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   The above probably fits your bill.  It's on York sole.  Not sure if you can still participate as that MTO was from two weeks ago.
Goyser welt has it's place.  They don't look right in a sleek last.     What's color is the first set of shells?
If you didn't buy it from a LV store, it's probably fake.
 This is beautiful.  
F last not sure of the color as that was store bought.
  Isn't that photo originally from The Armoury guys?
Sign me up if its leather sole.
Is this going to be on leather sole?
    It appears there were members in the past who were dispensing advice (price, size) without actually owning a single pair of the makers shoe.  I think that's where LouisXV is coming from.     In my case, I did a lot of research.  Talked to a few VASS proxy.  Exchange countless emails with Reszo about sizing.  In the end, I didn't feel comfortable with the information I was getting.  In the end, I flew to Budapest (beautiful city).  Tried all the last and shoes in my...
  The F last makes it look that way.  Low vamp and low toebox combined with high tongue area.
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