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@europrep, I'm on the fence about a GMTO for the Carmina 5 eyelet chukka in snuff suede.  I recall you have a pair.  Do you have any pictures of them with trousers?  I'm curious how much of the lacing shoes.
@Xposure, if all you are looking for is a loafer for Summer, I like the Carmina string loafer in snuff suede that someone else linked you to.  Last time I priced it, it was roughly $310, so within your ballpark if the free shipping promotion is still going on.  Meermin has one for even cheaper, but quality will not be the same.   Your request for a tassel loafer to wear with suits has me wondering if you do not have a good rotation of shoes and should consider a...
 Just have to decide if I want a more round toe for a Chukka, but have always liked that five eyelet chukka design.
Put me down as a definite maybe on the 905 suede chukka. I want a snuff or tobacco suede chukka; just not sure about the Rain last or whether to get a different model on the Soller last.
 You've got a button hole for every button on that jacket.  Adjust as you see fit.
 I feel the exact same way about belts.  I can't stand all those fake holes that are not being used at the time.  I'm looking for a belt with a buckle for each hole.
 I'll do that.  Thanks.
 My e-mails are about a clarification/correction for a current order that could have been addressed with a simple "got it" e-mail.  It's a minor issue, but I'm now left wondering if it will be implemented for this order.
 Same here.  I've sent two e-mails since Sunday, but no response.
For those of you who order the Luxire standard semi spread collar, do you order as is or extend the collar points to 3.5 inches?
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