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Read The Fin Forum.  More appropriately, peruse this thread.   In any case, from what I read, Manila Haberdasher had problems delivering products on time, maybe at all.  This issues started happening right around he started getting good press.  His communication was spotty at best.  Ask him about this.  His answer will determine if you want to do business with him or not. It seems wearing tux is en vogue to Filipino nowadays.  I see pictures of young Filipino males wearing...
 Maybe, just maybe, not everyone works in an office environment.
 Oh.  Do they normally take longer than other Alden stores?  I've since acquired "rare shells" since this preorder.  Are they flexible with their cancellation?
What's the latest on the Alden of Madison Ravello LWB preorder of middle of last year?  
What's the normal turn around time for special order trousers? 
 Been waiting for this to be available again.  
 Because signing up doesn't work for all.  Also, being on the list before doesn't guarantee you will receive them next time around.
Where is the gustin community forum?  The old link redirects to the store.  
 no ... was just joking ... maybe ...  I still have 3 (might be 4) Alden, supposedly rare shells that I still have to wear.  They all came in within a month or so. One last word on maintaining a list. It would be nice if vendors will prioritized customers who purchased from them before.  Ideally those would be the vendors I have business relationship with.  Otherwise, first come first serve ... ;)
 and I was just about to call them ... 
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