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Steve:  is that 5 eyelet chukka available on any lasts other than Rain?
   I'm with Kahuna on this one.  I've never been a fan of the MacNeil, but the aesthetics of the McGregor and the 5 last make it very appealing to me.  Besides, don't worry about the stock model, because we're going to do a GMTO of this one in burgundy shell with a double JR sole, right? 
How casual are your jobs that you have no need for a pair of brown shell Strands?  I wear brown shell wingtips on my more casual days all the time.  Granted, casual for me is trousers with a jacket and no tie, but I would have to imagine a jeans only work environment to even entertain such thoughts.
 Let me ask you a few questions to assist with your decision: 1.  Will you deeply regret selling these if you end up with a more dressy job in a few years and the same shoe is selling for $900 at that time?2.  Will you deeply regret holding onto them for another year or so?3.  If you sell them, do you have a different shell shoe in mind for purchase to ease the separation anxiety?
 It continually amazes me how AE screws up the smallest of details.  They build a great quality shoe, have tremendous customer service, but it always seems like the designs have one detail that is just off.  Just off the top of my head:  - Dalton eyelets - Eagle County sole - Park Aveneue/Fifth Avenue cap toe line placement
@noodles, I'm pretty sure that Hober striped grenadine is going to be restocked this month.
 Shell does not stretch during the break-in period the same way as calfskin does.  Rather, it tends to mould to your foot.  I point this out because, if the boots are too tight in the instep, they're not going to get much better once broken in.
 I'm thinking burgundy shell.
Agreed. I dress like this on the weekends as well. I wouldn't post pictures on WAYWRN, but I also wouldn't hide my head in shame either. I suspect it is also a contextual issue as I've come to dress much more casually on the weekends since we moved from the City to the burbs and spend more time at kid events and running errands and less time going out with friends.
Just say: There's this guy I met on the internet who helps me get dressed and asks me to take pictures of myself. I don't know his name, but he said to pass along his regards to you.
New Posts  All Forums: