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 Good decision.  I'll echo that I've never examined the toe height on my shoes . . . .ever.  Also, that all of my shell shoes eventually get a rough patch area like in your picture, which I've always viewed as an indication they are dry and need a little product.
@orange fury and the rest of you are very bad people.  I will blame you when my MD chocolate chukka's arrive in July and my wife stares incredulously at me in complete disbelief that I bought another pair of shoes.  I had been good for so long and then, in the matter of a few months, Higgins Mill, Carmina grain jumper boots and now this.  I may have to do a one in, one out approach on these and get rid of my Malverns in brown calfskin.  I'm starting to remember why I...
 You'd be surprised the deep scratches that you can get out of shell.  I bought a pair of barely worn shell short wings once where it looked like the first owner had fallen down the stairs and scratched them all to heck and given up on them as ruined.  Got those out pretty quick with a deer bone and a lot of brushing.  I'll also echo everyone else on the damp rag and brushing method.  I only use Saphir cordovan crème when the shell looks dry and/or the water spots have...
The SA told me they slimmed the Regent cut to fit more like the Fitz, now that the Fitz is no longer around.  The lapels look a little narrower as well, but not as narrow as the Fitz was.  It's pretty rare for me to see collar gap at all, let alone collar gap that extreme, so not sure what they specifically did to the Regent cut.   Regarding the Madison cut, I have not tried that cut on in 5 or more years, but it was significantly slimmer with higher arm holes yesterday...
Went in yesterday to try on a few jackets for spring and summer, but left empty handed because the Regent cut no longer fits me with the latest wave of changes. Horrible collar gap now. Turns out the Madison cut is the only one that fits me anymore, now that it too has been slimmed down.
  For those that may not realize it, I looked and there was no @DonkeyWasher when I posted that.  That means this is either one of you barn weasels with a sock handle or a brand new poster with impeccable comedic timing.
Seiko today:  
By the way, how do we not yet have a poster registered as @Donkey Washer ?
Just one more comment on our suburban dad dress discussion as I'm working from home today and took the car for an oil change:  [[SPOILER]]
 If we ever have a forum member get-together, everyone is going to look nervously at you for a second or two thinking about that new life insurance policy just taken out and wondering, "did my wife hire a hit man?  I know she was upset about all those shoes, but . . . .gulp . . . ?"
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