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Fantastic! Which picture of the BC car coat do you think best reflects the true colour? Thanks. M
I would also be interested in the Sammy suit. What is the model upon which it is based? M
Is this too small for you wearing just a shirt underneath, or only if you wear another jacket? You can send it by pm if you prefer - thanks. M
Can you post a fit pic? What size suit do you normally wear (if this is too small)? Thanks, M
I don't see pictures of the Corneliani? Are they on the photobucket site? M
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi May help to list that marked a 10.5F - does that mean an 11.5US? Can anyone chime in to confirm sizing? M
What's the composition of the navy coats? M
What would be the US size on those Grensons? M
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I wish Mr. Carl Pohlad was a size 38R. I'm glad he's not! PM sent. M
Echo what has been said before. Much fewer carbs, and a reasonable caloric deficit with the remainder made up of protein and fat. Does she hold alot of weight around her thighs and belly? If so, then high carbs are probably the worst thing for her due to the excess insulin. She should stop running so much since that is clearly not working and substitute in high-intensity weight training. M
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