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 Perhaps we are discussing different collars as I do not see any craziness involved with extending the collar points on this collar.
 Email him.  We corresponded about this issue last year.  My recollection is that Kent has the ability to order from Drapers, but that the cost of the fabric compared to the options he normally goes with made for quite the price bump.
For those that have modified the NOBD 2 collar to extend the collar points, how much have you extended them? 1/4 inch?
   Thanks.  Carmina grain jumper boots on Oscar last.
 I have brown shell patriots and absolutely love wearing them with jeans.  One warning, though, is the patriot has a low instep.  High volume feet may have trouble with it.  I'll also echo the recommendation to give suede a try.  I've found suede is more forgiving when the fit would be a little tight in the calfskin version.
Another day, another Hober:  
Breaking these new arrivals in:  
New kicks on this rainy, cold Chicago day:    
 One of my favorites.
 I think you get more bank for your buck with other brands, like Shibumi-Berlin, Conrad Wu, any tie from No Man Walks Alone, and of course Sam Hober.  Hober and Shibumi are my two go-to's for ties. Wearing a Hober tie today: 
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