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 It might result in some non-AE shaming and boo's raining down on you from other posters, but they are Carmina brown suede Rain last medallion captoes.  Almost four years old and still going strong.
 Probably pretty similar to why I do not do linen with Chicago Summers that are always too short.
 Not AE, but I wear these ALL THE TIME: 
   How can you not like chukka's with flannel trousers, a jacket and a tie?  It doesn't get much more classic than that.  Plus a few pictures of the upper half with this combo:    Plus a few pictures of other people: 
^^  Those are too narrow for you.  You need a wider last; try Rain.
 Sounds like a great idea to me.  I've been browsing linen fabrics lately with an eye towards Summer.
 I'm going to say no for a few reasons: 1.  I do not like chelseas. 2.  Chelseas are dressier than chukka's and, when I see them pulled off well by good dressers in WAYWRN, it's almost always with a suit or odd jacket/tie combo.  I cannot recall a single instance where I have seen chelseas with jeans and thought I would like to emulate that look.  I will concede that a chelsea looks better with a worsted or dressier suit than a chukka does, and the only times I've liked a...
Dark brown is the most versatile, but when I think suede, I think snuff.  As for shoe style, what are you going to wear them with?  If you're thinking primarily jeans or casual, go chukka.  If you're thinking with trousers for work, a medallion captoe in snuff or dark brown is awesome.  I've got all three and they cover me from jeans through a suit.
 Nothing is more versatile than a chukka.  Nothing.  Goes with jeans just as well as trousers and an odd jacket.  I even wear my snuff suede chukkas with flannels, a blazer and tie.  The bourbon Dalton is nice if you do not have another dress boot, but . . . .
Right back at ya:  
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