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Okay, I'll take some pictures this weekend and pm them to you. I don't want to clog this thread with the pictures.
 Same here, the Brembana fabrics are awesome and usually priced around $70.  That said, I've found I need to sometimes venture into the $80's and $90's for a specific Luxire fabric.  This is why you need swatches.  I have one Luxire shirt like this, which has already gone to Goodwill because I just don't wear it.  I have many others that bear no resemblance to your description of the Luxire brand.
 If you end up wanting to go the preowned Tag Heuer chrono route, shoot me a pm.  I picked up a new watch this week, which means its time to part ways with mine.  I'm probably going to take pictures and list it in the next few weeks.
 3.5 inches with standard interlining with my standard pattern.  My standard pattern asks for the tie to be thicker at the knot as I have a long torso and have issues with most OTR ties where the knot is too skinny because it tapers too much at the knot.
 Here you go: 
 This is one that I wish David was able to restock.  Very nice.
   Carmina uses reverse calf and it does stretch noticeably more than their calf shoes. I've got two suede pairs that have stretched a considerable amount more than their many calfskin cousins on the same lasts.
 I didn't realize you were in on this one as well.  You will be very pleased when they arrive.
Posting a picture of today's chukka here due to ongoing discussions of shoes and to thank Murl, Tweedy and Europrep for pushing me off the fence on this GMTO.  
Giving a shout out to the good folks at Skoak for these 5 eyelet, Rain last chukkas:  
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