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Just saw that James added two Boglioli sportcoats to the thread. I can confirm that the jacket that I purchased from him is hands down the favourite in my closet. I'll have to wait for another 46. M
What is the true colour of the Isaia pants? Thanks. M
What is the marked size? Thanks. M
Do you get larger sizes, UK 10.5 or 11? M
Can you post the measurements please? M
Any chance of picking up a pair of 11.5 or 12? M
I have this model bag in the briefcase style and it is fantastic. M
What can you tell me about the Nat Nast jacket - country of manufacture, quality etc? I have never heard of this brand. Thanks, Matt
This jacket is too small for me, but I wanted to give James a bump as a new seller on the forum. I just purchased a beautiful Isaia suit from him at a great price. M
PM sent. M
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