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 Are you suggesting 1289? Here is the look that inspired this purchase: 
   I thought about 1289 for the reason it is a little darker.  My only hesitation is that it seems to have a purplish tint at times, depending on the light.  I've never been a big fan of smoked mother of pearl, but the brown mother of pearl does not look bad.  Is there a reason to strongly consider smoked MOP here? I'm thinking of experimenting with the no shoulder padding option for this one?  Any words of warning?
Groundhog Day participants, I'm about to pull the trigger on a blue Spring/Summer weight jacket from KW.  I'm looking for something sufficiently lighter than a navy blazer to distinguish it from my blazer, but dark enough to have some versatility and be suitable for casual and office settings.  I'm strongly leaning towards TRE1291 from the Drago Hopsack book below, but wanted to throw it out here for comments before pulling the trigger.  All the swatches are a lightweight...
 Remember, the idea is to mess with Noodles and continue the Groundhog Day theme.  Hence, my correction to your post.
I thought long and hard about a 556I but ultimately wanted a more traditional dive watch.  Great watch, though.
 It's from the VBC four seasons book.  I cannot remember the specific swatch number.
I checked in on the status of my linen sale order, but Luxire says my order is still awaiting arrival of my sample shirt.  That would be fine, if not for the fact tracking shows it was delivered to the Portland address a month ago.  ** fingers crossed that Luxire finds it** 
 Agreed.  That's also one of the problems I've seen with Luxire as well - the tweaks are generally very conservative and incremental, so that it takes several versions to get things dialed down.  I do not think there is any way around it for online MTM.
Yes, though apparently not enough.
 I take that back.  I just looked at a picture of my first suit and there was no wrinkling in the front, only the back in the same way it currently is there.   Yes.
New Posts  All Forums: