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  Yes I was referring to those trenches but in the tan colour. Thanks for your input. I might buy one since I can't afford a Burberry or Aquascutum.  
Should I buy the Red Wings Gentlemen Travelers for $310? Its on sale. The regular price is $360.
How is the quality of the trench coats?
Does anyone know a retailer for London Fog trenches in Toronto? I can't order anything online and I don't have enough money to get a Burberry or Aquascutum. Do you guys know an alternative quality trench coat brand for under 500? Thanks a lot.
  Since you want a skinny cut, I'd say the APC Petit Standard. Good standard pair of jeans.
In my area, they're much more expensive. At full retail, Unis runs at about 230-265 CAD and W + H runs at about 165 CAD. But once either pair goes on sale, they go fast. I find it hard to fork over 150 + on a pair of chinos at the moment.
Thanks very much for the information. At full retail, the Unis Chinos are much more expensive than the W + H Chinos. Now, I'm going to invest in a few pair of W + H before I do with Unis.  
N&F have different weights, but generally they're pretty heavy also. The only light-weight raw denim I know of are Acne Max Raws and Nudies. They're definitely much less heavier than APCs. Honestly though, if you want a light-weight jean, don't go for raws. Raws are heavy for a reason. Heavier denim takes a longer time to wear out (Which is good).
What are some high quality coats thats warm, durable, and has a "European"/"Professional" look to them? I'm needing one for the winter. I don't like Parkas or jackets like Canada Goose. Also, the coat shouldn't fall below the knees. Thanks for your suggestions.
APC Petit Standard are 14. oz denim. They're on the heavier side. They will feel like cardboard when you first wear them. APCs are also vanity sized. They are not true to size. Most suggest that you size down 1-3 from your true waist.
New Posts  All Forums: