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Don't feed the llama troll. He is pulling the same stuff in every thread. It's to the point it is either intentional trolling or he is one very socially akward guy. Based on the fact he occasionally has a helpful post and how ridiculously rude other posts can be, I'm betting on intentional trolling.
 I wasn't looking to sell it, but probably should in light of the fact I wore it once all winter.  I'll pm you.
 The copper one?  Or was there a third rust one that I missed? 
That looks really nice @heldentenor  The only tweak I would make is lowering the buttoning point by a smidge.
   That is my someday watch.  Love it.
Interestingly enough, I am considering the Christopher Ward C9 5 Day Auto and wearing it as a business casual/dress watch.  For some reason, traditional dress watches (in my price range) really bore me.  It was actually all the pictures of the GO Pano's that got me leaning this way.    
The white numbers on the blue background are what bother me the most.  It makes them very pronounced, even more so than on the traditional MO.  What I would like to see for a limited edition is an Antea with no numbers.
I received an email about a new limited edition blue dial Stowa Marine Original.  I'm itching for a blue dial watch on a strap, but something about this seems too busy.  
@mimo , that suggestion of the Sinn 556 (a or i) is a great suggestion for what he is looking for.  Your enabler title is safe.
 I've got a couple green jackets, one tweed and one cashmere, so I know I can pull off that in the workplace.  I suspect part of it is that I would feel underdressed in a wrinkled linen jacket at the office.  It's probably more my issue than anything else.  I think I have enough questions about this fabric that I'm going to pass for now and get something in mid-blue from KW's stock fabrics instead.  I may hold off on green until KW can get the Drapers fabric or something...
New Posts  All Forums: