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This one's mine! M
Mike, Any chance of size 56? M
J Crew? I tried on one of their made in Mexico, two-button suits and it seemed reasonable for the price (it was at a discount store, so the price was only $150). Buttoning point was a bit low for me, however. M
Great stuff - PM sent. M
Agree with the Corneliani suggestion - they make some great coats that I believe are from the Corneliani ID line. M
Ben, When are you going to post the new Boglioli? Thanks, M
How do the Sutors fit? TTS? I am referring to the suede oxfords. Thanks, Matt
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx Any ideas on DEEP v-neck undershirts, by the way? Interested in recommendations, the inexpensive vneck undershits I bought pretty much sit high like normal tshirts on me, no good for open collar wear for work or biz travel when not sporting a tie. American Apparel sells these about $20 per. The ones with some viscose in them are more form fitting and work well under shirts. Jockey also makes some with a...
Mike, Any access to Boglioli in size 56? Suits or sportcoats. Thanks
Could you get another Cucinelli field jacket in 56? M
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