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It's a little curious that Carmina will not allow Skoak and Gentlemen's Footwear to do GMTO's with shell, but makes an exception for a random guy from Texas. 
@heldentenor, very nice.  Burgundy shoes would take that fit to an entirely new level.
 Thanks, Pliny.  The shoes are from Carmina, dark cognac shell on the forest last.
 Thanks.  It's one of my favorite jackets to wear with or without a tie.  Speaking of ties, I may have to check out that discussion as I still have not found a combo where I like this tie.  I have better choices for ties for today's jacket.  Howard Yount lambswool flannel, made in the U.S. cut.
Windowpane and glen plaid tie for today:          
 At the rate this thread is going, in 40 years Noodles is going to be complaining about how his nursing home doesn't have enough closet space to hang up his four Formosa suits that he never wore and how he keeps asking his kids to bring them by so he can look at them for a little while.
 Let me recap for you:  - Noodles' Formosas have been sitting in the closet waiting to be altered, which won't happen until Noodles loses enough weight to fit into them.  - In the meantime, Noodles has been wearing the same suit everyday.  - Noodles coworkers have taken up a collection to buy him a Joseph A. Banks gift card to get some suits because they have noticed him wearing the same threadbare and ill fitting suit everyday.  - @TM79 is going to make Ms. Noodles an...
 Funny you mention this.  I was just thinking that some 40R Noodles Thread lurker needs to find a way to get in touch with Mrs. Noodles and offer her $1,000 for those "four suits your husband doesn't wear and hasn't even taken the time to get altered."
For those of you interested, there is a GMTO going on with Skoaktie Bolaget for this burgundy calf split toe on the Rain last.  Beautiful shoe and great bang for the buck with the current strength of the dollar.    
New Posts  All Forums: