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Are the Rivet Chinos cut as slim as the Gio skinny?
Looking for a pair that is new or near-new condition. PM me if you're planning on selling your pair.
  Only some of them are on sale. Usually Unis has all the Gios on sale at one point.
Doesn't Unis usually go on sale at the end of August for their Gios?
There are measurements on ContextClothing: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=3460   Hope that helps
So at this moment, Everlane is only available in the US? Does anyone know if they will expand and ship internationally?
  I'm curious. Why do a lot of people hate the box pleat? Does it cause it to be too poofy at the back or something?   Also is this only a problem for the GBV when they're tucked? Or do they still have the poofy/billowing effect when worn untucked?
Not sure on the quality, but I believe WvG is slimmer and shorter (if thats what you're looking for) since they're darted.
So for Gitman... as the sizes get bigger, the fit gets more horrendous? How about the XS then?
  Awesome! Thanks man. Greatly appreciate it.
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