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 Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts.  Curious if others feel the same way.
 I can't speak for SB, but it's a process.  I'm on my fourth Luxire shirt and still tweaking fit details as well as completely undecided on collar preference.  Pictures of the two collars I've experimented with.   
Meeting with a client today.  Trouser lines are messy due to this pair being a fuller cut combined with December illness and 15 pound weight loss.            
Today's mini gingham shirt did not photograph particularly well.  It resolves to a solid blue from a distance a little more than these pictures indicate.    
@Coxsackie  I'm in the middle of a similar experiment for the same reason (chest is disproportionally larger than back).  I've been happy with the initial results of sizing up to fit the chest and then having the jacket taken in at the shoulder blades, which helps slim the jacket a little bit.  I've done this with a MTM suit that was a slim cut based model and one of Zegna's slimmer cuts.  I've not had to do any modifications to the shoulders, which probably makes it a...
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 Here it is. 
 I recall David recommending the Midnight piccolo tie, which is essentially the same weave as fina and colorwise between the 8 and 10 fina.  I followed that advice and received the perfect navy tie.
 A big plus 1 to this.  Some of the worst Luxire results have been people sending in their own measurements.
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