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 They do, but only in specific ties.  The six folds are listed on the website with the others.
^^^ Those look nice.
 I wish you were a 12D.
Took me a few seconds to confirm I do not want to order it, so here it is http://www.samhober.com/uk-university-and-school-silk-ties/christ-church-duster-plaid-silk-tie-12.html   First come, first served.
 Actually, I just found this tie on David's website with an availability of 1. 
The new arrivals look great, Steve.
 Luv, I think it looks good and is similar to fits I've seen in Chicago on the younger folk.  I especially like the linen jacket.  I'm not a colored chino guy, though, which leaves me wondering what pants I would wear with a tan linen jacket, other than jeans.
   Looking forward to the pictures you both will be posting today of how a real man dresses.  Can't wait to see.
Sorry, but I think we need to put a stop to the Unbel crotch test before it gathers steam.  I have seen the future of this test and it involves close-ups of members' crotches and careful analysis by all regarding how the jacket falls with regard to the V in the crotch.  It also involves confused wives and girlfriends seeing these blow-up crotch shots on the computer monitor and deciding it's time for a talk.
New Posts  All Forums: