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 One of these?  I need to place an order for No. 26.
Even if that is a Breitling case, how do you know it's not empty or filled with non-Breitling parts?  If you do not trust the seller, look elsewhere.
Sorry, will have to miss this one, but will make the next one.
 That's always been my operating assumption, but I'm sure the real answer is, "it depends."
My shirts have been 1 week for the last several, including the one arriving this week.  I think the variable is that I have been picking fabrics that are in stock at Luxire and do not need to be ordered from the mill.
   Most of my shirts are the Barba/Spandexter collar.  One of my favorites.
 Before everyone responds to the bolded portion in an uproar, can I point out for a minute that Foo enjoys trolling threads and getting everyone riled up before quietly exiting, presumably while smiling from his enjoyment of said uproar he caused. He knows he is passing off subjective opinions as objective facts, the same as he knows the effect the bolded suggestion will have on the participants in this thread.
 This is a very individual-specific decision based on the length of your suit jacket and how it fits you.  There is no universal rule that you always shorten the length when ordering a sport coat. 
 Do you have some notification system that alerts you when new members post questions or do you just constantly refresh in order to be one of the first responders?  You should be commended for the lengths you go in order to respond to every one of these new member questions with something that is completely unhelpful, not amusing, insulting or a combination of all three.  Your dedication and devotion to this calling is unprecedented and amazing.
 Watching the pictures as Luxire refines its jacket making skills, I've seen huge strides in their jackets, the lapel roll, etc.  I have still yet to see, however, a real natural shoulder.  All the pictures have that same roped shoulder as the picture above.  When Luxire masters a natural shoulder, this new MTM service will explode.
New Posts  All Forums: