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 I'm trying to decide if I would still want them if they were not the rare unicorn of shell boots.  I see myself getting more wear out of something in burgundy or dark brown for work and suspect the walnut shell would primarily get worn with jeans.
 I see guys in that blue birdseye suit all over Chicago.  For a few months, but then it gets better.
 It hasn't bothered me in the past, but my older two girls are getting to the age where I'm finding it even more important to teach them the value of credibility and truthfulness.  I'm not sure how I will respond when the oldest has that first seed of doubt and asks me to reaffirm Santa's existence.  Part of me wants to level with her at that moment, but I also realize that she will absolutely tell her younger sisters and that's not fair to them.
 Deep sigh of relief or regret.  Not the ones we have.  There is some serious price gouging going on with all things Frozen.  My wife was telling me that official Frozen Elsa costumes were going for $1,000 or more recently.
Budget minded family guy was just presented with a unique opportunity to buy walnut shell wingtip boots for $600 or so.  Talk me into or out of it.
 Wait, what???  We gave the girls those first edition dolls for Christmas last year.  My wife ended up picking them up before the movie even came out.
 Dozens of times would be fine.  Frozen was released on DVD in March, which means we passed dozens of times four months' ago. Frozen is a good movie and it's pretty cute watching my girls sing the more popular songs karaokee style on their microphone and amp, but the devotion of kids everywhere to this movie and its soundtrack is unreal.  Mark my words now, but every girl between the ages of 4 and 10 will be Elsa or Anna for Halloween.
 Use a deer bone, brush and the Saphir neutral cordovan creme.  Start with the deer bone.  Then significant brushing.  If necessary, go with the deer bone again.  Finally, finish off with the cordovan creme and more brushing. I have gotten much worse than scuffs out by using this method and supplying significant elbow grease.  I would not spoil that tremendous walnut color by using a colored cordovan creme.
Fellow Noodlers:  I'm on the hunt for a tasteful olive or moss green tie.  Negotiations on how the New Shoes family is dressing for my wife's brother's wedding have been ongoing for weeks and it's time to broker a compromise.   I'll also take suggestions on a complementary color to wear with a charcoal suit.
     I've only seen the movie once, but I've heard the soundtrack and movie dialogue every day for the past several months in the car and when the kids are watching it on the IPad while in the same room in the house.  I suspect I may never see it again. 
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