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I finally received my suit from Chan.  This is my first tailor made suit.     They look flat and lacking the lapel roll that I normally see here (Like emptym's blue SC).     Should I send this to a tailor for pressing?     Thanks.
 Thanks for doing this, Steve.
 Looks like there's a recent price increase.
    Seeing them live Monday and Tuesday.
 Shirt is probably too tight around the waist.
Suede is traditionally worn during fall according to my local Alden stockist.
 Nope. Standard last.  You get to design your own shoes with what available leathers they have.   Edit:  It's been a while but I read somewhere VASS offers a semi bespoke process where existing last are adjusted like you mentioned.  
 I have the same suede loafers and a punched captoe oxford in simpson last.  The oxford feels tighter over all. 
 Pay cash and they will remove VAT, or so I heard ;)
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