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^^^   Can't wait for the surprise on my way.  I ordered a pair of Islays from Robert Old and just got the notice they are coming via UPS.
 The grossa is the identical color, but a larger weave. The piccola is a virtually identical weave, but the color is different.
New old stock Carminas:  
Today's Hober:  
Today's fit is germane to the discussion of whether bold ginghams can be succesfully paired with a suit.     I'll throw the shoes in as well.  Still breaking them in, which is why the gap is pretty significant on one shoe:  
 Also the wingtip is a little different with the Macgregor not having the point protrude as far.  And, if the picture is to be believed, the Macgregor's sole is more tightly cropped to the shoe.
 I cannot decide if I like that tie.  I like the colors, but am undecided about the medallions/pattern. I really liked 121 and woud love to see that one make a return.
 I agree there have been some great silks that have gone out of stock and some not so great ones that are still sitting there.  I've asked David about the dwindling number of Maclessfields.  His response was that he will add new silks at some point in time, but will not be restocking the older out-of-stock ones I asked him about.
 If you get the midnight, get the piccolo.  It's slightly lighter than the fina midnight, which is a little dark.  That's funny, I look at ties the exact same way.  When I look at Shibumi, Vanda, Henry Carter, etc., I always look at whether there is something special or unique enough about the tie to justify purchasing it instead of a comparable Hober (if there is one).  As Hober's selection of Macclessfields has dwindled, it's getting easier to look elsewhere, though.
 I plan on having both.   I've got bitter chocolate, burgundy, forest green, midnight navy blue and charcoal silver and find them versatile and useful across a wide range of jackets.
New Posts  All Forums: