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 Please tell me this is not one of those posts about one heel being a mm shorter/longer/taller than the other.
 +1.  That austerity brogue would look great in snuff suede or brown calfskin.
 If you need a dress casual black shoe, by all means grab the black kenilworths.  But I would not buy them thinking they will be your main go to shoe for wearing with a suit if you are in a suit more than a few times a year.  Personally, I would look at either the Hanover or the Lexington if you are in a suit fairly regularly.
Why would you send your shoes to AE knowing there is a fair chance they will not survive the recraft? I recall one poster commenting that the CS Rep he talked to advised against sending them in.If these are the same AE's that you just bought on EBay and the no warranty status was not disclosed, you should return them. That is a significant defect to remain quiet about.
 Not by AE.
Cousin D:  if you add to the chest, but also narrow the collar, you may be able to preserve the fit while addressing the lapel bowing issue.  I defer to KW on this issue, but worth a discussion with him.
 I generally agree with your points on the McT - most are obviously a casual shoe, balmoral or not.  That walnut pair, though, looks too much like a really beaten up pair of dress shoes.
 I would contact customer service to see if there is something AE can do to repair this before just sending them back.
 I really like the blue, but the rust is really nice as well.
Thanks all.  Unfortunately, I think i've got the Noodles disease and want to buy a ton of things at once before I'm sure how I will use them all because I'm wondering if I should have gotten this square from NMWA as well:     For what it's worth, the color ties I wear the most in descending order are brown, green, navy, purple, burgundy.  My main suits are a solid navy, solid mid-grey, solid charcoal and a navy pinstripe.  Any thoughts on this square or...
New Posts  All Forums: