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Now that I read this I kind of see it. 
What is the opinion on the Addison version of the 1000 Mile? The wingtip really does something for me, but damnit the regular boot is sexy as hell too. Despite the odd wrinking Dude49's Addison is looking mighty good.
I love the color and style of those mustard and other pants as well. If/when you get a shipment in I would love to see some pictures of the things.
  What do you make of this album? I heard it was not a concept album, yet all the songs seem linked together with some sort of vague likeness.    Content! Found this band while browsing Last.FM and fell in love with them.  
I'll leave when I'm good and ready.
I only wore them around my house for around two hours, but during that time the sizing felt just fine. I wear a size nine in Clark's DB and ordered these in a nine as well. I wear thinner socks and they fit snug to my foot, not too tight, but not too loose.  If you have worn DB's they fit like a new pair.
I went into that local Orvis store not too long ago and ended up picking up a Gamefair jacket in rustic instead. Glad I went into a place to check them out, because I like this thing much better. Should be interesting to see how this things fades and wears in over the years.
Buttons. I am not sure what it is but zippers hate my ass.
Sorry about the wait, I got selected for The Old Republic beta test weekend and got sucked into killing plebeian NPCs.     The leather does not seem that great, it has as strange spongy quality to it. This might be a purely personal thing, but the reinforcement in the heel absolutely murders my feet. It has too much height and cuts into my foot making it uncomfortable to walk around in these. The in-sole is also more cushioned than I am used to, I...
You could try eBay and find a cheap Barbour, I hear you can find some pretty good ones on there for cheap(er).
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