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 Do you have some notification system that alerts you when new members post questions or do you just constantly refresh in order to be one of the first responders?  You should be commended for the lengths you go in order to respond to every one of these new member questions with something that is completely unhelpful, not amusing, insulting or a combination of all three.  Your dedication and devotion to this calling is unprecedented and amazing.
 Watching the pictures as Luxire refines its jacket making skills, I've seen huge strides in their jackets, the lapel roll, etc.  I have still yet to see, however, a real natural shoulder.  All the pictures have that same roped shoulder as the picture above.  When Luxire masters a natural shoulder, this new MTM service will explode.
 Have you thought about Kent Wang for a MTM suit?  He's very good to work with and most have had a positive experience without breaking the bank.  Navy two button suit with a white or light blue shirt, conservative tie and black or dark brown Carminas and you'll be good to go.  Leave the pocket square at home.  I would not worry about a negative perception dressed like that.
 Moderation is not a word in @TtownMD 's vocabulary. 
In light of some of the recent discussion of 35 versus 38 mm for Nomos, thought I would try to take a picture that shows more accurately how the 38 wears on a very flat 7 inch wrist.  
We all know the intended parameters for this thread. Minor diversions are inevitable.
 In before the inevitable response about how it only takes 1 minute per shirt, which is quicker than driving to and from the dry cleaners.  I'm with you, I send my shirts to the cleaners and my Luxire pattern accounts for some shrinkage due to the cleaners.  I'm just trying to preempt the usual debate that flows from the shock that SF members would actually take bespoke shirts to the cleaners.
 You can get it cheaper and with the Nomos 2 year warranty from a trusted German grey market retailer on Chrono24.
 I agree.  The watches wear large due to the long lugs.  Orion 38 on my 7 inch wrist.  
 It might be magnetized.  I'd stop by a local watchmaker to see if they can de-magnetize it before shipping it off somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: