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Here is a picture of the fabric made up:  
Look at the VBC four season book.  There is a nail head that is a shade lighter than charcoal that is very nice.  I'd post a picture but I keep having technical errors while trying to do so. 
For anyone with a Sumo, get the Crafter Blue rubber strap. I'm very impressed. Best strap for a Sumo by far.
 This only goes so far before you cross over the line into baggy.  This is the fine tuning that may be required to get the fit you need.
Had this Seiko Shogun on my wrist for 30 seconds, but sent it back because the dial/date are misaligned.  
Let's go with that version, then.
 I'm not that bad . .. yet.  I emailed a few a weeks ago about one of their other shoes that is the same shade.
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