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Did you get charged customs from the delivery?
I had a similar problem, but I sized down one full size and had to sell them (true 42 but got a 41). Wear them in the house for a whole day to see how they feel.If you're planning on selling them, I'll take them off your hands however.
I suggest you size down by a half. I bought a pair sized down one full size and it's too small imo. Anyhow, I'm letting go a pair of tan Chelsea's in size 41. I'm looking to get back what I paid for them and shipping (I'm from Canada) if anyone is interested.
Ah thanks for the input. Bummer. I'm hoping it stretches a bit, otherwise I'll probably have to let them go.
I'm a regular 9 in Nike and running shoes and 8.5 in dress shoes and boots. I recently got a pair of Chelsea's in size 41. I've been wearing it inside for the whole day and the toe box is very tight. It feels like my toes are being "scrunched" since it's so narrow. Is this just the break in period or is it just too small? Anyone have any input?
I'm considering a pair of the suede Chelseas in tan. I'm usually a size 9 in most shoes (Nike and Adidas), 8.5 in boots and dress shoes (RW, Aldens, AEs), and 42 in CPs (however its a bit roomy). I used the measuring guide and I measured very closely to a 42. I feel like a 42 would be too big, but I also can't size down by half a size considering there's no 41.5. I feel like a 41 would be too tight. What do you guys suggest?
Do they have CP combat boots at the sale? If so message me if you're willing to proxy CP boots in size 41/42. Of course I'll pay for proxy fees. Thanks!
Thanks for all the reply guys! And yeah it looks much better in the look book than it actually does.
Which jacket is this called from the FW14 collection? I tried doing a search over the net and forums and didn't find much. Thanks in advance guys.  
^ Thanks for the reply! Sounds like perhaps adding an insole in case it's big wouldn't be such a bad idea.
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