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Thanks for the reply guys. I appreciate the advice.
I've been seeing it mentioned throughout the thread, but is the Herringbone Bedford a size larger than usual or is it TTS?   For those that have bought it, can you give insights on whether you bought it TTS or a size down? And can you comment on the fit?
Can anyone comment on whether this season's Brookline jackets fit the same as previous seasons?
What happened to the 24 oz melton bedford on Bureau?  Didn't say sold out, it just disappeared.
Looking for any wool outerwear pieces, particularly blazers like the bedford, brookline, andover, baker, ldt, etc. PM me if you are selling.
  Since you work in the office, I'm not sure if these are formal enough but try:   For a slim/skinny fit try Wings + Horns Westpoint and United Stock Dry Goods Chino. For a slim fit try Left Field Miner Chino. Note that these are heavier twill chinos.
Are their sweats/sweaters TTS? Specifically the terry crewneck sweatshirt. Size charts are all over the place.
@Masshi   Like everyone else here said, get the 27s, unless you desire the painted and restricted fit.
  Thats a good point. Usually Gios go on sale twice a year ranging from 30-50% off. At that price point they're a good deal. That being said, W+H retailers also have 30-50% sales on their chinos. I don't believe Left Field goes on sale often, and if they its probably not much.
  I agree. I owned a couple of pairs. The fit is nice but other than that, they are pretty overrated. Nothing special really. At that price point you can get chinos with better construction, fit, and material (I.e. W+H, Left Field, etc.)
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