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Not sure on the quality, but I believe WvG is slimmer and shorter (if thats what you're looking for) since they're darted.
So for Gitman... as the sizes get bigger, the fit gets more horrendous? How about the XS then?
  Awesome! Thanks man. Greatly appreciate it.
Some great replies. Thanks guys! I'm planning to wear my oxfords and shirts untucked, not tucked. Will Gitmans look slim/shapely enough? Mind you, that I'm an XS, so I'm hoping they know their sizing for us smaller guys. And is the length shown on Context accurate?
From anyone that has owned Gitman oxfords or shirts in general... Is Context Clothing accurate in their portrayal of the way it fits? From these pictures, they fit really well and slim. If anyone has inputs, I'd really greatly appreciate it as I'm looking for nice shirts/oxfords that will last me a while and fit slim and slender. Thanks again.      
Is the Pinot Noir closer to red or pink?
  Don't worry about that too much, its all part of the process. Just make sure to wear thick socks.  Fave jeans to wear with red wings? Slim raws - fantastic combo.
Does WvG have an end of season sale or something similar?
Oliver Spencer has some military inspired clothing. They're also having a 50% off sale.   http://oliverspencer.co.uk/mens-designer-outerwear
Are Gitmans slim fitted?
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