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   Same here.  Can't stand it when my collar wings up if I am walking around without a jacket, but also not a fan of metal collar stays.
 Can't go wrong with anything from the Prospex line.  My Shogun is one of my favorite watches.
Thanks, dude, but how do you know what's in my closet? (eyes nervously looking around)
 I had the same thing happen to a pair of Malverns.  AE said they were recrafted, but I'm not sure if that meant simply putting new heels on or sole and heels due to Danite sole.  They were good as new afterwards.
 This is a good decision.  If you let us know your price range and what you are looking for, we can give you a number of suggestions to consider.
 Will do.  All the reviews on Watchuseek were very favorable for the price point.  I've always liked the Nomos Orion and Zurich in blue but questioned how versatile a blue dress watch might be.  Now I get to experiment for $99.
I have a $99 watch incoming.  Couldn't pass up a PMW version of my Nomos Orion in blue (inspired by the Seagull link above).  Will post pictures after it arrives.
Same jacket. Picture from tonight makes the back look cleaner (tailor cleaned it up a few weeks ago). I think posture really impacts how it looks.
 Thanks.  The boxier fit is a result of adding fabric to the chest, waist and back to avoid the pulling I used to see at the buttoning point, the lapel bowing and the pulling in the lower back right above the vent.  I'm not sure it was what I was aiming for, but it certainly is where I'm at nowadays. Here was my first MTM suit with KW, which was much more form fitting for better robo poses, but add a phone, a card wallet or a pocket square and the lapel bowed.  I do not...
 I think this is generally where I'm at currently.  With Steed coming to Chicago in January, I've been giving this significant thought and am leaning towards staying with KW.  One reason is that Steed MTM has dropped into my price range with the diminished pound, but that is not going to last forever and going with Steed should be an ongoing relationship, not a one-time thing.  I'm also starting to question why I'm so fixated on how the quarters look when I tend to wear...
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