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 Clags has posted pictures of this tie.  I was a little unsure based on what I saw, so went with a Shibumi version.
 DHL is always the best option as long as you are only ordering 1-2 ties.  It's only a few dollars more and weeks quicker.  It truly takes 3-plus weeks by regular mail.  Also, there is no customs on orders under $200 in the U.S., so always safe to go with DHL on smaller orders.  If placing a bigger order, the customs issue impacts the decision for some.  On a recent $240 order, I think the customs bill was only $8 from DHL.
 Paul Stuart suits are made by Samuelsohn, which is a Canadian company that makes very nice quality full canvas suits for the money.  Lots of different cuts and styles.
 I used to think I was pretty knowledgeable about lifting and exercise until I started reading this thread.
I pay $150 for sleeves, taking in the back and hemming the pants and that is somewhat expensive compared to what others pay.
Noodles, I've been participating in this thread way too long to buy the notion that your picnic attacks are limited to this thread and that you are calm, cool and collected at the time you are typing. You have way too many ninja edits when you come to your senses. That said, I'm not trying to pick a fight here.
I sometimes wonder what Mrs Noodles thinks when Noodles is in the middle of one of his picnic attacks over his Formosas. I picture Noodles with his measuring tape in a frenzy and cursing and laughing maniacally. I just wonder if Mrs. Noodles is gone on those occasions or sitting there staring in shock and disbelief.
Okay, I'll take some pictures this weekend and pm them to you. I don't want to clog this thread with the pictures.
 Same here, the Brembana fabrics are awesome and usually priced around $70.  That said, I've found I need to sometimes venture into the $80's and $90's for a specific Luxire fabric.  This is why you need swatches.  I have one Luxire shirt like this, which has already gone to Goodwill because I just don't wear it.  I have many others that bear no resemblance to your description of the Luxire brand.
 If you end up wanting to go the preowned Tag Heuer chrono route, shoot me a pm.  I picked up a new watch this week, which means its time to part ways with mine.  I'm probably going to take pictures and list it in the next few weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: