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Let's go with that version, then.
 I'm not that bad . .. yet.  I emailed a few a weeks ago about one of their other shoes that is the same shade.
@flvinny521 , that color should be fine.  Seeing how light they look in the pictures, I emailed Skoak to confirm they are Carmina's vegano marron color, which is a mid-brown.  Skoak confirmed they are.  That means the picture either shows them as lighter than they are or Carmina has lightened that shade (which I have not heard from anyone, so doubt it)..   Either way, here's a pair of vegano marron that is three years old:  
I'm going to wear it for awhile, but could see potential modifications involving the hands and a sapphire crystal someday.
The black date wheel is apparently a very simple modification.  Not sure yet whether I'll make that change.
 I wear it occasionally to work as it is a little dressier than you might expect, but largely wear it nights and weekends.  I only (only?) have four watches for the reason that I want to wear everything in my collection on a weekly basis, so 2-3 times per week is alright with me.
On the topic of new PMW's, as much as I love this:     I just ordered this as its replacement (not my picture):     I just could not get over the 20 mm lugs on the Sumo and how top heavy the watch looked as a result.  Should have the Shogun next week.
Do it. Great watch for the money.
I like this one from No Man Walks Alone http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/leather-accessories/sol-brown-humphrey-leather-card-holder-949.html  $60 after SF10 discount.  I've been very happy with it.
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