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Just bought these three squares as my starter squares:   NMWA         KW     @Murlsquirl :  Your turn?
Did your orders take the usual 4 weeks?  I placed an order a little over a week ago and am curious what the current production/shipping time is running.
I'm not sure what's come over me, but, after years of refusing to wear pocket squares, I actually just put two of the pocket squares Claghorn recommended in my Kent Wang shopping cart.  I've only worn my white linen pocket square once or twice over the years, but wondering if I would wear something more subtle more often.
 That middle Carmina may be calling my name.
 I've been replacing my AE's with Carmina as well.  The only AE's I still have in my rotation are a pair of chukka boots, brown shell loafers and walnut Strands.
 Agree, there is a time and place for everything.  Some occasions/fits call for clunkier shoes, but when I'm in a suit I'm always reaching for my Carminas.
Noodles, have you considered getting your Dad a gift card and then going with him to help him pick out the shoes?  If you get him a Nordstrom gift card, black park avenues are usually on sale for $220 during the Anniversary Sale in late July.
 Cut and stitched in the DR, yes, but I'm pretty sure everything else takes place in Wisconsin. AE's more formal designs leave a lot to be desired, but they do a great job with loafers, wingtips, shell cordovan and boots.
 Yes, I linked to the black ones.  I just posted the picture to show you what the last looks like.
What about Andrew Lock's black captoes for $225 shipped (with SF 10% discount)? http://andrewlockshoes.com/collections/83308-all-products/products/389957-the-black-oxford  I have a pair in brown:  
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