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Is the Billy Reid coat warm enough for temperatures below freezing?
Yes, I'd say thats the general rule. At first, I sized down by one, and it was too small. Exchanged it, size down only a half and it perfect. Keep in mind that it may be different for you though.
Do you guys know any brands for wool trench coats that costs under 800? 
Like the others have said, if you're willing to shell 300 on a pair of boots, then just opt for a pair of red wings. Even if your winters are harsh, these boots are made to last through them and they are supposed to age rugged.
For some reason, those contemporary brands like W+H always turn a beautiful coat bad by making it a bit too flashy. I'm also looking for something simple (trench, mac, long peacoat).
Definitely button fly. Looks better.
That's quite interesting. How would you know if its too small then? (I went a full size down, its unbelievably hard to put on, I'm thinking of returning it for a half size larger than the one I have).
Will hemming a pair of raws ruin the selvedge and the original hem?
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Yeah, the boots take so much work to get on, I have to like take the laces out of the sockets to fit my feet in.  
How about struggling to put them on? When putting on red wings boots, you need to stretch out the laces and the sides right?
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