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 I used the dimensions and fusing/interlining listed in the collar spreadsheet for @Spandexter.  There's a link to it in Luxire's signature.
   Looks like my order.
 I'm not sure you can really adopt an air of superiority when it comes to flip flop knowledge.
 Awesome!  Thanks.
I really like the second brown neat.
 Thanks for this.  I know my current Carmina in snuff suede have a brown liner and think this may be the safest option for our GMTO.
 It's just a very bright color to pair with a very light color suede.  For some inexplicable reason, I also tend to associate red lining with women's shoes.
  Thanks for organizing.  I'm fine with any lining color, other than red.  Green might be an interesting choice. I'm with you on single Danite sole.  Below is a picture of our GMTO on a single Danite sole that I think looks great (not snuff suede, though).  I checked with the owner of this make-up and he thought a double Danite sole would be too clunky for the Rain last, and I tend to agree. 
  I love this picture.  Did you go with the normal Danite sole or the thicker Danite (double or 1.5x)?
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