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I'm fine with Danite. Also fine with the sole pictured (tomir?).
I prefer Forest last as well.
 I'd be in for something like this in snuff suede on the Forest or Rain last:   
Going solely off the picture, the second MTO looks like snuff suede on the Hiro or Olfe last.  Is that right?  Danite sole?
Adding to the parade of Forest Green ties.  Fina weave:  
TaxGenius:  I have found that Renovateur alone leaves shell too try.  My method is similar to Roger's in that I use Saphir cordovan cream on occasion to moisturize.  In between applications, I wipe down with a damp cloth and brush.  The Saphir cordovan cream results in a nice shine, but some go an additional step of putting a little paste wax on the toe for even more shine.   As to your questions on adding color back in, I tend to use the neutral cordovan cream so as to...
Thinking about purchasing the tropical wool pants, but curious if they will be too light for a Chicago Spring (i.e. temps in the 50's).
Just got back from picking up a few items.  Nothing exciting, just staples.
 What is the semi-brogue cap toe MTO?
 Sounds about right.  I've got the small closet with out of season items downstairs in the guest room, while the wife has the walk-in closet that is twice the size. There wasn't even a discussion on closet assignment this past Summer.  I simply started unpacking into the small closet without saying a word.
New Posts  All Forums: