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I'm in need of a winter jacket/coat. The winters are quite cold, most of the time its -10 to -20. I want a warm, good-looking, and high quality coat. Can anyone recommend brands that sell either wool trenches, mid-length peacoats, or any similar coats? Canada Goose jackets are warm but they don't look that nice, and for the price, I'm sure there are better options. My budget is 800 and less. Thanks a lot.
Okay, thanks a lot for the suggestion bl@ster. One more question. Do I have approximately the right size if I can fit my index finger behind the heels (not too tight and not too much wiggle room)? Thanks again.
Is an orthotic insert necessary? 
I'm normally a size 9 in running shoes. I tried on the red wings GT in store. The 8.5 fit pretty good, it felt a bit roomy (I guess thats sort of comfortable). The 8 was hard to put on at first, but I just stretched the laces for my feet to slide through. The 8 feels good, nothing uncomfortable. My question is... Do you think that the 8 may be too small? Since its a little hard to put it on at first. For red wings, do you just slide your feet through or does it take...
Should I buy a pair of Unis Gio Chinos for $200 before taxes? I really want a pair, but I'd rather wait for it to go on sale. But once it goes on sale, my size would be gone.
I know that there are numerous threads about winter coats and whatnot but I'm not satisfied by what I've seen. I'm looking for a double breasted trench coat similar to this, but in a more neutral colour:       Does anyone know high quality brands that make double-breasted coats like these? Also, my budget is 600 after taxes. Thanks for your suggestions.
  Yes I was referring to those trenches but in the tan colour. Thanks for your input. I might buy one since I can't afford a Burberry or Aquascutum.  
Should I buy the Red Wings Gentlemen Travelers for $310? Its on sale. The regular price is $360.
How is the quality of the trench coats?
Does anyone know a retailer for London Fog trenches in Toronto? I can't order anything online and I don't have enough money to get a Burberry or Aquascutum. Do you guys know an alternative quality trench coat brand for under 500? Thanks a lot.
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