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Hmm, to my eye, the coat just looks too large everywhere. I suppose it would all depend on how the fit feels to you, but I wonder if simply shortening the coat would solve only one sizing issue? M
Quote: Originally Posted by StolenCar If these ties are the same size as the last set of PZ's that EL sold, then they are about 57". I bought a couple of those and I'm about your height. In case you have buyer's remorse: they knot nicely and are a decent length, unless you like a full windsor. Of course, a full windsor with these ties makes a gigantic knot. Highly recommended ties. You'll love 'em. Thanks SC, I usually do a half...
Hi EL, Fantastic! I just checked for "private messages" and I don't have any. If this can count as my second post, then I will PM you now. Otherwise, please do PM/e-mail. I am about to step out of the office and will check back in a few hours. M
I'm in my 3rd year of Internal Medicine residency, and it is a sad reality that many in the profession dress poorly. Interestingly, the further away from the academic centres you get, the clothes are often more up-to-date, but if you travel too far afield, it degenerates again into shorts and birkenstocks. Our program actually is quite well dressed overall. A few of us make a real effort to look respectable and I think it influences the newer residents and medical...
This sale has actually inspired my first post! If the set that you describe above (first and third from lot 1 and third from lot 3) is still available, then I am definitely intereseted. I am 6'3" - I assume that these would be of standard length? I can't send a PM until I have a certain number of posts. Thanks! M
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