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Not a thrift store but an estate sale.  Found this in a box with 4 other working walmart watches. Thought the box would be worth at least $8 as marked.  is it real and if so what would it be worth ballpark?  
WoW that is awesome!!!  
  Got my Pen in yesterday I special Ordered.  It is everything I was looking for thanks JD&Co .  If anyone is looking for a quality product contact him. 
This may be posted somewhere else but I could not find it anywhere.  What is every ones thanking on hats are they a thing of the past?  I can remember a time when I saw lots of men with some sort of dress hat with a sport coat or even a suit.  What is today's style or trend or is this even acceptable anymore? If it is still an option post your pics of your choices..
You find yourself watching a movie and you say "Wtf is he thanking wearing that tie with that shirt and his shoes are not even working with that."
I love this jacket if I had ebay account setup I would give it a try.  
  My wife gets so mad when I do that.
Awesome looking shoe!!
To Funny I Love It.  
From my reading I have found that This rule mostly applied to the color of your shoes. I say if it looks good wear it.
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