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Where is the gustin community forum?  The old link redirects to the store.  
 no ... was just joking ... maybe ...  I still have 3 (might be 4) Alden, supposedly rare shells that I still have to wear.  They all came in within a month or so. One last word on maintaining a list. It would be nice if vendors will prioritized customers who purchased from them before.  Ideally those would be the vendors I have business relationship with.  Otherwise, first come first serve ... ;)
 and I was just about to call them ... 
  So there is another level of exclusivity, huh?  :D
 Ravello short wing, whiskey wing tip boot and cigar chucka.  6 to 10 month wait.  
Is there any vendor offering an Brown CXL Indy with plantation crepe sole?
I just received a TSM Whiskey Shell LWB. It's the same color as my DC Ravello LWB from a couple of months ago. I either have a dark Whiskey or light Ravello.
PSA  for the Sasquatch out there. There is a pair 12E Whiskey Shell Chukka at Alden Madison.
New Posts  All Forums: