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Speaking of German watches, does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with Sinn?  I've been researching the 104 st sa and am intrigued.  
^^  I know, I know, I exaggerated a little for comedic purposes, but, when looking at your history in this thread, it's not that unrealistic. 
 This advice is too practical for Noodles.  The usual Noodles m.o. would be to take all of his suit pants in at the same time and then only wear old pants that are too tight and do not match his jacket.  We would get running commentary on how his pants do not match his jacket and are too tight as well as the corresponding crotch shot pictures and observation that people at work are looking at him funny.  We would then hear about this for several weeks because he took them...
  Here are the ones I ordered.  http://www.dapperclassics.com/Shop/trousers/slim-fit   The slim cut is supposed to be similar to HY's American cut.  I ordered the mid-blue and tan wool hopsack trousers at 20% off last weekend.  Hope they fit.
 Did you make any request with regard to the lining or fused/unfused?
For what it's worth, I only wear plain captoes like this with a suit.  I tend to rotate between shell short wings, shell long wings, suede half brogues and shell boots when I'm wearing odd jackets and trousers.
 I've had a pair in brown for three years and love them.  I still wear them on a regular basis and rotate them with my Carmina and other nicer brands.  That said, I'd put the quality right about the same as AE and well below Carmina.  The last is very nice and the build quality is nice as well.  The leather, though, leaves a little bit to be desired, which is one reason I ended up using dark brown polish on them. 
   I did this with the KW trial jacket in addition to getting KW's suggested changes.  I found it very helpful to the process in that I went in with Kent's suggested changes and discussed them with her.  We then measured the specific amounts to increase and decrease for sleeves, inseam, length, etc.  As I've used her on a regular basis for all my tailoring for years now, she did not bat an eye at doing this for me.
I ordered the mid-blue and tan wool hopsack ones.
Frustrated with Howard Yount, I recently ordered two pairs of wool hopsack trousers from Dapper Classics that supposedly fit the same as the HY American cut.  I'll report back once I receive them.
New Posts  All Forums: