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 I cannot explain it, but that watch has been calling me for awhile now.  I'm probably going to order through one of the AD's, though, after having an issue with my Sumo, needing to send it in for some work and having a good experience with the AD taking care of it.  Looks like you can get it directly from Japan for $365 shipped.
Document Melange sweater in Large on its way back, in case someone missed out.
I recall someone mentioning a few weeks past that the Brooks Buys would not be in effect during the CIS anymore.  Looks like they were right as there is no buy 3 for $X in place for socks.
 Anyone you recommend?  The SA at the LaSalle store I've used for years retired last month.
 Great tie, but Hober has not offered the plum version for awhile now.
   Me three.  I need a brown herringbone jacket.
I missed out on that green fabric from Hober.  Was really bummed to learn it would not be restocked.
In fairness to OP, I think the price hike was closer to $100 as we were getting Carminas for the low $300's for a few months and they're now in the $400's.  That said, it wasn't so much a price hike as it was a return to normal for those that have been buying Carminas for a few years.
 I made the conversion from AE to Carmina years ago when Carmina was consistently in the $400 - 500 range.  AE is a great quality shoe with some aesthetics that leave some people wanting more.  Meermin has nicer lasts, but the quality is hit or miss with poor customer service.  I came to the conclusion that you were always better off spending the extra $100 to get Carmina over Meermin, if you wanted a step up from AE.  Everyone complaining about the Carmina price hike was...
 He posted elsewhere that he has a new job that does not allow for much internet time, which has impeded his ability to stay active in all his usual haunts on SF.
New Posts  All Forums: