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Thanks for the nudge everyone.  I've got a light gray jacket that might work with these pants (my hesitation being due to the fact it has a slight bluish tint to it).  I've also got a beige tweed jacket that I've thus far been unable to pair with anything but jeans, which might work.  I suspect, however, that the jacket below may be too dark for the blue donegals as it has some black in it.  
Didn't work.
Blue Donegal pants.  Yeah or nay?  I'm always drawn to blue flannel or tweed pants, but usually refrain because I'm not sure what I'll wear them with.  Any thoughts?  
   I suspect it's partly lack of familiarity and partly due to the fact the Robert last is more narrow than the Forest last.  There are always a few Simpson last GMTO's that get done, but it seems like most of the GMTO proposals that reach the magical number of six participants are in the wider Forest and Rain lasts.
Steve:  I find Carmina's dark brown suede very difficult to photograph.  Depending on the light, the shoes can appear significantly lighter than they actually are.
  I like the way that looks.  @steveyoo1983  am I losing my mind or did you post a picture of the three suedes with tobacco being lighter than snuff?
Speaking of regrets, I'm starting to think I missed the boat on this 5 eyelet chukha  Snuff suede and Oscar or Forest last is calling my name, I think.  
 I thought tobacco was lighter than snuff.  Am I wrong?
 I think the charge is due to all the handwork involved.  I believe the jacket is taken across the ocean by hand in a row boat and then walked to your doorstep.
Here's what I posted in the MTO thread:   My takeway from Paul's AAAC post is that he has little regard for his SF customers. He essentially spoke to the kids that live east of his house to explain to them that they can no longer use his pool because the kids to the west were little brats and abused the privilege. I'm truly puzzled why he would not go to both websites and post a more neutral explanation instead of the one blaming this all on SF.     I'm also truly...
New Posts  All Forums: