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 Yes to tracking number. No to holding package.  That's how UPS does it, but FedEx delivers it to you and sends you the customs bill a few weeks later.
Excellent.  I think another Luxire order is in my immediate future.
 Every time I've ordered directly from  Carmina and charged shipping, it has always been charged at the time of purchase.  I suspect the 40 euro charge mentioned above are customs fees.
I have a question based on @Monkeyface 's fit today, which I think looks great.  I've always thought that oxford cloth was too casual for a dress shirt with a collar like this and was reserved for button down collars.  I've been revisiting this issue since I've switched to Luxire for shirts because it drives me crazy how wrinkled my shirt gets on the thinner fabrics and I love how wrinkle resistant the thicker oxford cloth is.   Have I been off base all this time?  Do...
 Which collar is that?
Carmina burgundy shell boots:  
Feeling a little casual and blue today.  Blue tweed pants, blue OCBD, bluish gray jacket and burgundy shell Carmina boots.        
 You clearly want people to reaffirm the opinion you've reached about this SA - we're just not sure what that opinion is.  Near as I can tell you either want us to say she was unprofessional or that she is really into you and hoping you ask her out.  Let us know what we're supposed to affirm for you.
Spending the morning with my 3 year old at Daddy day at her preschool.  Completely awesome, even after she accidentally got purple paint in her hair and on her pink bow.  Mom was surprisingly cool about that.   Spending a few hours with my 6 and 3 year old at the local elementary school's science night.  Once again a blast.    Realizing that my 8  year old can now consistently beat me at Mario Kart and there is no letting her win anymore.    Realizing that I'll only...
      I cannot believe we're still comparing KW to bespoke.  For $800 - 900, I get a suit that is on par with a nice Corneliani or Canali mainline suit and fits me better than either would off the rack.  What I miss out on, though, are those sexy lapel rolls on my Italian jackets as the KW lapel roll is, unfortunately, poor.  The natural shoulders on my KW are nice, but I do sometimes look wantonly at the shoulders on my Zegna Roma cut jackets.  Again, though, the KW suit...
New Posts  All Forums: