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   Want, very much.  I am trying to organize a Carmina GMTO for an Islay look-alike on a last that fits me very well, but part of me says just go buy the real thing and take a chance on the fit.
 After your multiple PM messages expressing the same sentiment and telling me I'm a small-timer that should stick to Allen Edmonds, I can't say I'm surprised to see your vitriol spill over into posts.  I've made a mental note that it is never okay to offer you $500 on boots with an asking price of $650, even if I later tell you in PM that I was willing to go as high as $600, if not for your insults.  I promise I've learned my lesson and will never offer to buy anything...
 10-12 weeks for GMTO's.  I have neither scotch grain nor CXL currently, so I'll leave that to others to comment on.
 You didn't miss much, but I am trying to corrupt you and prey on your weakened mental state by getting you involved in another GMTO at Gentlemens' Footwear.
Cross-posting this proposed GMTO from the Gentlemen's Footwear thread:   Originally Posted by New Shoes1 Staring at that beautiful color of the brown grain 973's makes me realize I really want a wingtip version with a round toe. So, this color brown grain:       In Model 80277 (Forest Last):     with a storm welt and danite soles, so the finished product looks like this (minus the tucked pants):        
Two pieces of news on the Hobert front:   1.  DHL shipping went up from $18 to $29.  (Ouch!).  Edit:  Just heard from David that the shipping increase was tied to the dollar value of my order and Hober has not raised its shipping costs.   2.  I do not recall who in this thread originally suggested David make a pocket square out of the box design, but he finally did it and it looks amazing!!     Just ordered one and have seen the inventory dropping rapidly since...
   Nice.  @aglose indicated he would be in on this one when we talked about it a few weeks ago.  If we can convince @Murlsquirrel we're at four and 2/3 of the way there.  Antiqued brown grain wingtip boot with storm welt and danite sole.  Who else is in?
My problem on this one is that I know too precisely what I want, which may make it tough to get six participants. I may have to go the solo MTO route or just pick up the Islay and hope it fits.
I'm all about the dark brown grain on this one. Those Rain 973's came out amazing!
Sorry, not interested in CXL for this one.
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