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   Carmina uses reverse calf and it does stretch noticeably more than their calf shoes. I've got two suede pairs that have stretched a considerable amount more than their many calfskin cousins on the same lasts.
 I didn't realize you were in on this one as well.  You will be very pleased when they arrive.
Posting a picture of today's chukka here due to ongoing discussions of shoes and to thank Murl, Tweedy and Europrep for pushing me off the fence on this GMTO.  
Giving a shout out to the good folks at Skoak for these 5 eyelet, Rain last chukkas:  
 No, not the historical information on where certain colors were traditionally worn.  I was referring to your assertion that black, charcoal and dark colors should be worn in an urban environment because they simply look better in that environment than brown and other lighter colors.  I'm not sure how you can objectively state that any specific color looks better in an urban environment, especially considering the vast diversity of our many urban environments.
 I was thinking the exact same thing.  Also agree with everyone else that many shades of brown will look outstanding with that suit as well.
 I think you're making this up as you go along.
I ordered a pair of chinos as a test pair of trousers to hopefully nail my fit before placing more expensive orders.  As for now, the only instruction I've given is to replicate the pair I'm sending in.  Is there anything else that I should request?  For example, I seem to recall some mention of floppy waist bands if you do not request . . . (lining?).
 Different lasts.  I believe the proposed GMTO is on the Soller last, while the ones you linked are on Rain.  As for GMTO v. MTO.  There is a 50% MTO surcharge that is waived if you have six orders for a GMTO.
@Noodles, I hear you with regard to pairing with suits, but when you get your odd jacket/trouser game going, you may feel differently.
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