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Just got a great deal from Mark on four dress shirts, including shipping to Canada. Pleasure to deal with and good luck with the rest of the sale. Matt
So the RM balmorals fit 11.5 US? Can you please length and width measurements? Thanks. M
Any chance of getting the Isaia in 17 or 17.5? M
What is the true colour of the Paul & Shark sweater? Thanks, M
Can you post a full shot of the Baracutas? Thanks. M
Mike, Is there any padding at all in the shoulder of the Spano SC? If the middle button were done up, would it roll to 2.5, or is it a definite 3? Also, is the colour well repsented in the photos? Thanks, M
Do you think they would fit a US 11.5D? Or too big? M
Interesting. I already order a size up (compared to most manufacturers) in Base S! 44L to 46L. So I would need a 48? M
Assuming they fit like Isaia mainline, do you think you could find the sand plaid SC in 46L? Thanks, M
Yessssss!!!! M
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