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 I see what you are talking about.  I've discovered that the lunchroom has good lighting for pictures, but that I need to be very quick and not focused on the perfect shot if I want to avoid someone walking in and looking at me like I have two heads.  I'm not sure what is behind me, peering over my shoulder.
CBD today:         The square is the Hober map square, which is cream with different shades of tan/brown and blue.  For the life of me, I cannot get a picture where it does not look somewhat yellow, which is not the case in real life.
Don't sleep on the Seiko Sumo, @Charhan1  The quality is ridiculously nice for its $400 price tag new.   
 Looks great.  I just received the same tie, but have not had a chance to wear it yet.  I have the navy and burgundy versions as well, which I wear pretty regularly.
 I have a heavy, cable knit, full zip that I like and wear regularly.  I'm also not a fan of quarter zip sweaters.
Looks like a winner, @heldentenor!   My specs are going to be pretty similar for the brown herringbone tweed jacket I'm going to pull the trigger on.  The only differences for me is that I'm leaning normal lapels and unstructured for the shoulders.  I'm probably going two patch pockets with flap covers.  I'm not sure about wide lapels on this jacket, even though I like them on my suits.     I wouldn't worry too much about the working buttons as the trial jacket will...
It may just need to be demagnetized, which your local guy should do for free.  Take it there first to see if this works.
^^^ Looks good.  I have the same one on the way.
A few quick shots from today:         Edited:  managed to grab a full picture in natural light.
 Yes, there are many examples in this thread.  Sorry, cannot search the thread for you at the moment, but looking through the photo gallery will provide some examples.
New Posts  All Forums: