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Preorder is filled as of 12:15.  Must be some sort of record for Leffot!    Expect something like this in the future or worse something like a Dark Lord Day.
You snooze, you lose.  Been waiting for this Leffot model for a while.  I was hitting refresh on the preorder page right around 11:59.  I got my order in at 12:00.  I was done by 12:01.  All smaller sizes were pretty much gone by then.
Need help, fam.   Where can you find a natural cxl LWB similar to Leffot's release?  I'm 7.5D barrie.   Thanks.
  I lucked out on the Cigar CT.     Guess have to contend myself with this.
 Did you say the secret password when you mentioned Ravello LWB?
Anyone know of a waiting list for Ravello or Whiskey LWB?  
I have no shot.  I'm 5th or 6th on the list.  I'm still excited.  It's like playing the powerball. 
 I got the same message from her yesterday.  It looks like they are going off strictly their waiting list.  
I meant that in the most loving way :D
All I need is one of you 8D bastards to drop out and I'm in.   Please phone, ring!  RING!
New Posts  All Forums: