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 Thanks.  I've also got a brown pocket square on the way from ET, hoping it might work well with green ties.
Okay, I guess I am posting my second KW suit in the context of asking for advice.  This is the square I almost wore today, but something seemed off to my eye.  Any thoughts on whether it would have worked?  
 This was my first suit with Kent.  I'm on the fence about slimming the second one a little bit, so not posting pictures of that one right now.  
I want to be Cleav when I grow up.
@heldentenor, that looks great. 
^^^ The more I see that tie, the more it grows on me.  Speaking of AV's, Kent Wang, Shibumi and Carmina via Luxeswap are all represented today.        
 Agreed.  I liked them as art, but did not see any color combinations that would be versatile as a square.
 FTFY.  Marriage is give and take.
IIRC, Carmina did the shoes for Magic in the Moonlight. 
I'm in for the burgundy neat that New Yawker posted.
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