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 In before the inevitable response about how it only takes 1 minute per shirt, which is quicker than driving to and from the dry cleaners.  I'm with you, I send my shirts to the cleaners and my Luxire pattern accounts for some shrinkage due to the cleaners.  I'm just trying to preempt the usual debate that flows from the shock that SF members would actually take bespoke shirts to the cleaners.
 You can get it cheaper and with the Nomos 2 year warranty from a trusted German grey market retailer on Chrono24.
 I agree.  The watches wear large due to the long lugs.  Orion 38 on my 7 inch wrist.  
 It might be magnetized.  I'd stop by a local watchmaker to see if they can de-magnetize it before shipping it off somewhere.
Is it my imagination or do the Black White graph checks appear to be blue?
 I just had a seamless purchase with Chino watch, which was slightly cheaper than the other two.
 Agreed about the black strap on the Weiss.  I have not liked any pictures of that dial with a brown strap.  I ultimately went with the version I did because I found the dial/hands combination more interesting and versatile strap wise. If I wanted no date, I would have gone 35mm.
I agree about the brown shell strap on an Orion.  I do not even own a black strap as I love the way the brown shell interacts with the dial.  Wearing mine today (slightly bigger than 35 mm):  
I should be able to make the 16th.  Looking forward to it. 
Very much enjoying my new Shogun.
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