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Are Gitmans slim fitted?
  Those Gitmans must be pretty big. Thanks for the response! Aside from the sizing, would you say that the cut on the WvG is fitted/slim in comparison?
  I don't have experience with Epaulets, but I here people say that the Gios have the best fit.
I'm finally looking to buy some really nice shirts. I'm a fairly skinny guy so I'd like my stuff to fit slim and nicely around my frame. How slim is WvG compared to BoO and Gitmans? I've seen some fit pics, but it seems to vary between the models. Thanks!
http://www.newenglandshirtco.com/index.html   Anyone heard of them? Or anyone bought their shirts?  If so, how do they compare to Gitman, WvG, BoO, etc.
  Did you see any Levis in 28 left?
Just received my Merlot PAs! Really great seller. The order took a bit longer than expected, but nevertheless do not hesitate to take your services here. Seller is responsive to PMs and is willing to accomodate for his buyers. Best of all, received my shoes without any custom hassles! I will definitely take my services here when I'm looking for more AEs. Thanks allaboutshoes for being a great seller!
True, the olympics are not the same, but at least we can get a glimpse of the upcoming young talent.
Yeah, there really isn't anything to watch anymore. Even though the WC is two years from now, who do you think are the favorites to win?
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