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  Thank you Very Much!
+1 ~ I'm in concurence gentleman. I have noticed their inventory decline also and have unfortunately eliminated some proxies from my contacts. Not to a do a disservice to the petition, but there is always Leather Soul based in Hawaii and Beverly Hills perpectively .
  Sorry, I dont want to thread jack, but could someone please tell me what Edward Green model are these? -Thanks
I prefer dimples as I believe this adds more definition to the tie, however, the tie width and knot play a factor in applying it effectively. For consistancy there's always the dimple tool or clip
Why not keep both ? They look exactly like mine without the captoe and puncholes.
  I placed it through Vass's direct contact line, but if you ever decide to visit Budapest, here is a link to Shoesnobs synopsis.
Unfortunately no abroad adventures on this MTO, however, I believe this was discussed in an earlier portion of this thread. I know I have heard it was more cost effective to fly Budapest get fitted and enjoy the city pleasures with money to spare. It also depends on where you are flying from.
Thanks fritzl, I must admit I am drawn to the look and composition of anything scotch grain. The scotch grain mitigates on the overcreasing typically seen on smooth calf finishes. I am close to pulling the trigger on some English Grain MTO G&G's .
Thanks Splender...This was my first real venture with Vass so I wanted to keep it simple and clean. Vass's turn around time is exceptionally quick in comparison to (EG). The F Last is suprisingly comfortable and the quality of the leather looks better in person.
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