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I really like that color, PP.  I've got the burgundy pin dot and it has too much black in the color for my tastes.
 I think Noodles thought we were in the trust tree.  Are we not in the trust tree . . in the nest?
I like that collar, @jfrater  What is the order number in case anyone wants to replicate it?
Noodles, I was too late to read your rant but think I understand the gist.  Here is what I think you are missing.  You are a leader in your company.  You have your own team and are being evaluated on the job you are doing in building camaraderie and chemistry for your team.  Clearly, the higher ups at your company believe your non-presence at happy hours and social events sends the wrong message and impacts the culture they are trying to create in your office.  They are...
 I'm outnumbered 4 to 1.  How about you?
Looks good, @jfrater  I would be interested in seeing a fit picture with a tie to see the collar.
   I agree with Feyd Rautha.  He's been working on that response post for seven years now.  Let him have his moment in the sun.
 Are some as narrow as 8cm?  For some reason, I had 9 cm in my head.    Forgot the code when I placed my recent order.  I think it still came to $90 USD or so, which is still a pretty good value for the quality.
 I heard a rumor that there will be a large tie purchase from this South Korean company (Frui?  Fruit?  Fooey?) that will be picked up by this guy from D.C. who wears the same suit every day and that the company has a huge catalogue of beautiful ties.  If I were looking for a new source for ties, I would try to track down the details on that.
New Posts  All Forums: