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 Did you say the secret password when you mentioned Ravello LWB?
Anyone know of a waiting list for Ravello or Whiskey LWB?  
I have no shot.  I'm 5th or 6th on the list.  I'm still excited.  It's like playing the powerball. 
 I got the same message from her yesterday.  It looks like they are going off strictly their waiting list.  
I meant that in the most loving way :D
All I need is one of you 8D bastards to drop out and I'm in.   Please phone, ring!  RING!
 Just got of the phone with her.  Mine is on it's way, I'm 6th on the list.  Just kidding :D  She told me the same thing.  She sounds like, she had been repeating the same words to numerous IGents.  She is one patient women.  I apologized and thank her for taking my call.
I second the building relationship first. I suspect those who gets ahead of the line are loyal customers. It's no accident that you see the same people posting rare shells again and again. I would do the same if I'm the business owner.
For those who got bypassed by Alden DC, have you done business with them before you got on the list? Did you return any shoes to them regardless of reason?
I was going to say.  Market the patina. How the patina is authentic.  Sprinkle words like character, soul, curated, handmade, artisan, organic etc.  Sell it for 30% more than retail.
New Posts  All Forums: