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 Noodles, some never stop.  If I asked my wife for a list of everything she would like to change or replace in our home, it would go on for pages.
Wait until he finds out his customs charges are not included in the price. 
I hear you, Brother. I was flabbergasted that Kent had the nerve to ship my purchases to me by US mail instead of delivering them to me by hand the same day.
 +1.  I still have not been able to take an accurate picture of Carmina's dark brown suede.
^^  Good question.  I searched for the answer, but all I came up with was five thousand posts asking if the corporate membership discount could be stacked.   I heard a rumor from my wife's brother's mistress' brother's SA, who said it will be in October this year and that all discounts will stack up to 90% off.
 I thought so too.  The navy one should be arriving Monday.
My guess is a series of printed grenadines similar to what we are seeing from other vendors.
 I'm probably a few steps behind you in the process.  I'm still at the point where I see $630 from Robert Old and $750 from Barneys and say no way I'm paying that for a calfskin boot.  Yet, I look at the cheaper options and don't get the same warm fuzzies and begin to rationalize the purchase for the Islays because I've got all my staples (and then some) covered and I should just get what I want since I'm only buying one boot.  I just won't tell the wife what they cost...
@TweedyProf, for what it's worth, I've got the shell brogues in your picture and I reach for those and my suede shoes virtually every day I'm not in a suit.
New Posts  All Forums: