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I had a few minutes for a picture or three:      
 Same here.  Love that fabric.  Kent, I'm your Chicago customer that you have been helping this week find a solid green jacket.
 Paging @WillingToLearn , please report to the KW thread.  WTL and I have been corresponding about some amazing Drapers solid green fabrics for a Summer jacket.  Having Kent source them would be significantly easier.
@Noodles, don't you already have a Formosa Glen plaid suit?
My mother in law used to always buy me clothes for birthday and Christmas, until SF and being very particular on what I wear.  Now she just gives me gift cards after several gifts that were meh.  I suddenly feel very guilty about my probable lack of a poker face.
 You and I are on the same page.  As part of my current Summer jacket search, I have steered clear of linen due to concerns about how informal and wrinkled it will look in my CBD work environment.
@jcmeyer, I too have issues with a relatively long torso and legs that are not as proportionally long.  I have found that jackets that are fine length-wise (cover seat and extend to thumb and start of inseam) look and feel too long to my eye (and my tailor's eye).  As a result, I now prefer going a little shorter in jackets or making sure the quarters are sufficiently open on the longer jackets.  I think those jackets work for you because the quarters are sufficiently...
 The fact that I think Clags is kidding but am not entirely sure is why this line is hysterical.
 Is it Merino Brothers?  Kent told me he can get fabric from Harrisons and Huddleston.
Is the final 25 code no longer valid?  I held out on an item as long as I could, but the fact it is still in stock is telling me it needs a new home in Chicago.
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