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@noodles, there is a special joy in buying a quality good and using it so much that you eventually wear it out.  Whether it be a jacket, tie, shoes or favorite shirt, I have certain items I look at and think, "that was a really good purchase" based on how often I use it.  If it's worn out in four or five years, I'll get another one then, knowing how much I enjoyed it and that it is worth the money because I extracted every last ounce of value out of it.   Conversely, if...
 I may not again either.  As much as I love my prior KW jackets, my one complaint is that the lapel roll is very flat and two dimensional.  My most recent jacket with wide lapels really accentuates this.  I need to get a new charcoal suit in the coming months and may try out KW's 3 roll 2.
 That lapel roll looks much nicer than KW's two button models.  Does it naturally roll to that point or have you manipulated it for the picture?
 Wouldn't it be more efficient to simply request your next order with the modifications you need to make your last order fit better, rather than starting all over again?
You need to post this in the Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread.  It is a very active thread with many helpful people.
 Was the price worth it?  Not asking about dollars.
   Why does KW need to come to Chicago to get you to try a trial suit and see how it fits?Sincerely,A KW MTM customer who lives in Chicago
@noodles , horse trade for the suit.  I'll get you the purse you want, if you get me the suit I want.  Done.
Noodles, purchase the prince of wales Formosa already.
 I was going to say the exact same thing and suggest you get something from NMWA.  After seeing how much effort and improvement went into my professional wardrobe, my wife eventually asked why I did not put the same effort into my casual weekend wear, which is what she saw the most.  At the time, I was suits and jackets during the week and old jeans and t-shirts and old sweaters on the weekend.  I thought she had a good point.  Perhaps your wife is giving you a subtle hint...
New Posts  All Forums: