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 I think you're making this up as you go along.
I ordered a pair of chinos as a test pair of trousers to hopefully nail my fit before placing more expensive orders.  As for now, the only instruction I've given is to replicate the pair I'm sending in.  Is there anything else that I should request?  For example, I seem to recall some mention of floppy waist bands if you do not request . . . (lining?).
 Different lasts.  I believe the proposed GMTO is on the Soller last, while the ones you linked are on Rain.  As for GMTO v. MTO.  There is a 50% MTO surcharge that is waived if you have six orders for a GMTO.
@Noodles, I hear you with regard to pairing with suits, but when you get your odd jacket/trouser game going, you may feel differently.
 You did not like those wingtips that @jssdcposted?  If in your budget, they would be perfect for you. 
@noodles general consensus from posts over the years seems to suggest that Carmina is better quality than C&J benchgrade and that handgrade is better than Carmina.  That said, I do not notice any difference quality-wise between my C&J handgrade and my Carmina.  I do not own any benchgrade, so cannot comment on how it compares.
GuP, I have those Carmina Rain last captoes. If you know your size, you can get them for $200 cheaper from Skoaktiebolaget, Gentlemens Footwear or Carmina directly.
 I saw some posts a few months ago that Meermin instituted higher prices for US customers to account for the exchange rate.
 I have Meermin shell longwings where the build quality seems very nice, but the finishing is pretty haphazard.  The  medallions are not straight and the shell was not finished consistently.  My recollection from the Meermin thread is that too many shoes come out with similar quality control issues.  Then there is the customer service, which is non-existent.  For me, I decided the chance of getting another dud of a shoe with no customer service was not worth the $100 I...
 My only point is that you are not being fair or accurate in your disparaging of AE.  That's it.  I'm not sure where you get the rest of this from or why you keep carrying on in suggesting anyone who buys AE's is scrounging around for leftover seconds. 
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