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 To the TJ customer in my office:  I really like those bright blue contrasting color working button holes on the sleeves of your charcoal pinstripe suit.  You really splurged on that one, Mr. Big Time.
 They call relentlessly under the pretense that a coworker personally referred them to you.  I got duped into taking a meeting once, which was mostly the girl flirting as she was trying to convince me to let her make all my clothing decisions for me.  I remember the prices for a suit were over 1,000, which is amusing as one my coworkers actually uses them and the fit and quality of his suits look awful.
 I generally find it more comfortable and easier to break in.  Are you sure the Detroit last is a good fit for your foot?
 The GNAT Refugee Thread?
@noodles , for your own sake, take some time away from all things SF and wait to return until you can participate without repeatedly dredging up this fiasco.  Right now, you are your own worst enemy.
I'd look at Soller before Forest. There was a recent split toe GMTO on Soller that looked really nice.
For some reason, I always thought Justin was a car salesman based on statements about being on his feet all day and how well he dresses. Are you a salesman? For underwear?
Strangely, when the vasectomy discussion came up, I got no mileage out of pointing out how hard it is to successfully reverse the procedure. Seems the wife did not share my concern that a much younger second wife might want kids.
My bad. I thought it was appropriate to discuss my vasectomy when you asked how things were going. Was that wrong?
A small aside for you:We don't cast stones in this thread or pile on in public lynchings. If this passes for endearment in your eyes, so be it.While this thread is named for Noodles, it lives and breathes not because of Noodles but because of the collection of good natured mentors that have formed a community here. This is why I and others come back. Don't mistake the good natured community vibe for adulation of one individual.
New Posts  All Forums: