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  They are looser than made for Europe Incotex.  They are about the same fitting as Howard Yount Linen pants.  
I'm 7UK in simpson and 6.5 with Inca.  What's the equivalent in Forest last?  Looking to get a Shell Tassel Loafer from them.
30 lbs is doable but 10 inch belly fat in 4 months?  Gastric Bypass + Body Contouring Surgery.  
  I am not sure the point of comparing SC's CALF prices to VASS Shell prices.  Vass calf prices are roughly half to a third of SC's calf prices.  Pretty significant to me.  
  When did the price increase happened?  I was there last week and prices are way less than that.
  I have the same issue.  I ordered the INTERNATIONAL (Heavy Japan and American).  Both are size 32.  The American is about an inch too small in the waist.  
  I spent a couple of hours in their store last week.  I tried all available shoes in all available last they have to determine my sizing.  I ended up getting a couple of shoes (new Peter last and F last).  Before actually trying on any of their shoes, like probably majority of the posters here, thinks U last looks the best.  Peter last and F last seems to be the most versatile.
I would get a python and use that in lieu of a scarf.  Nothing says crazy like a wildlife worn as an ornament  
  It's a actually pretty consistent across all your pictures.  Pay attention to the space between your arms and your waist.  Left side has more space than your right.   Try this, take a picture of you wearing that suit BUT lean a little to your right to the point when the space between your waist and arm are about even.  I bet you the rumpling will disappear.
Women - Except for a very good friend (she tells me if she likes it or not), they compliment with the way they look at your and/or talk to you.   Men - It's either an backhanded compliment or direct compliment.  Metro, too formal, overdressed are some of the words I heard used.  Most creative I've heard was gay cowboy when I was wearing an guncheck SC with alden boots.  Another one was a hippie lumberjack.  Funny thing is, those kids (more than half of our employee...
New Posts  All Forums: