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 Okay, gotcha.  Probably a good reminder to always clarify this with KW when emailing modifications.
 I think this reinforces my point in disagreeing with your assertion to always double the modification.  KW is very explicit with these issues and will tell you to double the modification if that is how he is intending it, just like he did with you.  Mine was circumference, so there was no discussion of doubling the number. Nor was that modification doubled in the final product.
 I do not think that's right.  When I slimmed the arm holes and the sleeve width, we discussed the alterations in terms of circumference.  My experience with KW is that he's always very precise regarding these issues.
 I think he would have taken care of the issue if you had provided the jacket for KW to confirm the mistake.  When a pair of pants came back much slimmer than my prior versions, I had to send everything back for KW to measure and confirm the mistake.  In the end, KW did right by me and ordered me a new pair of pants with the correct measurements.
Are the measurements for the Scott and Charters lambswool crewneck sweaters correct or is this pattern larger than last year's?  The chest measurements as listed as 46 inches for a L and 48 for an XL.  The one I have from last year has to be at least 1-2 inches slimmer in the chest.
 Then you should know how this works.  Luxire is always very accommodating when requests are made for specific fabrics or mills, like the request a few posts above yours.  Do your homework and make suggestions on what you would like to see.
Here's the vegano marron I received three years ago.  No polish or anything else on them yet.  The color difference is subtle compared with what I received last week, but there is a difference.    
   This is precisely my experience.  The top picture is what I received three years ago and the bottom accurately portrays what I received last week.
If anyone is looking for a size 36 (90 mm) Carmina belt in brown (vegano marron), pm me.  Looks like I need the 95 mm and would rather sell it to someone in the U.S. than pay to ship it back overseas.   On a related note, is it my imagination or has the vegano marron color changed in the past three years?  I received a new pair of Rain last cap toes in brown (vegano marron) and the depth and nuances of the color appear much better to an older pair I have.
New Posts  All Forums: