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  What size do you normally wear?
Will the Stantons stretch in the waist? I usually wear a size 28 in all pants and am worried that it will stretch.
  Go for Left Field Miner Chinos. Great pair of chinos.   Try either Wings + Horns Westpoint Chinos or Left Field Miner/Tailored Chinos.   The W+H are very slim, durable, thick, and looks great. Same can be said about the Left Fields. In my opinion, those brands are much better than Unis. I owned a pair of Unis before and they're pretty average chinos.
Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  I realized that, but I'm done with APC jeans. Something similar in aesthetics, but better in quality.
I was wondering if you guys can recommend me a pair of raws with the following criteria:   1) Metallic Indigo like APCs. Not dull indigo. 2) Slim fit; in between the APC PS and NS (taper is good too). PS is too skinny and NS is not slim enough. 3) Mid to low rise ranging from 9-9.5 inches. 4) Small minimalistic back pockets. 5) Up to $230 USD.   Thanks in advance.   PS. I realize that yes these are criteria for APC jeans, but I'd rather get something...
What does the material of the dots and aqua anchor shirts feel like?   I own a few WvG overdye oxfords, an olive twill, and the storm blue gingham. Which of the shirts do the dots and anchor shirt resemble in regards to texture, feel, and weight? Also, do the dots have a spread or buttoned-down collar? Or do they come in both? The photo looks like its a spread collar.
Thanks RKD. Also, are the chinos made to be easy to alter?   Also is the fly comprised of a zipper or buttons?
Are the Predator Chinos actually slim/tapered? The pictures make it look baggy and more of a straight fit. The measurements on the thighs and knees also seem more of a straight leg. Ideally, I'm looking for more of a fit like the W+H westpoint or Unis Gio Skinny fit. Will they fit similar to the below?    
Just a random thought. In all honesty, I'm not sure why there is so much dislike for Gitmans. Out of all of its competitors (WvG, BoO, etc), Gitman shirts are the best bang for your buck imo. For me, GBV has the best fit, collar, fabric & construction.
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