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 I have the same suede loafers and a punched captoe oxford in simpson last.  The oxford feels tighter over all. 
 Pay cash and they will remove VAT, or so I heard ;)
 Base on your style, your work, your wardrobe and the shape of your foot, I say Norwerger in saddle shell, P2 last. Double monks will work as well.    :)
 The point is, Laszlo does not normally carry a tri-color shoe in his regular line.  Majority, if not all of the one you see are MTO.  
 That's probably a customer MTO.  VASS will do anything you want within reason.
   The above probably fits your bill.  It's on York sole.  Not sure if you can still participate as that MTO was from two weeks ago.
Goyser welt has it's place.  They don't look right in a sleek last.     What's color is the first set of shells?
If you didn't buy it from a LV store, it's probably fake.
 This is beautiful.  
F last not sure of the color as that was store bought.
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