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 Nice.  Can't wait to see for myself. 
Just ordered a pair of Minnis Fresco pants.  Also have two linen shirts on hold from the sale.  Getting ready for Summer!   
I think the following regular posters also live in Chicago:    @archibaldleach  @Caustic Man @PatrickR   I'm sure I'm missing others as well.
Sounds fun.  Let me know the details.
I'm excited to hear that.  Thank you!
Luxire's suggestion was to make the curve deeper at the back rise, but am curious to hear what the modification was for Murl.
 This is very interesting to me because, if I'm not mistaken, you sent in a pair of Howard Yount pants as your sample, which is what I did as well.  I too have an issue where the seat and the back rise are a little off and have been emailing with Luxire about how to fix this.  Can you share what the modification was?
One of the recommendations that Luxire recently made for modifying my shirt pattern is to reduce the yoke by 0.5"  The shoulders are perfect on my pattern, but the issue I emailed about is addressing excess fabric at my shoulder blades by the arm pits.  Will reducing the yoke make the shoulder measurement smaller or only affect the back chest?    I've already asked Luxire this same question, but the response back was a little confusing.
 Yes, most of mine have experienced significant shrinkage due to the fact I take them to the cleaners.  I account for that when ordering.
I'm looking for a coffee colored fresco fabric for a pair of Summer pants, but have not found anything yet on the site.  Can @luxire or anyone else recommend a fabric?
New Posts  All Forums: