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That Tudor Black Bay Black really has  my attention.  I had thought I might get an Omega diving watch next, but that Tudor
I emailed that very same NMWA picture to Kent.  No luck thus far in finding anything similar, but I have a feeling that if enough of us ask, we will inspire KW to source something similar for Spring 2017.
Give me a week or so to get up to speed on this thread, but I will contribute something as well.
   It was me, and Kent is helping me.  He sent me actual image files that I cannot paste in this post.  PM me an email address, and I will forward to you what he sent me.
 No need to get all combative.  I did not realize you have jackets as well.  I will take pictures to share sometime this week. As an FYI, the snippiness doesn't fly in this thread the same as it might in others.  This comment is directed to several of your posts, not just this one.
I lowered the buttoning point on my most recent order by 1.5 cm and converted to the 3 roll 2 option.  It made a world of difference in making the wide lapels look more proportional.  I'll try and get some pictures up in the next week or so.
 Yes, you can still mail items to the Portland address.  I just did last week.  Email Luxire for it.
 Yeah, it's a beautiful shade of green.  I may eventually revisit this decision next Winter, even though I already have two green jackets.
 Thanks, Murl.  I found another description of it that makes it sound like a lightweight barleycorn tweed, which is probably not what I'm after.  I'm looking for something with more of a Summer vibe to it, but has some texture.  I do not want linen, but would take a linen blend or an open weave hopsack. @Pliny, here is a picture I found elsewhere that seems to show the color and texture well. 
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