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Sharing pictures of today's arrival from Carmina.  The fit on the Soller last is incredible.  Love it.      
Reading Monkey Face's posts and the various responses has been interesting to me because I recently came to a similar conclusion that I need to take a break.  I have a new pair of shell boots arriving today and a couple of Luxire shirts in the works, but decided it was time to sit back and focus on enjoying wearing my clothes and not make any additional purchases for awhile.  With 15 pairs of shoes, 4 all season suits and one flannel suit, 10 pairs of trousers, 3 navy...
 Glad to hear.  My first thought when I read about the restock was . .. that's so Noodles to be talking endlessly for months about getting that suit when it is restocked and then to take a time out and miss news of the restock.
@noodles, are you at least still reading SF?  Would hate to see you miss out on the NMWA restock of the navy birdseye Formosa (announced today) during your break.
 I tend to think Strands are more casual than that because of the round toe and the larger brogueing.  Even if they are a balmoral, they're not an overly sleek shoe.  Nor do I wear them with jeans or chinos.  I think the Strands' sweet spot is with gray or tan slacks and a sweater or an odd jacket.
I have a pair of Marron shoes in that color that I bought from Luxeswap and appear to be new old stock.  It is darker than Carmina's cognac calf and lighter than Vegano Marron.  I find Saphir's cognac polish to be a pretty close match.   Marron:  
 The post he was referring to has been deleted, presumably because it was somewhat offensive.
 The heel on my Forest and Rain last shoes are pretty comparable.   The heel on Inca last is narrower than Rain and Forest, however.
 I normally order two times at a time for this very reason.  The only time I have ever been hit with a customs fee was when I added a pocket square, which brought the cost over $200.
I'm going on a self-imposed clothing/shoe purchase ban until September, but went out with a bang by ordering these beauties from Carmina.  Pictures courtesty of @Gerry Nelson Between these and my Islays, I think I'm pretty set for boots.      
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