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 Alright, when both Kulata and EliodA tell you your lapels are not too wide, you have to listen to that.
For purposes of perspective, I'm 6'2, 190, with broad shoulders and a fairly muscular build.
This is far from wide?  I think it would be perfect if it was about 1/4 inch shorter.  
@jfrater I've got two Kent Wang suits and here is what I would recommend:    - Go with the soft shoulder.  The standard shoulder is okay, but not anything special. When I asked about the roped shoulder a year ago, Kent did not have any pictures of it, so I have no idea how it looks.    - Go with limited pick stitching.  The extensive pick stitching is way over the top.    - Absolutely go full canvas.    - The wide lapel is really, really wide.  It's 4.25 inches,...
 I can see that.  Congrats!  Now I wait for the fabric to be restocked.
 Tell me more.  I have that tie in blue and burgundy and absolutely love them.  I've held off on the green one because I've been worred about the red/green Christmas effect, but your picture looks much better than the swatch I've got.
@Claghorn is this Hober the wool herringbone?  I'm considering purchasing it and curious how accurate the color is.  
 If Murl's 6'3" and the two of you wear the same size in Formosa, you have to be fairly tall yourself, no?  Are you 6'0?   52RIT/42R U.S.
 I suspect it will be on the short side, but acceptable, which is crazy considering that I've had to shorten many of my L jackets from a few years ago.
6'2", so too tall for most R's and most L's are fairly long on me.  That's why I'm really loving the recent trend of shorter jackets as the long's fit me much better now.
New Posts  All Forums: