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  Thanks for the info!   I find that the downside too. No other stockists have the skinny, and we all know most of us SFers want the slimmer fits.
  Yeah definitely. They did have black on sale for $103, which is pretty good. And Unis constantly goes on sale? When exactly? Do you know if they usually have a sale on BF?
If you 'register' for the customer loyalty incentive program, are the discounts instant? Or would we have to wait for a confirmation? Also, the discount is automatically applied on all items? Or would we have to email a WvG representative to confirm the discounts? Thanks!
Yeah there are some nice Unionmade items on Gilt (Unis Gio Chinos is at a good price). Does anyone know if the W + H Vancouver sale had any westpoint chinos and are willing to proxy?
So in general, one should size down by a half on Alden boots (J Crew versions also)?
Is there an exact quote for each pair? Any discounts?   Depending on price, I might also want a pair. Preferably in the picture as is (Alden-like) or the Dainite sole would be good also.
The way someone styles their hair as the person above has said, can bring out key features. At the same time, your personal style of hair is important in the way you look. I'm sure that you've noticed that on days that you leave your hair flat and not styling it, you may not look your best. Not to mention that styling your hair my make you more confident and more polarizing.
Is there a massive difference between drugstore shampoo vs. organic shampoo? I just bought Aubrey Organics GPB and hoping that it will improve and maintain healthy hair.
  Thanks for the information! Your experience with KM and the Moulder is really helpful in what I need.   Yeah, the Fiber doesn't hold well on its own. Its good for a casual look, but even then, its hold is pretty much done after the first few hours. Thanks for the recommendation on the Baxter. Always wanted to know more about it, but have smelt it in person and I just wish that it was more pleasant.
There's a nice vintage WWII on ebay for someone with a chest size of 42":    http://www.ebay.com/itm/wwii-us-navy-peacoat-10-button-ww2-good-shape-ww2-naval-1940s-/160902566586?pt=Vintage_Men_s_Clothing&hash=item25768a52ba
New Posts  All Forums: