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Nice, Iso.  Who  makes them?
 I know that Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts are not supposed to be tailored due to how they treat the seams, but the same is not true for normal fabric must-iron shirts.  Perhaps the same is true for your JCrew and BR shirts?
Just bought the burgundy macclesfield.  Looking forward to it.
 Murl, you may be the most patient person in the entire SF universe.
 Eprex:  - back pleats were not a screw up;  they're necessary the bigger the drop between chest and waist.  - It would take 2 minutes to order your next shirt from Luxire with the following modifications:  add x cm to the sleeve length and y cm to the neck size.  As it is then delivered to your door, it's considerably quicker than ordering shirts and taking them to the tailor.   - You need to have a beer and relax.  Right now.  It only gets harder from here on out.  While...
Jason, the burgundy macclesfield says it is 9 cm and 3.25 inches.  Which one is correct?
Navy pattern wool challis from yesterday:  
@conradwu, when is this green tie going to be available?  
Wally lover
 How about, "Obsessed with Wallys"?
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