of the jackets they cut have improved with time. 
Just ordered a Portuguese Flannel shirt.  Going to see what all the fuss is about.
 Only for amateurs.
I would have no worries regarding the quality of anything KW carries and would focus more on fit questions.
 That's what I thought.  I order the same collar, but your results look better.  I may adjust for a forward neck a little more and see if that helps.
@Spandexter, looks great.  What collar are you using on these shirts?
 I've been toying with @kulata 's suggestion that I try a completely unstructured shoulder.  My suits are all the soft shoulder option and this might be the opportunity to try this out.
 Sounds very similar to the choices I'm leaning towards.  My only question is regarding limited pick stitching.  I have gone with that option for suits, but am clueless on whether it makes sense for an odd tweed jacket.
 Thanks. I'm curious, wide lapels or standard?  I went with the wide lapels for a worsted suit, but I'm on the fence regarding a tweed jacket.  Particularly because the 4.25 inch lapel is pretty wide.
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