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Just a random thought. In all honesty, I'm not sure why there is so much dislike for Gitmans. Out of all of its competitors (WvG, BoO, etc), Gitman shirts are the best bang for your buck imo. For me, GBV has the best fit, collar, fabric & construction.
Thanks for the reply PB! Appreciate the answer and help
Is it easy for a tailor to tighten the arm sleeves on a vintage peacoat? I find that the length is usually good, but the sleeves are too wide and big.
  Damn, thats a fine peacoat. Amazing fit.
  No problem. I didn't see any measurements for sweaters though.
  Here you go:   http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/size-charts 
I'm rather curious. If I use natural or high end hair products to style my hair during the day, do I have to wash it out before I go to bed? Is it harmful if I don't?  I'm asking because usually... I don't wash my hair at night to rinse out the products. I'm hoping that, that isn't harmful. Thanks in advance!
What's with all the bickering? Is this not an "Official Sales Alert Thread"?   In any case, some of you guys need to calm down. Things on the internet can be easily misinterpreted, as evident by all the butthurt. I myself have not owned anything from WvG, so I can't attest for quality or "decency" that you guys are arguing about, but I find that Mauro is very willing to accomodate his customers. He answers PMs and emails quick.   You guys need to realize that...
  No problem anytime. But all I can say is that the Unis Skinnies are a great fit. I have a pair and they're definitely my best chinos. Slim, soft, and great construction.
  Thanks for the clarification!
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