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Pleasant and speedy purchases from HRoi and constant struggle on beautiful Inco pants. M
The pics in the original post are no longer working for me. Can you PM them or re-post? Thanks. Matt
Is this US size? Might they fit a US 11.5? Any chance of better pictures? Thanks, Matt
Is there alot of padding in the shoulder, or is it a softer construction? I am unfamiliar with the fit of Oxxford. Thanks, M
J, I would be most definitely interested in a 54L, provided it is true charcoal gray. Would need to be 2 button or 3 roll 2 and with visible but subtle pickstiching. If you think what you have will fit the bill, then let me know. What year are these from? I know you said you were tracking down the model. Will you be able to provide photos? M
Pics please. Do these fit US 11.5? M
Could you get #5 in 11.5D? M
Solid charcoal in 56L, please. M
How much padding in the shoulders? I don't know much about Black Fleece? Are they generally a very constructed jacket or made a little softer? M
Does it close just with the tab across the middle, or is there a zipper? M
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