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 This was my thought - that it won't be visible after a few months of polishing. 
 David pm'd me the language I was recalling, which is in the description for the navy grenadine fina: "Close to GPT-7 but a slightly different blue.Some gentlemen prefer a darker shade of blue for their navy so please be sure to order a swatch if you need an exact shade.The above is our customer feedback"
 Yes, my suede shoes on the Rain and Forest last fit slightly looser than their calfskin counterparts.  I do not know if that is a lasting issue or due to how easily suede stretches.
 I'm not sure if it's still on the website, but David had previously noted that some customers were unhappy with the navy fina, thinking it was too light and the midnight fina too dark.  In light of this, he had a disclaimer making sure people were aware of this and recommending the navy piccolo as an option.
For all practical purposes, it is difficult to tell the difference between fina and piccola.  If you like fina, you will like piccolo.
Yes, I believe it's Midnight Fina, Midnight Picolla, Navy Fina in order of darkest to lightest with the midnight picolla being the closest to a true navy.
Interesting discussion regarding wearing items out of season.  I was contemplating rescinding my membership in the anti-shantug club (sorry Murl and SB) under the notion a shantung tie was interchangeable with a wool tie and would look good with flannels and a blazer.  The past few pages have me reconsidering this.  Does everyone share Yoda's view that shantung is a summer seasonal item?
@GuP take those pants to a good tailor and see what can be made of them. If you get a good result, send them to Luxire for replication.
Looks nice.  Thanks.
 Would like to see a picture.
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