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 Amateur.  I direct an intern that is approximately my size to stand in the corner with my jacket on in robo pose until I need it.
Hober Dark Red pattern wool challis:  
Picture of the Luxire Barba collar in action:  
@Claghorn , I'm in for two ties.  Need to find a few minutes to pick them out, even though I'm pretty sure they will be the brown neat 2 from SS15 and the burgundy neat from FW14.
 I'm at the tolerance stage.  Can't wait for the respect stage to kick in. Also, Noodles, your wife was on the phone with you while you were arranging a group purchase of ties for a group of people that she does not know.  I suspect she's smarter than you think and merely turning a blind eye towards your continued SF participation.
 I used the dimensions and fusing/interlining listed in the collar spreadsheet for @Spandexter.  There's a link to it in Luxire's signature.
   Looks like my order.
 I'm not sure you can really adopt an air of superiority when it comes to flip flop knowledge.
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