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so I got the ground jacket in S—the shoulders are okish but overall it seems like it could be a size smaller. I think XS would probably be too small though, and it's a harder size to find.  it says dry clean only, but if I throw it in the wash to shrink a bit, will that ruin the jacket?   will post pictures later tonight   
nothing in nikes really stood out to me. I don't think it's "bad" or anything, and there are some good moments particularly in the second half
Ehh I would say the older a person is the more easily they can "pull it off"...
is IG short for instagram, or something else?
Or maybe he's just a giant
EG at pretty good discount. Should I? (Trying to post on this thread more often to avoid impulse bad purchasing)
that backpack 
  ok. probably a bad thing in terms of what I'm looking for. good to know, though. 
These are the whites (dirty version)  [[SPOILER]]
          should I get this EG jacket? I can't really tell whether it will be too versatile (e.g. able to throw it on with T shirt, denim and sneakers)
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