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 One of the reasons I do not want a linen jacket is I feel all the wrinkles make it too casual for my work environment.  I had been led to believe a 9 oz wool/linen/silk blend would give me the best of both worlds - the drape and clean lines of a wool jacket with a fabric that is a little cooler and breathes better.  Was I mistaken about the 9 oz blend or is there that much of a difference when going down to 6 oz?
 Thanks.  It would be the green jacket above.
I am ignorant regarding fabric choices, but noticed that most of the fabrics we were discussing before were 9 - 10 oz and this new one is 6 oz.  Any concerns making a jacket out of something so light?
 It is the version with the dark blue dial and bezel.  I actually wear this pretty frequently for work on business casual days.  It works pretty well for this due to the bracelet and the contrast between the polished and brushed links on the bracelet.
@flvinny521 , I have had an Oris Aquis for close to a year now and love it.  The finishing on the watch and bracelet are outstanding when considering the cost.  The movement is ho hum and has been running at about +12 per day for me.  I've been very happy with the purchase.  I suspect you will be very pleased with the Oris you picked out.    
For those of you that simply provide measurements, does Luxire draw you a new pattern every time or do you at least reference a prior order?
 Listen to the man.  He gave you the correct answer.  Take it from someone who had pocket flare until he increased the hip measurement.
 Nice.  Can't wait to see for myself. 
Just ordered a pair of Minnis Fresco pants.  Also have two linen shirts on hold from the sale.  Getting ready for Summer!   
I think the following regular posters also live in Chicago:    @archibaldleach  @Caustic Man @PatrickR   I'm sure I'm missing others as well.
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