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You guys wont believe the deal I just got!  I went to Dillards on Friday to check out their selection of shoes and got the Allen Edmonds Park Avenues Merlot for $155. They were on sale for 25% off then all shoes had an additional 40% off!    The only downfall is that my size happened to be the display model so they don't  look very merlot anymore due to the display lights.  However, the salesman said I could purchase merlot polish from AE and this will repair this...
Thank you for all your input!  I will be returning the Johnston & Murphy shoes in my original post.  From what I've seen and read, I will purchase a pair with a cap.  I would love to have the AE Park Avenue shoes in Merlot.  The color is exactly what I want.  Unfortunately,  at this point in my career, I cannot/will not spend that much on shoes.  They're just not in my budget. 
What style would you recommend then?
I'm young and have just started to build my business wardrobe.  I purchased my first navy suit and am unsure about which shoes to wear with. The navy suit is quite dark, one that appears almost black.  Are these shoes the right shade?  I appreciate any and all opinions.  Thanks.  
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