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What's with all the bickering? Is this not an "Official Sales Alert Thread"?   In any case, some of you guys need to calm down. Things on the internet can be easily misinterpreted, as evident by all the butthurt. I myself have not owned anything from WvG, so I can't attest for quality or "decency" that you guys are arguing about, but I find that Mauro is very willing to accomodate his customers. He answers PMs and emails quick.   You guys need to realize that...
  No problem anytime. But all I can say is that the Unis Skinnies are a great fit. I have a pair and they're definitely my best chinos. Slim, soft, and great construction.
  Thanks for the clarification!
Are there two types of Westpoint Chinos? Some Chinos on SSENSES and Yoox are slim fit and the others are straight/relaxed fit. I don't see any relaxed/straight cuts on the W+H official website.
  Try the Unis: http://unisnewyork.com/collections/pants Great pair of pants. They're on sale until midnight too.
Damn. Thanks for the answers guys. For some reason my speed hooks made two holes in my laces.
  Generally, I believe someone told me that they're 0.5 inches smaller in each size. And they also have a little taper when compared to the Gio. Gio is more of a slim straight, while the skinnies is a true slim.
Is it me or do the laces on the Alden rip really easily? The speed hooks creates holes in my laces...
Anyone willing to proxy to Canada? Looking at buying some items from the Unis Anniversary Sale. PM me rates + shipping if you're willing. Thanks.
Unis' international shipping is ridiculous. It costs $50+ to ship internationally... I guess they're not getting my money. I have bought their items before and it used to be $33 shipping.
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