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 Isn't that what your wife's coffee can fund is for? 
Noodles:  you've got real shoes now.  Order some proper shoe care equipment from the Hanger Project or Gentlemen's Footwear.  At the very least, you need mid or dark brown shoe cream, black shoe cream and neutral wax.  I'd also make sure you have two horsehair brushes, one for brown and one for black.  Saphir is great for the shoe polish materials.  Allen Edmons is a good source for inexpensive horse hair brushes.
 When I'm in jeans, it's typically on the weekend, so usually chukka boots or shell loafers.  Occasionally, a pair of color #8 sheIl  longwings that are significantly more clunky in appearance (less sleek) than the Carminas if I'm wearing a sport coat with jeans.  I'm looking to add a dark brown scotch grain wingtip boot in the Fall to wear with jeans as well.  I've also got a pair of snuff suede balmorals on the Forest last coming soon and will need to see how they look...
 I did not raise it with the store because I:  (i) thought I would be able to polish over the scratch (but was unable to); (ii) suspected they would point to the Before picture as proof that the scratch was already there; and (iii) wear the boots as my  winter beaters.
@TweedyProf I have the shoes in the first picture (Carmina, dark cognac shell, Forest last).  I would wear them with jeans in a pinch, but never do because there are much better choices.  That is actually my favorite shoe as I find myself wearing them all the time, particularly when wearing an odd jacket and wool slacks (tie or no tie).   I'd like the shoe in the second picture with jeans more if it was a boot, but the scotch grain helps make it more casual.
 Will do.  I'm currently torn between:  (i) cargo shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops; (ii) a navy blue pinstripe suit with brown cap toes, a blue shirt and a purple tie; or (iii) a seersucker suit with a bow tie (which I do not own yet, so will need to purchase today).  Will post pictures of all options tomorrow as well as pictures of the specific Home Depot and Costco and the shopping lists.
Steve:  any word from Carmina on when these babies are set to arrive?  
I'm going to Costco and Home Depot tomorrow.  Any ideas of what I should wear?  It's going to be 82.
@csmitty I had something similar happen to me as well.  My local store sent my Malverns for recrafting after a heel fell off without any significant wear on the shoes.  What I got back were shoes with a deep scratch in one toe.  That caused me to look at AE's before and after pictures, where I noticed the scratch in the before picture.  This tells me the store did a crappy job of packing the shoes and sending them to AE.  I have a pair of Strands that I will recraft soon...
 Cox, I have the same issue.  I have had some luck addressing this issue by going up a size in a slimmer cut suit and then taking the back in at the side seams.  Not a perfect solution, though.  Nor as good as B & Tailor.
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