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I can't confirm, but I can relay my fitting information.   I wear a size 10 in casual shoes (Converse Chuck's; Merrell) and a size 9 1/2 D in the Alden Trubalence last. I ordered the 9 1/2 EE Katahdin (mainly because they were sold out in the D width) and they just arrived this afternoon.  The fit is perfect. Any narrower and I'd be hurting. Any longer and I'd be sliding around in the boot.   For what it's worth.    
It looks like L L Bean just raised the prices on their boots by 20.00 USD. Congratulations to all of those who got their D widths before the price hike.
Those look right at home in that environment. I really like the patina that's developed on them from usage.   Have you used anything on them in the way of oil or sealant? And did you do anything to the sole? It seems less black around the base than the Shoemart tobacco chamois offering.   Great photo, thanks for sharing.   ~PO  
    I haven't contributed anything but complaints so far, so I'll bite.   My experience with crepe soles on a dress shoe are that they are far to prone to picking up crud (lint, carpet fuzz, surface scum and the like) and I hate that dirty sponge look they sometimes acquire. I'm sure many others here will disagree, but I have not had particularly positive experience with it.   Have you completely ruled out the commando sole offerings form Alden of Carmel?   You might also...
    The Kudo Ultimate Indy goes out of stock pretty quickly. I got in on the tail end of a re-order and felt lucky at that. Extrapolating from onestar's recent post they might be getting in another order around December (or even earlier if the last two years have been an indicator,) but that was sooner than I expected considering the conversation I had with Leather Soul when I initially purchased the boot (last December).   In short, I don't think they had another size...
In considering Namor’s recent post, I wanted to share my recent Alden customer service experience. I ordered a pair of Kudu Ultimate Indy's from Leather Soul, and two weeks after I got them I noticed some threads in the heal had come loose:   I immediately contacted Leather Soul and they advised me to ship them back for repair. Fast forward five weeks: Leather Soul gets them back from Alden and contact me to tell me that the threads still seem to be loose....
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