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Is there any vendor offering an Brown CXL Indy with plantation crepe sole?
I just received a TSM Whiskey Shell LWB. It's the same color as my DC Ravello LWB from a couple of months ago. I either have a dark Whiskey or light Ravello.
PSA  for the Sasquatch out there. There is a pair 12E Whiskey Shell Chukka at Alden Madison.
Can someone post the 7.5D and 8D TSM list please?
 Do you lose your deposit if you decide to pass up your order?
Is there any retailer doing a Whiskey LWB run?  Madison?  SF?
Need help sizing with chore coat.  I wear Medium in shirt.    I noticed that their chore coat chest size (42.5") is smaller than their shirt chest size (43.5).  Should I size up on chore coat?
 Thank you. I am on Alden Madison Ravello LWBs as well.   You can never have too many Ravello LWBs.  
 This is baffling to me.  Their business model is structured in a way that this should have been avoided.  I understand production issues but not shortage of materials knowing full well beforehand how much you need for a production run.  
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