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 Don't forget to ask one of them to take a fit pic of you for posting.  Bonus points if you're wearing boat shoes with your Dockers, shirt and tie look.
I keep both an old suit and a navy blazer in the office in case of emergency.
 TweedyProf:  I have a feeling the problems are specific to the Summer styles HY has sold (fresco, tropical wool, etc.).  I ordered a pair of flannel pants today and will report back on whether they are consistent with prior orders of flannel pants.
 JR:  I use the Saphir neutral cordovan creme on all my shell shoes.  It does a better job moisturizing the shell and bringing out a glow than Renovateur or brushing alone.
 This.  The best results have come from people who did not need significant adjustments to the trial suit and had enough knowledge regarding their own fit issues to take the lead on this.  There is only so much that KW can do for you based purely on a set of pictures, especially if the trial suit fit is way off.
  @wurger what are those?
 MF:  the universe is trying to tell you something.  It's time to don a pair of cargo shorts, flip flops, a t-shirt and cheap sunglasses for the rest of your NYC trip.
Jason:  the Burgundy Macclesfield neat in the picture above looks much more red than the picture on the webiste, which appears to be a truer burgundy.  Which one do you think is more accurate?
Beautiful.  That is one of the few shell plain toe bluchers that I would wear.
 FTFY.  Looks good, by the way.
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