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I was going to say.  Market the patina. How the patina is authentic.  Sprinkle words like character, soul, curated, handmade, artisan, organic etc.  Sell it for 30% more than retail.
 Lace up = 40 Slippers = 39.5 or 39
 Imagine how much cigars you are going to store in a year.  Then multiply by 3.  That's the size of you humidor you need.  
The green/loaden loafer looks good than I imagined it will be.  
Are LWBs in rare colors more difficult to find than other make ups?  
@joshgustin - What size will I be in your chore coat if I wear medium in your shirt?
 Ditto.  I have 7 alden.  My mistake besides passing up the opportunity to acquire them at TSM is not cultivating a relationship with one of the bigger retailers.  Fixing that now.
  Very very easy.  Figuring out your size is the most difficult part of the process.  
 Fit issues mostly.  Products looking better in picture than they are in real life.  This all happened during the first year of my foray into classic menswear.  
Creasing is the least of your worries.     Having spent a good amount of money on suits I bought online, I say skip it altogether.  Somebody mentioned the same thing to me when I asked the same question, but I didn't listen.  I have now a half a full closet of suits, SC and trousers that I never wore nor will ever wear.   
New Posts  All Forums: