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    Are you buying them from the store or online?  Are you getting a standard make or have them create a new design?  You are better off sending VASS an email (info@vass-cipo.hu) as price might vary depending on some factors.
  They ain't from the UK.
  Short answer is yes.  Carido and strength training will make losing weight (and inches) faster.     Get yourself a food weighing scale.  They are less than 20 dollars.  That will help immensely the first few weeks of counting your calories.     Drinks lots of water.  Helps curbs hunger.   How tall are you and what do you weigh now?
  The color is darker in person.  More burgundy than red, If I remember correctly.  
Beautiful.   How is Uetam last compared to Simpson last?
    It's really simple math.  Burn more calories than you are putting in your body.  Consume less than you daily calorie intake.     Use this calculator to determine your calorie requirement http://caloriecount.about.com/tools/calories-goal   I track what I eat using www.myfitnesspal.com.     You really don't need to spend hours upon hours in the gym.  You need to workout hard and smart.  Hire a personal trainer that can tailor an exercise program base on your goals....
  They are looser than made for Europe Incotex.  They are about the same fitting as Howard Yount Linen pants.  
I'm 7UK in simpson and 6.5 with Inca.  What's the equivalent in Forest last?  Looking to get a Shell Tassel Loafer from them.
30 lbs is doable but 10 inch belly fat in 4 months?  Gastric Bypass + Body Contouring Surgery.  
  I am not sure the point of comparing SC's CALF prices to VASS Shell prices.  Vass calf prices are roughly half to a third of SC's calf prices.  Pretty significant to me.  
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