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@Masshi   Like everyone else here said, get the 27s, unless you desire the painted and restricted fit.
  Thats a good point. Usually Gios go on sale twice a year ranging from 30-50% off. At that price point they're a good deal. That being said, W+H retailers also have 30-50% sales on their chinos. I don't believe Left Field goes on sale often, and if they its probably not much.
  I agree. I owned a couple of pairs. The fit is nice but other than that, they are pretty overrated. Nothing special really. At that price point you can get chinos with better construction, fit, and material (I.e. W+H, Left Field, etc.)
  Thanks for the info!
Are PaulRose jeans any good? I was looking at the Slim Heavy Indigo Slub. I could get them at a discount.
  Drift3r thanks for the helpful reply! If you don't mind me asking, what are your stats? And what are the measurements of your 28s (as in your other jeans/pants) in the waist when flat? 14.5" across?   I've heard that Gustin and Tellasons are really comparable. They use the same factory, so the quality is very close.
Its too bad they don't make size 28s. Their jeans look good and seem to be excellently made, especially at those prices.
  Thanks for the information! Perfectly resolved my questions.
Those new pictures on the site look good. Is the Cobalt Oxford available in BD? The description says available in AD, no mention of BD. But, you can the BD shirt to your cart.
Are all jeans from the same mills the same in turns of quality of fabric? I was wondering because a lot of kickstarter brands like Gustin and Rpmwest are making their jeans from Cone Mills and Nihon Menpu.Yet Gustin and Rpmwest are a fraction of the cost of these notable brands.
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