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 Tell me about it.  I am considering selling my Stowa Marine Original because, at 12 mm tall, I've found that I keep picking other options when I'm wearing a shirt with tighter cuffs.  There's no way I can convince myself to buy a 13 mm tall "dress" watch.
I find myself drawn to this new Seiko Presage SARW027.  So close to ordering it, but . . . it is 13 mm tall, and I'm really coming to dislike tall dress watches that do not fit under a cuff easily.  The gold on white/cream with the brown band, so nice, though . . .        
 I assumed there was a reason you post all those awesome watches and shoes but never anything in the clothing threads.  I envisioned this guy walking around in Galways with a Rolex on his wrist and an ensemble along the lines of one of these options:   . 
I know I'm in the minority on this, but every time I see a shell PTB, I want it to be a boot.
@Murlsquirl , the KW watch is fine.  To put @starro 's comments into perspective, they are the classical, timeless view on dress watches that does not like the current trend of larger dress watches.  It's akin to the WAYWRN arguments that focus on the traditional rules/norms and eschew the current trends that deviate from this.  Think along the lines of the argument criticizing wearing navy trousers with an odd jacket because it is not ideal and can seem visually jarring...
 Perhaps we are discussing different collars as I do not see any craziness involved with extending the collar points on this collar.
 Email him.  We corresponded about this issue last year.  My recollection is that Kent has the ability to order from Drapers, but that the cost of the fabric compared to the options he normally goes with made for quite the price bump.
For those that have modified the NOBD 2 collar to extend the collar points, how much have you extended them? 1/4 inch?
   Thanks.  Carmina grain jumper boots on Oscar last.
 I have brown shell patriots and absolutely love wearing them with jeans.  One warning, though, is the patriot has a low instep.  High volume feet may have trouble with it.  I'll also echo the recommendation to give suede a try.  I've found suede is more forgiving when the fit would be a little tight in the calfskin version.
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