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I scolded the idiots laughing at GS because he doesn't do deadlifts, which may have only been the llama idiot. I also said the BS was going both ways because it was. GS was wrong about things as were you guys in having a very narrow minded view on fitness programs.I do not want to reinitiate the dispute, but will share that I have been doing various programs for 25 years. I did the hardcore lifting workouts for decades, got huge, have tried various other options and am...
+1. There is so much narrow minded BS flowing back and forth it's ridiculous. I bet the water polo guy is in much better shape and has better real world strength than any of the idiots laughing at him.
That GRP A1 looks great.  Makes me happy I finally pulled the trigger on the last green one in my size.  Resistance was futile once the venerable @Murlsquirl said it was his favorite NMWA piece.
 See below as your options for linen with KW are about to increase.  Even better news, the picture of the green Drapers wool/linen/silk fabric that started all of this may soon be available through Kent Wang.  Kent believes he may be able to source the Drapers fabrics for his MTM suits.  He is currently investigating.  There are a number of us in the KW thread eagerly awaiting the news about this 9 oz blend in particular:  
I had a few minutes for a picture or three:      
 Same here.  Love that fabric.  Kent, I'm your Chicago customer that you have been helping this week find a solid green jacket.
 Paging @WillingToLearn , please report to the KW thread.  WTL and I have been corresponding about some amazing Drapers solid green fabrics for a Summer jacket.  Having Kent source them would be significantly easier.
@Noodles, don't you already have a Formosa Glen plaid suit?
My mother in law used to always buy me clothes for birthday and Christmas, until SF and being very particular on what I wear.  Now she just gives me gift cards after several gifts that were meh.  I suddenly feel very guilty about my probable lack of a poker face.
New Posts  All Forums: