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 Thanks, Cox.  The only reason I singled them out was because I recalled them posting pictures involving HC ties.
@tifosi, I've been meaning to ask you how someone can make 5,206 posts in only 15 months, with 936 of them dedicated to this thread alone?  Do you ever sleep?   Who Posted? Total Posts: 46958 User Name Posts MoneyWellSpent 1126 New Shoes1 1014 tifosi 936 Cold...
@Claghorn and @Betelgeuse, what are your thoughts on Henry Carter's ties?  In particular, how is the knot?  I'm kind of liking this burgundy one that just came in:  
 You raise a good point.  When I was saying 1.5 inches bigger, I was talking circumference, not diameter.
 If I were to buy a black casual shoe, it would be double monks, so I think those will do nicely.  Also, lose the black suit.  Contrary to what you think, it does not convey a positive impression for an attorney.  I've been practicing 17 years, so no go on the black suits somehow conveying a "bulldog attorney" impression thought.  My advice is to get a navy solid suit, a charcoal solid suit and then add in a navy pinstripe (or other pattern) and mid-gray solid suit.    As...
 Mine were the tropical wool and the other poster's were the fresco's, so it appears to be the Summer American cut pants that have had the problem.  I suspect it is a quality control issue and not a change in the pattern.
Disagree. That looks like a deep scratch and not a tear, so I do not think there are any structural integrity issues. It also helps that they are black, so you can cover the damage more easily. I would e-mail Kirby of the Hanger Project about a Saphir product he sells to fill the scratch and then polish over it.
 My leg openings were 1.5 inches wider.  Which made them roughly 10 inches.  Trust me, they looked big.
How is this discussion still going on?  You have been dating the woman for four months.  How are you not comfortable asking her whether looking "respectable" means slacks and a shirt, adding a jacket or wearing the full jacket and tie ensemble?  If she is bringing you to meet her family, she wants you to dress appropriately just as much as you want to.
     Somehow, someway, I think the Craiglist personals have a role in this and your socks and underwear are going to show up in an adult services listing offering to sell used underwear and socks.  I feel dirty just typing that. 
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