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 Y'up.  Ours looks good a year later.  We even had a painter in for another project who thought they were professionally done and wanted to know what others were charging for the work.  We spent extensive time cleaning the cabinets, sanding away all the varnish and priming the woodwork.  When we were researching the project, there were many horror stories of peeling paint for people that took shortcuts.
 You are not alone.  My wife uses that same line on me all the time as well. 
 I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the quote we got for replacing windows was $25,000 - $30,000.  Others in the neighborhood have reported the same general range from other companies, and I can share the NS1 home does just fine for this family of five but is by no means a mansion. 
 Truth!  My wife and I tackled this project last February.  It is a ridiculous amount of work to do it right and once you get started (and realize how much work it is) there is no turning back.  It took us four full weekends to paint all the oak cabinets in our kitchen and laundry room white with most of the time spent on sanding and priming the cabinets.  It looks great now, but we were questioning what we had gotten ourselves into for at least a weekend or two.  I highly...
A little late, but, as promised, here is a picture of the green gloves.  The color of the picture is accurate on my Iphone, but not so much on my computer screen at work.  They are much more olive in color than bright green.  
Decided I did not like today's pocket square and took it out:        
 Sometimes it does.  There are people here that look great with cuffs, pleated pants, braces, etc. or a jacket that is tweed, gun club or something else that has a little bit of that vintage vibe.  There is no grandpa vibe for these folks because everything is spot on, from tailoring to cut of the jacket, accessories, shirt, tie, shoes, etc. It's a somewhat different story, though, if someone is trying to go down the checklist (pleats, cuffs, tweed jacket) and the...
 The blue one in a L was sitting there for all these weeks in my size, taunting me, daring me to purchase it.  I gave in.  It's arriving today.
I wouldn't even think about paying an Amazon Prime like fee to BB without significant improvements in BB's customer service.
 Pretty sure SF has changed all the titles along these lines in order to allow people at work to browse without fearing a call from the IT police.
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