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Guys.. need some advice... dad needs a suit for a wedding in 4 weeks. He does not wear suits at all (was thinking about getting him a jacket that could be worn casually as well), any recommendations what and where to get a suit?   I was thinking PJohnson for the jacket (provided it could get made in that time).   Also had Travelers Apparel in mind, anyone tried them out before?   Lastly was OTR and then altered (Brands I had in mind .... MJ...
Hi guys just wondering how the Uetam last compares to the Simpson last.   I wear a pair of Simpsons in a lace up oxford size 6.5UK and sometimes the lace area (instep) gets a bit tight after a days walking.   I have heard the Uetam last fits similar to the Simpson.   Thinking about getting these - without the lace will I have the same issue?
      That's the one! Thanks guys :)       The width (3.25) is actually isn't too bad but I guess everyone has their own preference. What I really like is the light lining.
Hi guys, just came back from the states and was able to visit a number of Styleforum approved brands and wanted to give my thoughts.   Some highlights were: 1) Brooks Brother's (next to Alden - I only checked the shoe section but the lady who served me had so much knowledge in regards the fitting of shoes, I was almost convinced to buy my Alden's here, however they did not have my size). This shop is a must visit if your in NYC. 2) Epaulet (the rivet chinos are...
Was looking to get a SARB off Seiya but it looks like Higuichi is selling it for cheaper. Lucky I saw your comment, thanks for the suggestion!
All sold out except green???? was about to pull the trigger on the navy pair :(
And in size 6UK, the online shop never seems to have any in that size.
Peter Lee for suits/shirts Zee's for custom made shoes Sneaker Street for runners/kicks etc Mytailor shirts Armory for Carmina Take5 for Denim
That was on my list as well... last time I was in NY was 12 years old.   Just doing some pre research on shops to go to. Will report when I return!
Epaulet already pointed out by Gerry.   Chipp2 for ties - I've red they sell quality grenadine for $47.50   Blue in Green Soho for Denim   Nordstrom and search Google for "mens department stores new york" you will get a few there   Will be in NY next February and am planning to go to those places for sure!
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