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Bingo. Look at the Luxire thread for MTM shirts.
I was playing around with my Iphone camera today and confirmed my suspicion that the pictures need to be outdoors to come out decent.  Shirt is a blue small scale gingham.        
Hober tie and pocket square:  
I doubt AE uses split suede, but I agree it's not high quality.  I wanted a pair of suede strands until I saw them in person.  Ended up getting a pair of Carmina suede shoes instead and the difference in the quality of suede is significant.
 Yes and no.  My only prior C&J purchases/try ons involved the 240 last from Brooks Brothers and Marlows from Ralph Lauren.  Both were too tight for me in my TTS 12D.  Based on this, I went with the 11UK here and suspect I could have gone down another half size.  I put an insole in today and that seems to have solved the issue.  To the extent it helps, I'm an 11UK in Carmina's Forest, Rain and Inca lasts and these are noticeably bigger.
 Done.  Just ordered Challis Pattern Wool ties #'s 4 and 5.  I received the swatches this week and was amazed by how much better they looked in person.
 I only store in shoe bags for my shoes that are more seasonal and likely to go a few months without being worn.  For shoes in my regular rotation, I just put them on the shoe rack and brush them when putting them on.
Nice reminder that I need to get busy orderng the two challis wool pattern ties I've got my eye on that are both now in the single digits.
 Thanks, Cleav.  I'm inclined to keep them anyways.
 I went with the 11UK, which is the same size I wear in Carmina's Forest, Rain and Inca lasts.  The main fit issue is that I have a wide foot with a low instep and the 365 last has more volume than I'm used to.
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