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 Being in the U.S., I liked the idea of free shipping, but will hold out as I really like this one and want the 9 cm width.  Appreciate the quick response. 
Are either of the wine macclesfields still available in 9 cm?
 Is his wife on to his extended time in the bathroom to post on SF trick?  What about when he's at work?  I'm surprised he's not posting.  Perhaps she took his phone.
I picked one up a few weeks ago on clearance. Really like it.
^^ Looks good. Thinking I missed out on this one.
 I've come to the same conclusion.  I think I've also resolved to take pictures of a few jackets that fit differently and get thoughts from the members of this thread on what works best for me.
@AriGold, they're not too pointy.  Here are some shots from yesterday of my Inca last shoes:    
        Unfortunately, it's more complicated than merely sizing up.  Back when he was more active in the Tailors' thread, Despos told me I was not really a 42L, but was a 44 in the chest and a 40 in the back.  He also said the fix was not just more chest fabric, but how it is shaped and fitted, which was why he said I would never get a good fit without going bespoke or really high end MTM.  I've navigated this OTR with tailoring that usually involves getting a fuller chest...
 Is this my cue to ask why the simple addition of a pocket square is causing the lapels on my jackets to buckle?
@Betelgeuse, looks great.  What are the measurements for those collar points?
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