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  Whiskey are VASS saddle shell, right?
Birthday   /thread
  I'm 7UK as well.  40.5 in F last fits me perfectly.  40 was a little too tight.  I tried both in at the store.  Same thing with new Peter last.  
  Conversion ...     It could very well be.  It really depends on the make up of the shoes.  Boots will cost more than slippers.  Not sure if color of shell affects the prices as well.  I can only comment on what I remember seeing in their store and the price of my recent order (shell saddle). That's why it's best to ask Vass for pricing and this thread for sizing advice.
    I think they were 165,000 Forint in the store.  I don't remember seeing a lot of cordovan make ups when I was there last month.  In think I only saw one shell on display.  
    Are you buying them from the store or online?  Are you getting a standard make or have them create a new design?  You are better off sending VASS an email (info@vass-cipo.hu) as price might vary depending on some factors.
  They ain't from the UK.
  Short answer is yes.  Carido and strength training will make losing weight (and inches) faster.     Get yourself a food weighing scale.  They are less than 20 dollars.  That will help immensely the first few weeks of counting your calories.     Drinks lots of water.  Helps curbs hunger.   How tall are you and what do you weigh now?
  The color is darker in person.  More burgundy than red, If I remember correctly.  
Beautiful.   How is Uetam last compared to Simpson last?
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