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 I thought I heard the Malvern was coming back in calfskin.  They're the same shoe, except for the danite sole on the Malvern.
 You should be fine.  I find that Inca is not much wider than Rain, but where it really differs is the lower toe box and instep.
I would get on that then as it is showing only one left.
Jungle Boogie:  I just ordered the brown one yesterday.  Looks great!
 Are you sure?  There was an article posted a few months ago about the fact RL was switching to Hickey Freeman for suits and sport coats.
 We've got two interested thus far.  You make three.  Post your interest in the Gentlemen's Footwear thread and we'll add you to the list.
I think you're kidding, but too tired to be sure.
Is it just me or do these new Hober pocket squares have @Claghorn written all over them?     I find it pretty cool and ordered one today.
^^  That's how you respond when you have no facts to back up your bull shit.
 You are so full of shit.  I've made offers to you on three pairs of shoes, one of which I purchased. Pair 1:  a used pair of C&J Belgraves, which I purchased for $337 in August 2012. Pair 2:  A used pair of Carmina Forest last burgundy shell boots that Namor beat me to on EBay with a BIN price of $250.  After wearing them for a year (so now two owners), Namor mentioned in a June 2013 PM that he might be willing to sell them.  I inquired as to the price and, when he said...
New Posts  All Forums: