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 Fit issues mostly.  Products looking better in picture than they are in real life.  This all happened during the first year of my foray into classic menswear.  
Creasing is the least of your worries.     Having spent a good amount of money on suits I bought online, I say skip it altogether.  Somebody mentioned the same thing to me when I asked the same question, but I didn't listen.  I have now a half a full closet of suits, SC and trousers that I never wore nor will ever wear.   
 I have two from the first batch/kickstarter days - Heavy Japan and American.  Both size 32.  The American was off by an inch making it very tight and too tough to button.  Gustin did offer to take it back and replace it. I have 1776 in 33 slim which works better for me.  Never actually measure them since them fit me better.  
VASS has their own problem.  Namely, size inconsistencies.  
Anyone local to Gustin who can proxy/pick up a medium burnt orange flannel for me?  
  What duty free is this?  Snagged a box of RA 898 last year from a duty free.   I saw some familiar face/id posting in here.  For a minute there, I thought I was in CA or ICC :D
They are from No Man Walks Alone.     You can get more information in here -   300 shipped to CONUS.
Which one is the active bidding, Panta's or LuxeSwap?
I finally received my suit from Chan.  This is my first tailor made suit.     They look flat and lacking the lapel roll that I normally see here (Like emptym's blue SC).     Should I send this to a tailor for pressing?     Thanks.
 Thanks for doing this, Steve.
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