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Is there any repair for a bald spot on a suede shoe?  New shoes arrived this way and debating whether to keep or return them.  
 Which Hober?  I've been looking for a nice burgundy neat and have not been real pleased with any of the ones David has available.
 I like the color and the pattern on the jacket, but its three button hard roll configuration is really throwing off the fit to my eyes.
 I have the Forest Green grenadine and wear it mostly with navy and mid-grey suits.  I also wear it frequently with a blazer and grey or brown (a shade similar to coffee with a little cream) pants.
   I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you broke through the factory finish.  You should never rub the shoe that hard when wet or with a wet cloth as this can result.  I know from experience as I did the same thing to a pair of Carminas when trying to spit shine the cap.  I used too much water and the result was a dull unfinished section like what you have here.  You have two ways to remedy this: 1) Send the shoes to AE.  AE can strip and reapply the factory finish to...
 11UK?  Perhaps I can get a replacement pair quicker than I thought. 
Did you get yours yet?
Thanks all.  I'll talk to Steve and get his thoughts as well.  And, just to be clear, my complaints about the GMTO process are about the fact that Carmina seems to be shipping shoes that should not be shipped and that they would normally not ship when ordering directly from the factory.  I've got zero complaints about how Steve handles these issues.  Thanks again.
Noodles thread community:   Would you keep these shoes or return them?  The area with no nap is fairly small, but it's also in a fairly obvious location.  I'm beginning to wonder about Carmina GMTO's as both of mine have arrived with significant defects (the last pair had a tear on the back seam) whereas I've never had a problem in any of my prior orders directly from the factory.  Thoughts?    
 Noodles, 3.75 inches is pretty wide for your frame.  I get my Hober grenadines at 3.5 inches in width and I'm 6'2 and 190 pounds. Edit:  By the way, yours are fine.  I'm simply making a suggestion for future orders.
New Posts  All Forums: