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^^^  That's the one.  NMWA customer?
Wanted the S&C green cardigan, but ended up with my first Bigi wool tie (the copper/navy stripe one).  Couldn't resist.
@Murlsquirl , if that S&C cardigan is the green one in a L, I think we can work something out that saves Greg from taking a return.  I went to purchase it this morning and now see it is sold out.  Shoot me a PM if you want to go this route.
 I had to call customer service about this.  Buying three shirts, my cart kept showing the 3 for $229 discount, instead of 30% off each one.  The customer service rep seemed surprised that I would want the 30% discount per shirt ($75 in savings), instead of the $10 in savings the 3 for $229 gave me.
 That's just plain mean.  What have KW or AL ever done to you that you would send Noodles their way for a suit?
 I suspect so.  I just placed my first order that included both pants and shirts, so will report back on whether it further delays things.
 Generally one week for shirts once you have a pattern established.
That feeling when the FedEx tracking for your Luxire shipment goes from delivery today to ? (i.e. we have no clue where your package is and lost it somewhere between Memphis and Chicago).   
 Wait a second . . .  won't that violate the $500 rule??? 
   A few thoughts:  - "Gushing" is the Wraith's word, not mine.  I think appreciation is a more appropriate term.  I post pictures if I think others appreciate the picture and believe the fact it was posted makes the thread better.  If I post pictures that regularly end up with little to no comment or interest, the implicit suggestion is that the others did not find it interesting or appreciate the fact it was posted. I post pictures in threads if they foster discussion...
New Posts  All Forums: