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It doesn't compare to some of the watches posted on here, but I had a little something arrive today.  
 I'm curious which one as I currently have my eye on an Oris diver.
 It's beyond me why anyone would pay the SF affiliate fee and then use it in a manner that negatively impacts people's perception of their company.  Even if the original complaint has no merit whatsoever, this is not how you go about responding to it.
Quoting this before you come to your senses and delete it so everyone can see how you conduct business.
Mental note:  don't ever buy anything from Paul Evans.  Putting aside whether his complaint was valid or not, the tone of your responses is what I find objectionable.  I don't care how high quality the product is if this is how the company treats its customers and other posters in this thread. 
@noodles, I do not think we can appropriately comment on how feminine your figure is unless you also post a shot of you wearing a dress.  You should include your face in both pictures as well.  Once you do this, we'll answer your question.
^^Post a fit with the green tie when you get it.  I'm still curious about that one.
You people.  I just noodled the brown Shibumi.  Sigh. . .
Sharing a picture of a Tag that I've had for roughly 13 years as I search for something new.  
 Agreed, I have 5-6 pairs from HY and love them.  I think the whole operation is on its last legs, though, as he has gotten virtually nothing new in for Spring/Summer 2015.  A couple of pairs of fresco and tropical wool for the U.S. cut and not much else.
New Posts  All Forums: