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wtf is safari
  this is the advice people have been giving him from the beginning.   plus new glasses
You planned your whole day around wearing jeans in the ocean, took special effort to put a swimsuit on underneath, and yet didn't give a fuck? We're all friends I just do not understand   Edit: but yeah agreed totally not worth discussing Edit2: the false binary here is between giving a fuck and not giving a fuck; this is why the apc thread always confuses me
Why wear a swimsuit underneath, though?   The whole point seems to be like "I don't give a fuck, I'm not putting on a swimsuit, I'll just keep my jeans."   If you're man enough to wear your jeans in the ocean, might as well soak your underwear too.
saludo is miran3/miran 2, miran is tween, tween is also shah
  haha yeah didn't mean anything by it, I know the feeling
might as well go kill yourself since the internet doesn't like you
beer is gross
that backwards hat
  nice vocab, bro
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