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 RTC, try the AE Patriot loafer, which are made for a low instep.  It's a casual loafer that goes with jeans and chinos; not something you are going to wear with dressier trousers. 
 Me too.  I simply cannot believe that Mr. T would have a self-replica necklace made sans his trademark mohawk.
 I want this 5 eyelet chukka from Carmina on a rounded toe last (Forest or Oscar) in sunff suede. 
I'm also going to throw a chukka out as a great option for casual wear with jeans, Noodles.
It's the map one.  I love it.
Bingo. Look at the Luxire thread for MTM shirts.
I was playing around with my Iphone camera today and confirmed my suspicion that the pictures need to be outdoors to come out decent.  Shirt is a blue small scale gingham.        
Hober tie and pocket square:  
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