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 Noodles, if you want the Magic Mike experience, you have to pay the $10 at the theatre.  You can bring Mrs. Noodles along and pretend you are only going for her. 
 Sinn is a great suggestion!  A 103, 104 or an 856, depending on @Beckwith's tastes.
 This collar was a Luxire experiment that I won't be repeating.  It's fine with a jacket, but keeps flying away without one. The gray one has the 4.25 inch lapel and the soft shoulder.  Are you suggesting I go with the no padding option with KW next time or look for a different cut altogether?  Isn't the no padding option less formal?  Camera was 3 inches below collarbone level.
Will I be banned from this thread if I admit I'm wearing my new Oris with a suit today?  I couldn't help myself.  Maybe I can get probation if I agree not to do it again.  
 Kent Wang MTM.  The gray one is version 2 and improved on the navy one (I also had the sleeves lengthened on the navy since this picture).  I'm on the fence about whether to get a third one from KW or try something different.  Okay, here is a shirt only picture.  This is my latest Luxire, which I had modified recently to adjust for sloped shoulders to see if it would address the v I usually get in the front: 
 Seiko Shogun or Sumo are nice values for the money.
You all have me confused now on whether I have sloped or square shoulders.  I thought sloped due to my traps, but if Murl is telling me sloped shoulders need padding and Noodles has sloped shoulders, I'm no longer sure what I have.        
Thanks, @Novelty77.  You are correct regarding the minute hand's shape - not an optical illusion.
Sharing pictures of today's watch now that the strap I ordered with it finally arrived:      
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