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 No need to get all combative.  I did not realize you have jackets as well.  I will take pictures to share sometime this week. As an FYI, the snippiness doesn't fly in this thread the same as it might in others.  This comment is directed to several of your posts, not just this one.
I lowered the buttoning point on my most recent order by 1.5 cm and converted to the 3 roll 2 option.  It made a world of difference in making the wide lapels look more proportional.  I'll try and get some pictures up in the next week or so.
 Yes, you can still mail items to the Portland address.  I just did last week.  Email Luxire for it.
 Yeah, it's a beautiful shade of green.  I may eventually revisit this decision next Winter, even though I already have two green jackets.
 Thanks, Murl.  I found another description of it that makes it sound like a lightweight barleycorn tweed, which is probably not what I'm after.  I'm looking for something with more of a Summer vibe to it, but has some texture.  I do not want linen, but would take a linen blend or an open weave hopsack. @Pliny, here is a picture I found elsewhere that seems to show the color and texture well. 
 Sorry for all the questions, Murl, but I am now intrigued by this fabric.  Is it an open weave, along the lines of hopsack?  Fresco?
 I have the dark brown horn on all my KW jackets.  It is darker than this picture, but nowhere near the black/very dark brown you are imagining. Also, @CaptainTohm , keep in mind you can likely self purchase your buttons and mail them to the factory, if you want something different.  Check with KW.
 Better hurry.  Says low stock levels http://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/w-bill/phoenix  I'm too indecisive to pounce today. Edit:  but I did just email KW about this fabric to confirm availability. 
 I can confirm that KW can source fabrics from the big UK mills.  I emailed today asking about a textured, light weight solid green jacket, and he immediately jumped into action asking Harrison and Huddleston what they have.  Tremendous customer service and fabric selection. I agree, my head tells me dark blue/light navy, but this itch comes from how much I've drooled over recent pictures of textured green Summer jackets.
@Murlsquirl , that looks really nice and not too far off from the picture I posted of what I am looking for.  Are you thinking four seasons at 9/10 oz or more seasonal?
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