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 Yes, the lightest one.  I can see the back pockets through the fabric.  Other than that, it's fine.  I opted for lining in the front to the knees.
 We have been on similar journeys with regard to that Drapers green fabric.  I still hear it calling my name sometimes.  Thanks for the advice on the pockets.
Standard patch pockets or round patch pockets?  Trying to finalize a lightweight hopsack jacket for Summer.
 Light grey.  Very happy with the result.
 Same here.  Still waiting on my linen sale order, but had a pair of Minnis Fresco pants turned around in only two weeks.
^^^  What fabric is that?
 Take my comments regarding how dressy the watch is with a grain of salt.  Remember, they're coming from someone who has been wearing a Stowa Marine Original as his dress watch and who generally does not like traditional dress watches.
 Thanks.  I agree about the lugs.  I just cannot get into the Tangente and other models with the thin, stick lugs.  I tried on both last week and the 38 mm looked better on my 7 inch wrist.  I was originally thinking no date, but then noticed your point about the date window and how it balances out the dial and (in my opinion) almost makes the watch a slight bit more casual (which I like).  I would be comfortable wearing this in a business casual setting as well.  The last...
 Thanks, Cleav.  This one's a keeper for me.  Now, to get some pictures of it with a cocktail or two.
So, a little present for myself arrived from Germany today, and I cannot stop looking at my wrist:       I think I may have found my first dress watch that I enjoy wearing, which is a good thing since I'm in a suit a few times a week.  In other news, it's time to sell off the Hamilton Intramatic that never found a place in my rotation.  Purchased it in December, but only wore it a few times because it just wasn't what I was looking for.
New Posts  All Forums: