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 I too am familiar with the "it's not the same in here" comment in forums.  It's usually uttered by old timers who championed the forum in it's early days.  They rarely post now, but laments how good the old day was.  But when prodded for more participation, you get the "It's not the same in here anymore" reply.  It's a vicious cycle.   But let's get back to Alden talk. I am wearing my first Cigar acquisition - a LWB.  
 Ah regrets.  I bought my first alden may 2011 from leathersoul.  I still remember TSM's offering of those rare shells.  I foolishly convinced myself to pass on it and buy AE then new offering and heavily discounted LWB Shell.   3 years later, I am paying more with money and time trying to acquire what once was readily available to me. Shoot me now.
 What changed since you started participating in this thread? I still see people talk about Alden shoes.
There is a size 11D available in Leffot LWB #8 preorder.
Preorder is filled as of 12:15.  Must be some sort of record for Leffot!    Expect something like this in the future or worse something like a Dark Lord Day.
You snooze, you lose.  Been waiting for this Leffot model for a while.  I was hitting refresh on the preorder page right around 11:59.  I got my order in at 12:00.  I was done by 12:01.  All smaller sizes were pretty much gone by then.
Need help, fam.   Where can you find a natural cxl LWB similar to Leffot's release?  I'm 7.5D barrie.   Thanks.
  I lucked out on the Cigar CT.     Guess have to contend myself with this.
 Did you say the secret password when you mentioned Ravello LWB?
Anyone know of a waiting list for Ravello or Whiskey LWB?  
New Posts  All Forums: