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  Yes, the cigar wt boots.
Has anyone heard back from Alden of Madison regarding their delayed shell allotment. The replacement was supposed to be delivered June to Aug.
 Agree.  Alden seems to have me QC issues because we let them get away with it.  We created this big demand for exotic shells that Alden are able to pass off defective products by giving us a 50 dollar discount (guilty).  :) I own shoes from a few SF popular middle tier shoe makers.  Alden has nothing on packaging and finishing to them.  Still, I own more Alden than Carmina, Vass, C & J, and AE combined.  
 Try Alden of San Diego.
PM your email address ...
 I find the condition of that shoes, offensive.
I expect a bidding war on the shoes.  It is, out of stock, discontinued and used sparingly.
   I guess it shows how people from Alexandria are woefully unprepared on how to deal with zombies.   
  Saw it and definitely not Alden.  
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