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 You need to get past this fear with the exchange rate currently what it is.  Carmina's Forest last is a great introductory last for someone who knows their size in AE's 5 last. 
 You might have a point if anyone actually paid $385 for AE's.  AE has become Jos. A. Bank in having a different sale every week.  Look, I get that you personally find AE beneath you.  I admit that I only have three pairs of AE in a rotation largely dominated by Carmina.  We all have our preferences, but you're not being accurate or fair in disparaging AE's quality.
Speaking of Carmina, just got a new pair of Rain last chukka's, which really shows how much the nano spray darkened a pair that is only a year old.     I think @Academic2 mentioned he had a similar issue.
No question there is a significant differential in quality between AE and C&J/Carmina.  The exchange rate for the past several months has also significantly decreased the difference in cost, which is why I now see many regulars from the AE threads now in the Skoak and Carmina threads.  That said, AE still turns out a quality product, which is a great buy when you grab a pair around the $200 mark or under.    Or shell for $350:  
   Disagree.  AE is a very good buy for casual wear.  They put their shoes on sale so often, it's pretty easy to pick up calfskin models in the $200's and shell in the $300-400 range.  It's their attempts at balmorals and dressier shoes where they fall well short of C&J and Carmina. Gup, if you are looking for casual shoes to wear with jeans and chino's, the Patriot is a good option.  Suede chukka's are another great option.  And, in the colder months, I've been wearing...
 This thread is moving pretty fast lately.  I quoted SeaJen because I think he has identified some great examples of people who do casual very well and likely consistent with what Noodles is aiming for.  I also think the NMWA thread is pretty good for ideas on casual clothes.
 I have brown shell Patriots that I really like, but I only wear them with jeans and chinos.  Nothing dressier than that. 
 Quoted before Noodles ninja edit.  By the way, congrats on how awesome that fit looks today.  And, no more puddles in your trousers for awhile, okay?
 No, but I'm planning on going when they come through Chicago this Summer.  Want to try on some Sinn watches and see what I think.
I have a three step solution to your problem:   Step 1: Take pictures of yourself wearing your new tux.   Step 2: Post pictures of you wearing your tux on Craigslist offering to escort lonely individuals to "black tie events *wink*."   Step 3:  Watch all the offers for black tie "events" pour into your inbox. 
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