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 You just hit on one of my reservations as the Shibumi ties are a little thin in the knot area, but beautiful to look at.  It's between this Shibumi and this Hober, which I can customize: 
Noodles' quest for the Vanda tie reminds me I've had my eye on this Shibumi tie for awhile, but not sure I want to pull the trigger on it.  Looking to pair it with a mid-gray suit.  Thoughts, anyone?  
 It is.  It's one of the base level A fabrics.  Just saw it as an option in May.
 You've got my attention, I'm listening.
   Agreed.  I like the original burgundy color better.  That said, I am enjoying Burzan's posts on this subject immensely and curious how the acrylic will hold up with additional wear.
 This is a much better answer than the one I gave, but I still find my solution to be more amusing in light of your concern about scraping the bottoms of your leather soles.  They are leather soles and will look like crap where the gum is after a few months of wear.  Scrape away.
Try using your teeth.
   I've done this successfully, but I recall my tailor telling me it depends on the fabric.  I believe a lighter colored worsted fabric is more likely to show where the stitches were as compared with darker colors or fabric with some texture.
 It's more than that.  I took in a pair of tropical wool pants yesterday to get the legs slimmed to match my flannel pants (both American cut).  My tailor said there was a 2 inch difference in the thigh and 1.5 inch difference in the knees and leg opening.  That's more than fabric.
New Posts  All Forums: